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The following links are to the Final Minutes that have been approved by the members. A draft version is posted and linked to our Notice of Meeting page until it is approved or modified by the members.

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CHAPTER 70 MEETING SUMMARIES (1974 through 1999)

The following summaries were prepared in lieu of formal minutes which commenced in 1993 (See Table above)


The first meeting of the new National Capital Chapter No. 70 was held in the Eastview Hotel, Vanier, on May 23, 1974. Fourteen members participated. Those present favoured holding four meetings a year, two of which would be dinner meetings. A proposal was made to hold 'on-the-air' meetings on the first Sunday of each month, using 3750 kHz.

On November 15, the Chapter joined with the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club in sponsoring a social evening for members and wives. The guest speaker was the United States Ambassador to Canada, H. E. William Porter, W3AAC/VE3. Bill Porter described some of his experiences while serving as chief negotiator in peace talks in Vietnam, and as an amateur radio operator while holding various diplomatic postings abroad. He emphasized that it was important for Canada to have a role in the development of nuclear fusion in collaboration with the United States.

In the QCWA QSO Party on February 8 and 9, 1975, VE3BR, VE3DMC, VE3EJK and VE3GX represented the Chapter and achieved respectable scores.

A second meeting was held on February 28, 1975, at the Carousel Dining Lounge, on Carling Ave., in Ottawa. Plans were made to provide a hospitality suite at the forthcoming R.S.O. Convention in Ottawa in October. There was further discussion of a Sunday on-the-air net and Ed Morgan, VE3GX, volunteered to act as the initial net controller.


A combined business and social meeting on May 28 at the Carousel Dining Lounge attracted forty-two members and guests to hear a talk by Dr. Peter Millman, of the National Research Council, on the subject of UFOs. Chairman Ken Scrivens, VE3LJ, expressing the wish to step down from his office, was elected director, along with Bud Punchard, VE3UD. Hal Parsons, VE3QA, was installed as president while Hank Harley, VE3BR, continued as secretary. A Golden Certificate was presented to Jim MacIntosh, VE3VI, marking fifty years in amateur radio.

The Chapter, as planned, provided a QCWA hospitality suite in the Skyline Hotel on the occasion of the RSO Convention, October 3-5, with sixty-two visiting amateurs availing themselves of the facility.

The nominnal membership of the Chapter at the end of 1975 was twenty-six.

A business meeting was held at the Carousel Dining Lounge on Fevruary 18, 1976 and a social meeting at the same locale on May 26. Annual Chapter dues were set at $2.00 per member to cover residual expenses.

VE3BR, VE3DMC, VE3EJK and VE3UD represented the Chapter in the 1976 QCWA QSO Party, February 13 to 15. They scored twelfth in aggregate standing among the thirty-eight participating chapters.

1976 - 1977

Elections were held at the business meeting on November 2, 1976, at the Carousel Dining Lounge, with George Schuthe, VE3DMC, being elected president while other incumbents were reinstated in their respective offices. Hank, VE3BR, reported on his attendance at the recent QCWA National Convention in Houston, Texas. Congratulations were extended to Ed and Doreen Morgan, VE3GX and VE3CGO, who were, together, named the 'Amateur-of-the-Year' team at the recent RSO Convention.

At a business meeting in the Carousel Dining Lounge on February 16, 1977, the members present directed the president to write to CRRL and CARF to record the Chapter's support of their efforts to dissuade the Department of Communications from introducinng an experimental certificate authorizing privileges in the H.F. bands for operators who have not passed an examination in Morse code. George Schuthe, VE3DMC, gave a short talk on 'The Literature of Radio Operating', reading excerpts from several published works.

A May meeting of the Chapter in the Eastview Hotel, Vanier, featured a talk byRoss Smyth, VE3FI, on his experiences in the Canadian Arctic.

VE3BR, VE3DMC, VE3EJK, VE3UD, and VE3WB were active as representatives of Chapter No.70 in the 1977 QCWA QSO Party.

