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Solar X-rays: 

Geomagnetic Field:



- Above display courtesy of Kevin Loch - N3KL and NASA.  Click either status box for details. Click here for interpretation of the status boxes.

< This Solar-Terrestrial Data panel, courtesy of Paul Herrman - N0NBH, is being updated continuously to show you current propagation and HF/VHF band conditions. See below for 160m current propagation prediction.
- To display/print tutorial "Understanding HF/VHF/UHF/SHF Propagation by Paul Herrman N0NBH", including how to interpret the Solar-Terrestrial Data chart, click here. For the companion Glossary of Terms click here.  Requires Acrobat Reader click here.
- To display/print a convenient sheet explaining the interpretation of the Solar Data Panel click here
- To display/print tutorial "Understanding Solar Indices by Ken Larson - KJ6RZ", click here. Requires Acrobat Reader click here.
- To display/print tutorial "NM7M's HF Propagation tutorial" click here.Requires Acrobat Reader click here.
- To display the VE3EN "" web site click here.
- To display NOAA 3-Day Solar & Geophysical Activity Forecast click here.
- To display N4KG on Sunrise/Sunset Enhancement and Grayline Propagation click here
- To display 160m Propagation Prediction Table click here . Scroll down from Table for explanation.
- To display the latest "VHF & Up Tropo Ducting Forecast by William Hepburn" click here
- To display maps of actual contacts in real-time on various bands across Europe, North America, Asia or Worldwide click here.
- To display maps of VHF Propagation, based on actual real-time APRS packet network contacts, click here
- To display "DX Sherlock" maps of real time digital mode contacts on selected bands and modes around the world, click here.
The following curves compare Solar Flux Index, Sunspot Number, and the 304 Angstrom results from the SEM and EVE detectors. Either of the latter may be a better indicator for HF propagation than SFI.




  Last modified: May 22, 2017