National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada



Minutes of Meeting Sept. 18th, 1996
Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • The meeting was opened by the President , Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ). Jack requested that we note a moment of silence in memory of Hal Parsons (VE3QA), who became a silent key on May 27th, 1996. Hal was a charter member of QCWA National Capital Chapter 70.

  • Moved by Croft Taylor (VE3CT), seconded by Carl Everson (VE3BYX), that the minutes of the May 15th meeting be accepted as posted. Carried.

  • Keith Bedal (VE3GFI), gave a financial statement and a membership update as follows:
         BOH for Chapter 70 as of May 13th, 1996   - - - - - -$352.67
         BOH for Convention as of May 13th, 1996  - - - - - $14341.60
         Membership still carried in Chapter 70  - - - - 71
         Membership paid up for 1996  - - - - - - - - -  63
         Membership - paid up members of QCWA HQ - - - - 46
    Moved by George Roach (VE3BNO), seconded by Doreen Morgan (VE3CGO) that this report be accepted as presented. Carried.

  • Fred Green (VE3IO) moved a note of appreciation for the able manner in which Keith has carried out the duties of secretary-treasurer. This was followed by a round of applause. (Thanks Fred - de GKB).

  • Croft Taylor (VE3CT) informed us that he had been re-elected as a director of QCWA HQ. Croft presented year pins to the following QCWA members:
     - Ken Scrivens (VE3LJ) a 50-year pin.  Croft noted that Ken was a founding 
       member of  QCWA National Capital Chapter 70.
     - George Roach (VE3BNO) a 50-year pin.  George is a charter member of 
       QCWA National  Capital Chapter 70.
     - Doug Leach (VE3XK) a 40-year pin.
            Croft noted that the 50-year certificates would be presented at the 
            1996 Convention in October.
  • George Roach then gave us an update on the QCWA Convention to be held at the Citadel Inn in Ottawa on Oct. 04-05, 1996. He informed us that the current number of attendees is close to 200. Of these 23 are members of Chapter 70. Volunteers are still needed to assist:-
      *  Talk-in -  - contact Dave Parks (VE3AV).
      *  Registration -  - for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Contact Carl and
         Barb Everson or Ken Robinson.
      *  Security -  - for Friday and Saturday -  - Contact George Roach
      *  Demos and papers - for Friday and Saturday - contact Clare Fowler 
      *  Bus Tour -  - for Friday and Saturday -  - Marshalls for Friday
      *  Hospitality suite  -  for Friday, Saturday, and possibly Sunday
             contact Ed and Doreen Morgan or Jerry Dillon.
      *  Photographers  -  for all sessions and activities.
  • George noted that anyone may advertise (for a sum) on the handout brochure of events. George also noted that Ralph (VE3BBM) has arranged for a good supply of prizes. The main prize for the Saturday evening banquet will be a Kenwood TS50 transceiver.

  • Croft informed us that the QCWA Board meeting will be held on Thursday, Oct. 03. An update on this board meeting will be given at the QCWA Forum meeting on Friday. One thing for sure will be changed and that is in regard to the QCWA QSO Party. Croft also informed us of the special callsign of XM3QCW, that may be used from now, Sept. 18th, until Oct. 06, 1996. The special event callsign of XM3Q can be used from Oct. 01-06, 1996. XM3Q will be the callsign of the talk-in station during the Convention. The use of these special event callsigns is being co-ordinated by Croft. QSL cards of the special event callsigns are being provided courtesy of Fred Hammond, VE3HC.

  • The President announced that the next meeting of QCWA Chapter 70 will be held on November 20, 1996. This will be the Annual meeting with election of officers for 1997.

  • The presentation of the topic for this evening was introduced by Doug Leach (VE3XK). This was in the form of a VCR put out by Industry Canada. The video showed us, in a humorous manner, some of the interference problems that one might note on a TV set. Methods of locating and solving these problems were given.

  • The meeting closed at 2100 hrs. There were 28 in attendance.

                       73 de Keith 

Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ)                            Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) 
President  838-5239                              Sect'y-Treas. 828-1870
104 Martin St., Box 554                          125 Ridgefield Cr.,
Richmond, Ont., K0A 2Z0                          Nepean, Ont., K2H-6T4



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