In July, Hank Harley, VE3BR, was successful in being elected as a director of QCWA Inc.


At a meeting on October 19, 1977, in the Carousel Dining Lounge, Bud Punchard, VE3UD, was elected president, Frank Rapp, VE3RZ, secretary, and 'Doc' Plummer, VE3MA, and Jim Swail, VE3KF, directors. Hank Harley, VE3BR, spoke on the QCWA National Convention which was held in Seattle, WA, in July.

On May 10, 1978, a meeting in the Carousel Dining Lounge brought twenty-eight members and guests to hear Bill Haney, VE3BKW, speak on his early days as an amateur radio operator, his experiences in the North, and his work with the National Research Council. A Golden Certificate marking 50 years in Amateur Radio was presented to Lance McAteer, VE2EM.

VE3BR and VE3BBM represented Chapter No. 70 in the 1976 QCWA QSO Party.


At a special meeting of 43 members, wives and guests held at the R.A. Centre on November 9, 1978, Mrs. Barbara Humphreys spoke on "Our Canadian Architectural Heritage", with appropriate illustrations.


A meeting was held in the RCAF Officers' Mess on May 9, 1979, with thirty-one members in attendance. Elections were held and Phil Laprade, VE3KN, was elected president, Doreen Morgan, VE3CGO, secretary, and Bill Haney, VE3BKW, and Vern McCourt, VE3PY, directors. Jim McIntosh, VE3VI, spoke on the early days of radio broadcasting and played some recordings of programs featuring old-time radio stars. Ray Thornton, VE3RT, was the recipient of a Golden Certificate.

VE3BR, VE3DMC, and VE3ET took part in the 1979 QCWA QSO Party with VE3DMC scoring in eighth place overall in the C.W. sector.


After a period of reduced activity the Chapter met again on November 6, 1980 in the Carousel Dining Lounge with 27 members in attendance. On that occasion, Bud Punchard, VE3UD, described his recent yachting vacation on the Great Lakes and the communication experiences it provided.


Twenty-eight members and one guest attended the meeting on April 30, 1981 at which elections were held. Bill Deacon, VE3BDO, was installed as president, with Carl Everson, VE3BYX, as secretary and Bud Jones, VE3ET, George Roach, VE3BNO, and 'Wiggy' Wigglesworth, VE3YE, as directors. Fred Green, VE3IO, gave a talk on electric vehicles.

The Place Next Door was the venue for the next Chapter meeting, on July 23, when twenty-one members and eleven guests heard Chip Wiest describe his experiences in Antarctica. The members agreed to an increase in annual Chapter dues to $4.00. Dave Gwinn, VE3IX, was presented with the Golden Certificate.

In August, members of the Chapter manned the amateur radio station set up by the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club at the Central Canada Exhibition for one full day.

On October 22, a meeting was held at The Place Next Door with Dr. Lloyd Francis, M.P., Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, describing the workings of the Federal Parliament.

Twenty members and guests attended a Chapter meeting at Johnny's Place, O'Connor Street, on February 11, 1982, and heard Major Robert Armstrong, Commanding Officer of the Canadian Forces Station, Carp, speak on national emergency preparedness and communications.


Johnny's Place was again the locale for a meeting on May 12, 1982. Elections were held naming 'Wiggy' Wigglesworth, VE3YE, president, re-electing Carl Everson, VE3BYX, as secretary, and seating Ken Curry, VE3PF, Ken Pulfer, VE3PU, and George Roach, VE3BNO, as directors. Bill Deacon, VE3BDO, entertained with stories of his experiences as a radio officer on the high seas.

On November 18, the Chapter again met and dined at Johnny's Place, after which the members were conducted by Wiggy on a tour of Canada's Emergency Operations Centre in the Blackburn Building. The tour included a visit to the amateur station VE3GOC, located in the Centre. Wiggy announced his forthcoming move to Nova Scotia, in consequence of which Ken Curry took over his unexpired term in the presidency.


