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What It Is

The QCWA Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up to financially assist worthy radio amateurs attending colleges and universities. The Foundation is a non-profit organization that administers the scholarships offered by QCWA each year. The earnings from the Fund make available cash scholarships each year.

Source Of Funds

Individual QCWA members and chapters continue to donate funds in memory of Silent Keys, all of which are added to the Fund Principal. Earnings from the invested Fund are used each year to award cash grants to worthy Radio Amateurs, recommended by QCWA members, who are pursuing college level courses leading to a degree. The first QCWA grant was for $500.00 awarded to John P. George (WA2MYU) in 1978.

Disposition of Funds

The Foundation for Amateur Radio announces the availability of QCWA scholarships for each year. The QCWA Board of Directors awards cash scholarships for radio amateurs enrolled in or planning to enroll in college courses leading to degrees.

There are no residency requirements or restrictions as to courses of study. A general policy that QCWA scholarships not be awarded to more than one member of the same family in the same year or to a previous QCWA scholarship winner has been rescinded by the Board.

Thoughtful and generous contributions to the Fund in memory of our Silent Keys may well eventually result in the best known and admired program of its kind in Amateur Radio. All "At Large" and Chapter members are urged to consider making contributions to the Fund in memory of QCWA friends who become Silent Keys. 

All contributions should be payable to the QCWA Memorial Scholarship Fund and mailed to:

Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc.
Executive Administrator - Ken Simpson, W8EK
8400 NW 115th Ave
Ocala, FL 34482-1098 USA
All contributions are acknowledged in writing. 

Although Canadian scholarship applicants have been among the scholarship recipients (1998, 2000, 2009), this is not a Canadian charity, so no Canadian tax receipt is possible for individual contributors. 

How To Qualify

Canadian amateurs are eligible for the QCWA Scholarships. QCWA members who know of deserving Radio Amateurs, holding any class of amateur certificate, who are about to enter or are enrolled in college level studies, are urged to publicize the cash scholarships. Interested Radio Amateurs should be advised to request application forms by letter or QSL card, postmarked prior to April 30th of each year, directly from:
          FAR Scholarships
          6903 Rhode Island Avenue,
          College Park,
          MD 20740.
There is no in-house expense involved in making these awards and the Foundation for Amateur Radio administers them without charge. Applicants must be sponsored by a QCWA member.

For Chapter 70 Members

Chapter 70 will be happy to assist interested amateurs in making their application. For further information please contact:-
Ralph Cameron, VE3BBM
30 St. Remy Drive,
Nepean, Ont.,
K2J 1A3
Phone: 613 825-1634  or e-mail



Last modified: September 18, 2014