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Minutes of Meeting Sept. 17th, 1997 Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • Following the usual excellent meal the meeting was opened by Vice-President Jim Dean (VE3IQ). The following guests were introduced:- Guy Charron (VA3FZA), Vicki Ball, Jerry Wells (VE3CDS), Ken Asmus(VA3KA), Anne Asmus(VE3TSB), Barc Dowden(VE3TT), Bill Bushell(VE3DXY), and Rob Mazzolin(VE3IVT).

  • Jim announced that two of our members have become silent keys since our last dinner meeting - namely:- Bill Manson (VE3YK) on June 23rd, and Fred Hawkins (VE3KH) on Sept.03rd. It was announced that Ken Curry (VE3PF) has offered to help with disposal of Fred's ham equipment. Condolences were extended to Ed Fuchs (VE3XTU) whose XYL, Lena, passed away on Sept. 10th. Carl Everson, VE3BYX, informed us of the recent death of Marg McKinley's second husband. Marg's first husband, Larry McKinley (VE3CPG), became a silent key in 1993. Marg holds the call of VE3EQE.

  • We were reminded of the 50th Anniversary QCWA International Convention being held in Kansas City, Missouri, on Oct. 10-12, 1997. It was also noted that the CLARA Convention is being held in Aurora on 26-28th of September. The AMSAT Symposium is being held in Toronto on Oct. 17-19th. Several of our members will be attending. Jim noted that the Kingston Amateur Radio Club is holding a flea market on Sept. 20th. This will be held at St. Margaret's Chuirch. The Radar Veterans are holding a Reunion in Ottawa Oct. 7-9th. We were informed that the launch of AMSAT Phase 3D satellite is still delayed.

  • Jim reminded us of the Thursday morning breakfast at the Embassy West Motor Hotel, beginning at about 0930 hrs. This breakfast is open to any radio amateur. Jim also noted the QCWA Chapter 70 Net on Thursday evenings at 2000 hrs - using repeater VE3TEL. Anyone is welcome to check into this net. Croft Taylor (VE3CT) noted that Chapter 73 will be having their fall meeting at the Plainsman Restaurant, located on Highway 5 just west of Junction of Hwy 5 and 6 at Clappison Corners. Members start to gather at about 0930 hrs for coffee and ragchew. Bill Barrie (VE3AAS) mentioned the QCWA Net that meets every Sunday Morning at 0900 hrs on a frequency of 3773 khz.

  • Keith (VE3GFI) announced that QCWA Chapter 70 now has our own Webpage. The URL is:- Keith is the webmaster for this site. On behalf of a friend Keith mentioned a program that, where activity is being monitored, will alert an operator to the occurrence of an event or will inform of a fault in the monitoring system. This program is a beta version and is available free by downloading

  • Moved by Bill Monuk (VE3BDK) , seconded by Croft Taylor (VE3CT) , that the minutes of the May 21st 1997 meeting be accepted as published. Motion carried. The Treasurer stated that the current bank balance is $1638.00. A more detailed report will be available at the Novenber meeting.

  • Croft Taylor gave a report re QCWA HQ matters. He mentioned that Bill McGrannahan (K0ORB) had to give up his position as Chairman of the Activities Committee due to increased workload of the QCWA International Convention. Croft has taken on this position. The main activity that he has worked on is in regard to the QSO Parties. There will be two Parties in 1998, spaced six months apart. One will be the 2nd weekend in March and the next one will be the 3rd weekend of September. Croft is writing up an article giving the results of a survey done in the Spring and the rationale for changes. This will be published in the Winter 1997 QCWA Journal. The Secretary-Treasurer has a copy which can be mailed to anyone interested. Croft has also developed a new QCWA QSO Party log form.

  • Jim noted that the next meeting of QCWA Chapter 70 will be held on Nov. 19th., 1997. This will be the Annual Meeting with election of officers for 1998.

  • Ralph Cameron, VE3BBM, informed us that he understood that the QCWA Scholarship awards had been disbursed. However, our applicant ,Andy Webb (VE3UIX), had not received any word.

  • Doug Leach, VE3XK, presented several awards. Jim Jarvis, VE3TI, received a 65-year pin and certificate. Brice Wightman, VE3EDR, received a 50-year pin and certificate. Paul Campbell, VE3PC, received a 45-year pin. John Barnhardt, VE3ZOV, received a 30-year pin.

  • Jim introduced the guest speaker, Rob Ludlow (VE3YE). and his wife Susan (VE3MOG). Rob is a jounalist by background and became the first full-time paid editor of 'The Radio Amateur', and how he became editor of TCA. Ralph Cameron, VE3BBM, thanked Rob for his informative talk and for the excellent job of producing The Radio Amateur.

  • At this point we had a door prize draw for a portable AM/FM Receiver. This was won by Gerry King, VE3GK. Then Gerry acted as auctioneer to auction off a National S73 receiver which was left from George Schuthe's estate. This was purchased by Bill Bushell, VE3DXY, for $35.00.

  • The meeting closed at 2200 hrs. We had a record attendance of 53,

  • NOTE: Ralph (VE3BBM) may have no more door prizes. If anyone would like to donate door prizes please inform Ralph at 825-1634.

Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ)                            Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) 
President  838-5239                              Sect'y-Treas. 828-1870
104 Martin St., Box 554                          125 Ridgefield Cr.,
Richmond, Ont., K0A 2Z0                          Nepean, Ont., K2H-6T4



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