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Minutes of Meeting Sept. 16th, 1998 Carlingwood Restaurant

  • With 65 in attendance, President Jim Dean VE3IQ welcomed members, spouses and guests, Fran Cartwright VA3FEC, Karen Turner and Dennis Cartwright.

  • Jim VE3IQ also noted our two distinguished members - Croft Taylor VE3CT, now Vice-President and George Roach VE3BNO now a Director of QCWA Inc., our parent club. A benefit of membership in the parent club is access to such things as the Scholarship awards. Andy Webb VE3UIY has been awarded an $800 US scholarship. Licenced Amateurs taking post secondary education are able to apply. This may be of special interest to members' children, grandchildren and friends.

  • QCWA Chapter 70 is now an affiliated club member of the Radio Amateurs of Canada. Our own Doug Leach VE3XK has provided leadership in the editing and production of a new Radio Amateurs of Canada Operating Manual - a survival guide for Amateurs of all ages. Clare Fowler VE3NPC, Bill Wilson VE3NR, Graham Ide VE3BYT, among others have contributed material. For under $20 at the usual outlets including Radio Shack, Jim VE3IQ highly recommends its purchase.

  • We were delighted to see Carl Everson, VE3BYX at the dinner meeting. Herb Morrison VE3HMF, after surgery is now coming along very well. Bill Bushell VE3DXY suffered a heart attack but is now at home. We wish him well. Fred Hammond VE3HC, having suffered a severe stroke in June, is now at the St. Joseph's Hospital in Guelph. Those wishing to send a card should address it to Hammond Manufacturing Co., Attn: Fred Hammond, 394 Edinburgh Rd. N., Guelph, ON, N1H 1E5. Bill Barrie VE3AAS is taping messages to take to Fred.

  • Chapter 70 has made a donation to the Alzheimer Society in memory of Doug Burrill VE3CDC who passed away this summer. Doug was a founder of CARF and editor of TCA for many years. A very nice acknowledgement has been received from the family. Joe Unsworth VE2ALE SM for Quebec, a very well known Amateur, is now a silent key.

  • A flea market,in which we took part, was held on September 5 in Carp. This is one way that we let Amateurs know of our existence but we depend on our members to inform others about QCWA and Chapter 70!

  • Some suggestions given by the members for future meetings were speakers on such topics as sunspot cycle; VE3NAV-3 DX cluster on 144.91 Mhz; Amateur radio on the internet; the cw issue; 20-meter trans Canada net for Snowbirds.

  • Thanks was given to Keith Bedal VE3GFI our web master, who has listed the minutes, announcements, a link to HQ web site, and other useful information about our Chapter 70. (Our address is noted at the conclusion of these minutes).

  • A hearty round of applause was given Bill Wilson VE3NR for having received the 1998 award of Member of the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.

  • A brochure on a condensed history of our club has been developed by Carl VE3BYX to be given out at flea markets, club meetings, conventions, etc. Thank you Carl!

  • For those interested in DX, VE3NAV-3 has a DX cluster on packet at 144.91 MHz. Also of interest, Ken Pulfer VE3PU will be leaving September 25th for a two week stay in Geneva where he has been asked by the IARU to be a technical representative on Preparations for World Radio Conference 2000. He may be operating from 4U1ITU on 20 metres. JimVE3IQ will be in Venezuela from September 25- October 3 in place of Ken VE3PU, on behalf of RAC International Affairs attending the IARU Region 2 Triennial Meeting. The club station there is YV7AJ and will likely be on 15 and 20 metres - probably 14.140 MHz.

  • Two QCWA hats are available. If you're interested at $5 each, see Joan VE3ZC club secretary.

  • Thursday morning breakfast is open to all. Many of our club members are in attendance and further information is listed at the conclusion of these minutes.

  • In regard to e-mail addresses, Jim VE3IQ suggested by registering on RAC's web page you may use your call sign as your e-mail address. The mail automatically goes directly to your server. Over 2000 people now use this method.

  • Joe MacPherson VE1CH (exVE3CAT of Ottawa) the communications coordinator for the Red Cross, was called out after the Swiss Air disaster. Amateur Radio played a very prominent part providing liaison between the Military, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Police and Fire services. A summary of this is on the RAC web site.

  • Motion of acceptance of the minutes of May 20, 1998 meeting was moved by Ed Morgan VE3GX - seconded by Gus Holtz VE3VK. Carried.

  • A Treasurer's Report was given by Joan Powell VE3ZC.
    Bank Balance May 20, 1998- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $1632.31
    Receipts - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $115.48
    Expenditures - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $621.52
    Bank Balance Sept.16, 1998 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $1126.27
  • Motion to accept the Treasurer's Report by Joan VE3ZC, seconded by Ken Scrivens VE3LJ. Carried.

  • As International Vice President Croft Taylor VE3CT stated, the Board meeting doesn't take place until early October. Both Croft and George VE3BNO will attend the meeting in California. George will update us in November. Croft did indicate that a possible change in rates for the Journal subscribed to separately by lifetime members may be in the offing. A new Directory update is now available through HQ in Oregon. Thanks went out to all who voted for Croft VE3CT and George VE3BNO. This weekend, September 19 is the semi-annual QCWA QSO Party at 1800 hrs UTC for a period of 24 hours. So make contacts and be sure to send in your log. The rules are listed on the QCWA HQ web site.

  • The presentation of pins indicating the number of years as an Amateur, in five year intervals, was made by Doug Leach VE3XK. New members joining QCWA International Association are presented with their pin when they reach the next five year anniversary.

    25 year  VA3ES -  Ed Sieb
    30 year  VE3GHR - James Rowland
    45 year  VE3IQ -  Jim Dean        VE3HPW - John Hay       VE3VC -  Ken Holt
    50 year  VE3BEF - Don Bower       VA3OEB - Ernie Brown    VE3XTU - Ed Fuchs
             VE3DWR - Ken Perrins     VE3AHZ - Jack Tennant
             VE3BYX - Carl Everson    VE3WI -  Ray Wilson
    60 year  VE3PI -  Eli Desson      VE3EJR - Bob Hanna
             VE3GX -  Ed Morgan       VE3JGQ - Ted Turner
    65 year  VE3MA -  Doc Plummer
  • Our guest speaker for the evening was Gerry King VE3GK. He entertained us with his hilarious adventures as a teacher and as a travelling Amateur Radio Operator. Enjoyed by all!

  • Ralph Cameron VE3BBM thanked Gerry for briefing us on school activities and expressed our delight for his being our Guest Speaker.

  • Motion for adjournment at 2150 hrs by Croft VE3CT - seconded by Ken Pulfer VE3PU.

Jim Dean (VE3IQ)                                                                  Joan Powell (VE3ZC)
President  733-5585             WebPage -            Sect'y-Treas. 825-4543
1134 Plante Drive                                                                 3112 Woodroffe Ave.,
Ottawa, Ont., K1V 9E8           VE3QCW on Thursday. 2000 hrs 147.03 (VE3TEL)      Nepean, Ont., K2J 4G3

Thursday at 0930 hrs - breakfast Embassy West Motor Hotel Restaurant



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