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National Capital Chapter 70 FM Net - Mondays at 1930L - VE3MPC 147.150 MHz (+600 KHz offset)

Fred Hammond Chapter 73 SSB Net -
Sundays at 0900L - VE3AGS on 3.773MHz
QCWA National SSB Net - Sundays at 2000Z on 14.347 MHz
QCWA National CW Net - Wednesdays at 8 PM Eastern Time on 7.035 MMz.


QCWA Worked 50 States Award - issued to QCWA members who have confirmed contact with a member in each US state

QCWA Worked 60 Chapters Award - issued to QCWA members who have confirmed contact with a member of each of 60 QCWA chapters

QCWA Worked 100 Members Award - issued to QCWA members who have confirmed contact with at least 100 QCWA members

QCWA Worked 500 Members Award - issued to QCWA members who have confirmed contact with at least 500 QCWA members

Join the weekly QCWA Nets and enter the QCWA Spring and Fall QSO Parties to work lots of QCWA members from many QCWA chapters. Be sure to QSL. Soon you will have enough contact confirmations to submit your application for an award to the QCWA Activities Manager. For QCWA QSO Party Certificate of Achievement recipients, please refer to the QSO Party Results page.


60-60 Certificate (60 2-way contacts with 60 members during QCWA 60th anniversary May 17/2007 - June 30/2008) - Croft Taylor VE3CT
QCWA Worked 100 Members Award #333 (1993) - Croft Taylor VE3CT 
QCWA Worked 60 Chapters Award #133 (1993) - Croft Taylor VE3CT 


Chapter 70 has taken out a club number (12,475) with the International Morse Preservation Society FISTS ( under our call VE3QCW for two main reasons. First, we want to support this group whose goals overlap our own. FISTS, a volunteer group, works to preserve and enhance the traditions of ham radio, in particular CW operating. In encouraging this aim with FISTS we also help to promote the QCWA. Second, we want to take advantage, as our members are willing, of existing FISTS programs as models for our own. One such program is the "Code Buddy" system that helps new and returning hams to improve their proficiency in CW operating. We are also monitoring developments in the creation of a CW proficiency certificate proposed by a FISTS-affiliated club in Michigan that would set exams in sending and receiving as well as on-air operating procedure and then issue certificates to attest to the level obtained. This certificate would replace comprehensive CW testing that is no longer offered to examine all three of these facets of operating.  

There are several ways in which Chapter 70 members can get involved in helping other hams to master and enjoy CW operating.

(1) If you are willing to put the club callsign on the air for a week please contact Dave Parks VE3AV for permission to use it. The most common FISTS calling frequencies are on the "58s". (3.558, 7.058 and 14.058, as well as 10.118) and are quite popular. Just call CQ FISTS.

(2) We still need more points to obtain our Century Certificate (CC) number, if someone would like to do that. Contact Bob MacKenzie VA3RKM (FISTS #11,797) with your log for submission to the FISTS Awards Manager.

(3) Someone can organize a local Code Buddy system in Eastern Ontario. We would need a few volunteers who would set up skeds for slow-speed QSOs to those asking us for them. Contact Bob MacKenzie if you are interested.

(4) Members could operate under the club callsign in quarterly FISTS Sprints and the annual FISTS club contest in the Fall, as we did last year.

The FISTS QSL Bureau is one of the better-managed operations in the world. It is free to members and sends out cards whenever 7 are accumulated. Status of members and number of cards on hand for each member are available on the web ( Members of the Virginia QCWA chapter are active in managing the FISTS bureau. Bob MacKenzie - VA3RKM is currently handling the VE3QCW QSL account and logs of our club activity should be directed to him.

In short, the FISTS connection can be whatever we as a chapter want to make of it. There is no obligation or cost on our part to be affiliated.



Last modified: May 22, 2015