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Bandla, Rick - VE3CVG - Includes a number of Rick's amateur radio projects and interests.

Brown, Ernie - VA3OEB - Includes a summary of Ernie's interesting career at sea in WWII as a merchant marine radio op, his time intercepting enemy wireless traffic and his time in the Yukon as part of the historic Northwest Staging Route for Lend-Lease aircraft enroute to Russia.

Conn, David - VE3KL - Includes support documents for Dave's column on Transmission Lines and Antennas in the The Canadian Canadian Amateur (TCA), calculators , presentations over the last several years, and has a short section on current propagation conditions.

Gilbert, John - VE3CXL - John's  Joint Arctic Weather Station (JAWS) web site relating to his time on this  Arctic radio network in the 1950's

Ide, Graham - VE3BYT  Includes some nostalgic photos of several members no longer with us. Also Graham's WCARC Balloon Project

Jeffrey, Brian - VE3UU - Includes an amusing summary of Brian's Cold War experiences as the youngest Radician on the DEWLine. 

Pulfer, Ken - VE3PU - Includes a summary of Ken's amateur radio and music interests and his experiences with IARU.





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