For its next meeting, on June 29, 1983, the Chapter moved to the Nepean Sportsplex, attracting about fifty members and guests. The speaker on this occasion was Jim Commerford of the YMCA, who described CPR -- preparedness to deal with heart attacks and choking, should they occur.

Business was foremost at the meeting of November 22, again held in the Nepean Sportsplex and attended by twenty-three members and one guest. The rising cost of QCWA membership, aggravated by the rate of exchange and higher postal rates, led some members to question the value of continued membership in the parent organization. Some wondered whether the Chapter should not simply exist as a social club for older hams in the area, without concern for QCWA affiliation. Others noted that membership in an affiliated Chapter of QCWA Inc. was conditional upon good standing in QCWA. Following discussion, the secretary was instructed to write to QCWA Headquarters on this matter of concern. On another note, Golden Certificates were presented to George Schuthe, VE3DMC, Bert Hovey, VE3EW and 'Doc' Plummer, VE3MA.

Chapter membership at the end of 1983 stood at 46, although a number of members were in arrears with their QCWA membership.

The meeting held on April 5, 1984, heard Bruce Turner, a retired conservation officer, speak on his experiences in Northern Ontario. Thirty-six members and guests were present. In the business portion of the meeting, there was agreement on providing a hospitality suite at the forthcoming R.S.O. Convention, October 5 and 6th, 1984, at the Westin Hotel.


Elections were held at the November 28, 1984 meeting at the Nepean Sportsplex. Carl Everson, VE3BYX, was elected president, George Schuthe, VE3DMC, secretary, and Hal Parsons, VE3QA, Ken Scrivens, VE3LJ, and Bob Armstrong, VE3RF, directors. The matter of QCWA affiliation was again a matter of discussion.

A Chapter Bulletin was begun as a means of disseminating information of interest to members. This was made possible at minimal expense through the co-operation of members in photocopying and mailing.

Twenty-two members attended the Chapter meeting held on February 27, 1985 at the Nepean Sportsplex. At this meeting, John Gilbert, VE3CXL, spoke on the International Commission on World-wide Telecommunications Development, on which he had served as secretary.

A social meeting at the Sportsplex on May 29 attracted forty-eight members and guests. The speaker on this occasion was Dr. Maurice 'Doc' Haycock, VE3LC, who described his experiences in the Far North as an artist and geologist. 'Doc' enhanced his presentation with slides of his paintings and of historic sites in the Arctic.

Following a recommendation from Headquarters that chapters elect officers for a year beginning on January 1, a resolution to that effect was brought forward and approved.


Again at the Nepean Sportsplex, a meeting on October 30, 1985, featured a talk by Dr. John McLeod on developments in radio astronomy. Dr. McLeod illustrated his talk with slides of the radio telescope in Algonquin Park.

Faced with an election, the members returned the current slate of officers for an additional term to 31 December, 1986.

An effort to establish liaison with other QCWA chapters across Canada brought a response only from the southern Ontario Chapter No. 73. As a result, an informal arrangement was made with that chapter to exchange bulletins and information, as appropriate.

QCWA Headquarters came to grips with the problem of escalating fees that had concerned many members and potential members outside the U.S.A. Canadian members were classed as "International Members" with dues of $10.00 (U.S.) for a three-year term. This arrangement seemed to have gone a long way to resolving the dissatisfaction that had been apparent in Chapter discussions of the problem in recent years. Accordingly, it was re-confirmed that membership rights and priveleges in the Chapter were dependent upon membership in good standing in QCWA, and that charter provisions would be properly observed. All members licensed twenty-five years or more were welcome to join in the social activities and would be encouraged to become members.

On February 18, 1986, a business meeing was held at Miss Westgate Restaurant at which Art Stark, VE3ZS, discussed the Department of Communications' Proposals for restructuring the amateur radio service.

Forty-four members and guests were present at the May 28 meeting held at the Nepean Sportsplex. On this occasion, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Montgomery spoke and showed slides on East Africa, where they had participated in the Canadian agricultural aid program in Tanzania.

