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Current Membership

This is a listing of current Chapter 70 members.

All-Time Membership

This is a perpetual listing of Chapter 70 members, with links to biographies and photos of those who were/are members of both QCWA and Chapter 70.

Honorary Awards Recipients

This is a listing of Chapter 70 members who are recipients of QCWA Honorary Awards

Silent Keys

This is a listing of deceased members of Chapter 70, including year of death.

Nets and Operating Awards

This is a listing of the QCWA and Chapter 70 on-air nets, and the various QCWA Operating Awards available to Chapter 70 members

QCWA QSO Party Rules

This is a listing of the current QCWA QSO Party rules

QCWA QSO Party Results

This is a listing of the Chapter 70 recipients of certificates from past QCWA QSO Parties

Join/Renew Chapter 70 Membership

Click here for Chapter 70 Membership renewal. Please renew before Dec 31

Fifty Year Continuous Licensed Application Form

Click this link for the application form for this valued certificate (now free of charge from QCWA, Inc HQ)

Station Inventory

This describes the objectives and use of the Station Inventory listing that we recommend for all members.



Last modified: February 04, 2015