National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada



Minutes of Meeting Sept. 20th, 1995 Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • Following an initial time of socializing we sat down for dinner at 1900 hrs. There were 41 members and guests present.

  • The meeting was opened by President Bill Barrie (VE3AAS) at 2025 hrs. The first order of business was to introduce guests and XYLs. Jim Dean was pleased to introduce Farrell (Hoppy) Hopwood, VE7RD. Hoppy is the national President of the Radio Amateurs of Canada. The Secretary-Treasurer, Keith Bedal (VE3GFI), noted that our finances were in a solvent condition.

  • Several of our members, due for benchmark-year pins, werre introduced by Jim Dean. The presentations were made by our President Bill Barrie (VE3AAS) and photographed by Jim Dean (VE3IQ). Jerry Harbottle, VE3AGU, received a 60-year pin and scroll; Doreen Morgan, VE3CGO, received a 45-year pin; Croft Taylor, VE3CT, received a 45-year pin; and Bill Monuk, VE3BDK, received a 35-year pin.

  • President Bill Barrie reminded everyone of several items. We will be hosting the QCWA International Convention the first weekend of October, 1996. There is still need for more volunteers. Bill then noted that the QCWA Chapter 70 2-meter net is still going strong. The NET meets at 2000 hrs each Thursday on repeater VE3TEL. Net Controller is normally Jim Dean, VE3IQ. Bill also drew to our attention that QCWA Chapter 73 hold an HF Net at 0900 hrs. every Sunday morning at a frequency of 3773 Mhz. We have a nominating committee consisting of Doreen Morgan, VE3CGO, and Graham Ide, VE3BYT. No comment from this committee at the present time.

  • Keith Bedal passed along a health report on Bill Deacon, VE3UD, and on Tom Walker, VE3PDJ. Bill is in the Queensway Carleton Hospital suffering from Alzheimers. Tom, who suffered a stroke, is now in the West End Villa. Croft Taylor mentioned that Stan Moir, VE3SM, had become a silent key. Stan had just recently received a 75-year pin and scroll at the QCWA Chapter 73 luncheon in May of this year. Croft also informed us that Art Miligan, W8KW, had recently become a silent key. Art was a past director of the QCWA Board of Directors.

  • "Hoppy" Hopwood said a few words of welcome from RAC. He also expressed his pleasure at being able to attend our meeting, and expressed his thanks for the great work done for RAC by several of our members. Hoppy mentioned the importance of TCA in acting on behalf of all Canadian amateurs.

  • The guest speaker, Mr. Alan Rayburn, was introduced by Jack Tennant. Mr. Rayburn is a geographer with Energy Mines and Resources. He is a regular contributor to the Canadian Geographic Magazine. He has also written a book on Canadian Place Names. His topic was "The Origin of Canadian Place Names". His talk began with a prepared talk on the origin of tele-communication place names such as "Telegraph Creek" and "Signal Hill". He then explained the origin of several place-names submitted by the membership. Mr. Rayburn was graciously thanked for his informative talk by Barbara Everson - the XYL of Carl Everson, VE3BYX.

  • The meeting was reminded of the next QCWA dinner meeting to be held on November 15th, 1995. The November meeting will be election night.

  • Doreen Morgan (VE3CGO) and Graham Ide (VE3BYT) have respectfully submitted the following slate of Chapter 70 officers for the year 1996:-

President  - - - - - - Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ)  . . . . . . . . 1996-1997
Vice-President - - - - Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM) . . . . . . . . 1996-1997
Past-President - - - - Bill Barrie (VE3AAS) . . . . . . . . . 1996-1997
Secr'ty-Treas. - - - - Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) . . . . . . . . . 1996-1997
Director - - - - - - - Douglas Leach (VE3XK)  . . . . . . . . 1996-1997
Director   - - - - - - Jim Dean (VE3IQ) . (to complete term) .    -1996
  • The meeting closed at 2140 hrs.

                           73 de Keith 

    Bill Barrie (VE3AAS)                                      Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) 
    President  256-3233                                       Sect'y-Treas. 828-1870
    P.O. Box 628, Unit #109                                   125 Ridgefield Cr.,
    Almonte, Ont., K0A 1A0                                    Nepean, Ont., K2H-6T4



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