Twenty-one members and three guests were at the fall meeting on November 19, again at the Nepen Sportsplex, when George Roach, VE3BNO, spoke on modern radio broadcasting techiques, with special reference to CFRA/CFMO. At elections for the new year, George Roach, VE3BNO, was elected president, Bob Armstrong, VE3RF, secretary, and Ken Pulfer, VE3PU, Ken Scrivens, VE3LJ, and Hal Parsons, VE3QA, directors.

It was noted that the Chapter lacked a set of by-laws governing its conduct and procedures. Members expressed a reluctance to further formalize operations and the matter was not pursued.

The Chapter members expressed their pleasure in the recent election of Fred Hammond, VE3HC, as a director of QCWA Inc.


On March 11, twenty member gathered at the Carousel Dining Lounge and heard John Henry, VE3VQ, speak on AMSAT. President George Roach, VE3BNO, showed a film on the installation of CFRA's tower, achieved with the aid of helicopters.

Thirty-three members and guests came to the September 16 meeting, held in the Nepean Sportsplex, at which Mr. Barry Bremner described and circulated examples of miniaturized radio location and 'bugging" devices.

Fred Hammond, VE3HC, Director of QCWA, Inc., kindly made a gift to the Chapter of a supply of sports caps bearing the QCWA logo, to be sold to members with the proceeds going into the Chapter's coffers.

Although bad weather hindered attendance at the meeting on November 26 at the Carousel Dining Lounge, 15 members turned out and heard George Roach discuss AM Stereo. An FM tuner, offered as a door prize, was won by Hap Chafe, VE3MW.


At the first regular meeting of 1988, held on April 21 at the Carousel, Paul Cooper, VE3JLP, described the erection of his tower, which had formerly been used by VE3QA. The talk, illustrated with slides, held the interest of the twenty-three members in attendance.

At the meeting on June 15 at the Carousel dining Lounge, Ron Belleville, VE3AUM, described the role of Amateur Radio in the Soviet-Canada Transpolar Skitrek. 15 members and 2 guests were present.

On September 21, a meeting open to members, their ladies and guests, at the Carousel Dining Lounge, heard Cindy Day, weather reporter for CFRA, speak on the subject of weather forecasting and satellite data interpretation. Total attendance was twenty-six.

At the annual meeting held at the Carousel Dining Lounge on November 16, Carl Everson, VE3BYX, was elected president, Ralph Thomas, VE3GG, secretary-treasurer, and Hap Chafe, VE3MW, Merv Lemke, VE3CV, and Ken Scrivens, VE3LJ, were elected directors. The retiring president, George Roach, VE3BNO, then showed slides of amateur radio activities in the National Capital area, stirring memories among the fourteen members present.


The first meeting of 1989, held on February 15, attracted eighteen members and five guests to McGowan's Restaurant, formerly the Carousel Dining Lounge. Merv Lemke, VE3CV, evoked memories of the "good old days" by recalling events of the past and displaying vintage components and equipment. George Schuthe, VE3DMC, as Chapter Historian, then reviewed the chapter's activities over the past fifteen years.

Bill Deacon, VE3UD (ex-VE3BDO), raised a question of dues payable to the parent QCWA organization. The executive agreed to take the matter up with Fred Hammond, VE3HC, the Canadian director of QCWA.

On May 25, twenty-five members and two guests met at McGowan's Restaurant to greet visiting QCWA Director Fred Hammond, VE3HC. Fred addressed the QCWA dues question, outlining a new "two-level" system. He then showed slides of a number of outstanding DX stations, followed by an illustrated commentary on the Polar Skitrek. A draw was held for power bars that Fred generously donated.

Ron Belleville, VE3AUM, was again featured as speaker at the September 27 meeting at McGowan's, when forty-five members, ladies and other guests heard him describe his trip to the U.S.S.R. to meet, and visit with, Soviet participants in the 1988 Skitrek. Ron illustrated his talk with slides.

