National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada

Why Join QCWA?

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The Benefts of QCWA Membership

Membership in QCWA, Inc is mandatory before becoming a chapter member.

(1) Monthly (starting January 2013) QCWA Journal e-zine with chapter news and articles of interest to QCWA Members - posted to the Members Only web site.

(2) Membership Certificate at time of joining QCWA. Your membership number is never re-issued.

(3) QCWA Honorary Awards:

    (a) Call Sign Lapel Pins with year tags for every 5 years from 25 up, free to Chapter 70 members.

     (b) QCWA Golden Certificates - issued in 5-year increments from 50 years up. 

     (c) Fifty Year Continuous Licensing Certificate. Issued upon application.

     (d) QCWA Century Club Certificate - You qualify if your age + number of years as a QCWA member equals 100 or more. Provided free to our Ch 70 members.

     (e) Meritorious Award Certificate - issued upon request by an active Chapter.

(4) QCWA Operating Awards - for number of QCWA members worked in the various states and QCWA Chapters.

(5) Member Supplies - such as QCWA decals, stamps, caps, shirts, jackets, QSL cards and more.

(6) Participation in the popular Spring and Fall QCWA QSO Parties.

(7) Participate in the QCWA CW Net or the QCWA SSB Net.

(8) Support the QCWA Memorial Scholarship Fund . The scholarships are open to all and three of the recipients are Canadians.  

(9) Subscribe to the new QCWA Bulletin Service.

(10) Participate in the next QCWA International Convention (2014 to be announced).

(11) Participate in the10 night Panama Canal/Caribbean 2013 QCWA Cruise. Three ham stations. CW operators, please bring your own telegraph key, bug or paddle.

(12) Visit the QCWA Virtual Amateur Radio Museum click here

You must have joined QCWA before applying to Chapter 70. To join QCWA Int'l click here

For more information on QCWA Intl, visit the related sections of this web site or, to visit the QCWA International web site, click here.




Last modified: September 18, 2014