The annual meeting on November 15 at McGowan's was attended by twenty-four members and three guests. Elected to the new executive were Merv Lemke, VE3CV, president, and Bill Barrie, VE3AAS, and Clare Fowler, VE3NPC, directors, Ralph Thomas, VE3GG, and Hap Chafe, VE3MW, were re-elected secretary-treasurer and director repectively. following the meeting, George Roach, VE3BNO, led the group on a conducted tour of the new CFRA/CFMO studios on Walkely Road.


There were twenty-three members and one guest at the regular meeting held on March 8, 1990, at the Miss Westgate Restaurant. The speaker, Ralph Cameron, VE3BBM, discussed, and demonstrated, digital oscilloscopes, citing various applications. He supplemented his talk with slides.

On May30, twenty-seven members and one guest met at the Miss Westgate Restaurant when Bill Barrie, VE3AAS, described, with slides to illustrate, how radio electonics had been adapted to the western Arctic, leading up to the establishment of the Dew Line. The slides conveyed an impression of the conditions and the harsh terrain.

The meeting of September 19 marked a return to familiar surroundings at Perry's Place, the former McGowan's, newly renovated, and there were forty members, ladies, and guests present. The speaker on this occasion, Jim Swail, VE3KF, described equipment he had developed or modified and adapted for the use of the blind. Jim is well known in scientific circles and is the recipient of the Order of Canada among many other awards.

Chapter members discussed how best to arrange for the disposal of Amateur equipment on the death of the owner and proposed drawing up a set of guide-lines to assist the executors of an amateur's estate.

The annual meeting, on November 21, was convened at Perry's Place with twenty-one attending. Sadly, it will be remembered for the tragic collapse of Walt Wooding, VE3WW, from a heart attack. Fred Hawkins, VE3KH, promptly applied C.P.R. with assistance from a member of the restaurant staff until a police emergency squad arrived to take over resuscitation efforts. Walt was rushed by ambulance to hospital, but to no avail. In view of the turn of events, the chairman terminated the meeting.


The first meeting for 1991 was held at Perry's Place Restaurant on Wednesday 27 March with a good number of members present.. Because our last meeting was cut short by the untimely death of Walt Wooding, VE3WW, the selection of officers for 1991 was made by telphone with the following being confirmed to office:-

           President - Merv Lemke, VE3CV
           Vice-President - Bill Barrie, VE3AAS
           Secretary-Treasurer - Ralph Thomas, VE3GG
           Director - Clare Fowler, VE3NPC
           Director - Croft Taylor, VE3CT

The draft Constitution and By-Laws for Chapter No. 70 as prepared by the Executive were discussed and confirmed by the membership. The Historian, George Schuthe, VE3DMC, reported that he was almost finished with an update to our Chapter History and that it will be available to the membership very shortly.

The speaker for the evening was George Schuthe, VE3DMC, who spoke on "Room 19 and The Old man" and was an historic and entertaining talk on training to become a Commercial Radio Operator in Vancouver in the early days of radio.

The meeting of 15 May, 1991 was again held at Perry's Place Restaurant on Carling Ave., but we were informed that renovations were in order which would eliminate our convenient meeting area.

Phil Robinson, VE3CUR, agreed to take over as Secretary-Treasurer from Ralph Thomas, VE3GG, who is giving it up becuase of ill health. Carl Everson, VE3BYX, agreed to replace George Schuthe, VE3DMC, as Historian after George completes his current update of our Chapter History. The idea of a booklet, to assist family members on the disposition of a deceased Amateur's equipment, has been discussed in the past and is still being followed up by the executive in concert with other area clubs.

The speaker for the evening was Croft Taylor, VE3CT, who outlined the history and practices of current large telecommunication carriers with regard to alternate routing in the event of a major failure.

The meeting of 18 September, 1991 was our annual Spouses' night and was held at the Southridge Restaurnant on Bank Street. The meeting was chaired by the Vice-President, Bill Barrie, VE3AAS, who reported that the President, Merv Lemke, had suffered a stroke while travelling in Southern Ontario and was in hospital in Niagara Falls.

The speaker at this meeting was Gord Grant, VE3DY, who spoke on the effects of solar radiation and the earth's magnetic forces on long-distance power lines, substations, etc.

The final meeting for 1991 was held at Hemingway's Restaurant on Richmond Road on 20 November. Our President, Merv Lemke, VE3CV, is recuperating satisfactorily at home but was unable to attend. The meeting was conducted by Vice-President Bill Barrie, VE3AAS. The officers for 1992 were confirmed as follows:

          President - Croft Taylor, VE3CT
          Vice-President - Bill Barrie, VE3AAS
          Secretary-Treasurer - Phil Robinson, VE3CUR
          Director - Clare Fowler, VE3NPC
          Director - Ian McIntyre, VE3CZ

A World Country List, and a Great Circle Beam Chart centered on Ottawa, were made available to Chapter members through the courtesy of Fred Hammond, VE3HC.

The speaker for the evening was Fred Green, VE3IO, a founding member of the Electric Vehicle Association of Canada (EVAC) and editor of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa Newsletter. Fred spoke on the latest developments in electric vehicle technology, which are considerable, and which are keeping pace with the fast-growing technology in other scientific branches of society today.

An up-dated history of the National Capital No. 70 was distributed to Chapter members. Chapter membership at the end of 1991 stood at 49, with 42 full members and 7 guest members on the mailing list.


National Capital Chapter No. 70 held 4 meetings in 1992, all at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant Shopping Mall. This proved to be an excellent location with ample parking, private meeting area, and good food quickly served.

On March 18, 1992, 21 members met, for the first time, at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant, and heartily endorsed the selection. Vice-President, Bill Barrie, VE3AAS, conducted the meeting as the President, Croft Taylor, VE3CT, was basking in the sunshine of Florida.

The meeting on 20 May 1992 was attended by 27 members but was saddened to hear of the death of our former Secretary-Treasurer, Ralph Thomas, VE3GG. A donation was sent to the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of Ralph.

Bill Barrie, VE3AAS, is still working on a "Suggested Ham Equipment Inventory" form. This form, when completed, will help the Executors of an Amateur's estate to locate, evaluate, and arrange Amateur equipment for disposal.

The guest speakers for the May meeting were Jim Dean, VE3IQ, and Ed LeBlanc, VE3VLF, who are involved with the Canadian Patrol Frigate Program and who gave us an excellent overview of the program with regard to construction, equipment aboard, and problems overcome.

The September meeting on 16 September 1992 was attended by 36 members and guests. New members , George Collins, VE3FJO, Paul Reed, VE3QY, and Ken Robinson, VE3GIR, were welcomed. The speaker for the evening was Keith Bedal, VE3GFI, who showed beautiful coloured slides of his travels in the High Arctic and presented us with an informative and interesting account of his experiences in the vast Canadian North.

On 18 November 1992, 19 members and one guest were present for the Annual Business meeting of QCWA Chapter No. 70. Following the meal the Annual meeting was chaired by V-President Bill Barrie, VE3AAS, in the absence of the President, Croft Taylor, VE3CT. Clare Fowler, VE3NPC, stepped down as Director and Jim Dean, VE3IQ, was elected in his place. The remaining members remained in office and the Executive for 1993 consisted of:-

          President   - Croft TAylor, VE3CT
          Vice-Pres.  - Bill Barrie, VE3AAS
          Sec-Treas   - Phil Robinson, VE3CUR
          Director    - Ian McIntyre, VE3CZ
          Director    - Jim Dean, VE3IQ

Mention was made of the passing of Chapter 70 member, Warren Huget, VE3RU, on 5 November 1992 and a donation was made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in his memory.

The speaker for the evening was Peter Dewolf, VE3YYY, who gave an interesting and informative talk on the start-up and development of the extensive linking system on VHF/UHF/10 meter which now includes Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Buffalo, and the IPARN System.



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