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Minutes of Meeting Sept. 15th, 1993 Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • Following the pre-dinner socializing and an excellent meal President Croft Taylor welcomed the members and their spouses. There were 54 people present. It was moved by Ken Scrivens and seconded by George Schuthe that the minutes of the last Meeting be approved. Croft mentioned that Keith Bedal would be acting as secretary for this evening in the absence of Phil Robinson.

  • Keith then gave a brief financial report stating that as of 30 September 93 the chapter had an actual bank balance of $541.41. Croft mentioned that chapter dues may have to be raised in order to cover the cost of ordering benchmark pins, the cost of which will increase from $10 to $15 US each on 1 OCT 93.

  • Jim Dean, Membership Chairman, introduced new member Ken Holt (VE3VC) and his xyl Birgit. Ken has been licensed since 1952. Jim mentioned that there are some QCWA members living outside the Capital City Area who are members of Chapter 73 in the Toronto Area. Some of these members live closer to Ottawa than Toronto. It should be suggested to these amateurs that it would be to their advantage to become affiliated with a closer chapter. This is in no way to be interpreted as wishing to "steal" members from Chapter 73. Also, there are some local area QCWA members who are not affiliated with ANY Chapter. All of these should be approached re joining Chapter 70. Jim then read out the names of those due for MILESTONE PINS in 1993 and 1994.

  • Croft then mentioned an article in the Hot Line News mentioning an increase in International Dues. This appears to be a major increase and, in addition, the rate quoted does not include the QCWA Journal. We hope that more information on this will be available for the NOV MEETING.

  • Croft mentioned how pleased we were to see Jim Jarvis feeling better and able to attend this meeting. He also mentioned that we were sorry to hear that Phil Robinson was unable to attend owing to a lung infection.

  • Croft expressed our sadness in the passing of Merv Lemke. He welconed Merv's xyl Jean to our meeting. Croft mentioned that a list of Merv's HAM EQUIPMENT will be available at this meeting. Anyone wishing to purchase any of the listed articles may do so by making a donation to this chapter of the QCWA. A token amount of this will be given to Jean Lemke. Merv's TOWER will be given to the BOY SCOUTS. Croft mentioned that six of our members became Silent Keys over last winter. He fervently hopes that this winter will not be a repeat performance!

  • We are expecting that an article about our chapter, complete with photos, will appear in the Fall QCWA Journal. The article produced by Chapter V-P Bill Barrie, re the disposal of an SK's equipment, will be sent to other chapters. Shortly before his sudden passing on Oct.14th Bud Jones (VE3ET) donated a new camera suitable for taking black and white pictures of Chapter 70's activities.

  • Croft mentioned the QCWA Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida this October. He also said that we will be trying to set up a 2-meter net of the local chapter of the QCWA. It was suggested using VE3TEL at 2000 hrs on Thursday. Members will be notified if and when permission is received.

  • THE NOVEMBER MEETING WILL BE ELECTION NIGHT. The Executive normally stands for a two-year term. However, if that were done for 1993-94, four members of the executive would be stepping down at the same time. It was moved by Jim Dean and seconded by Bill Monuk (VE3BBK) that the terms of the Vice-President and the President be extended by one year in order to alleviate this problem.

  • The guest speaker for the evening, Tom Ling (VE3KKO), was introduced by Gord Grant. Tom, 73 years young, was a member of a crew that sailed a 34-foot sloop across the Atlantic. Tom told us of many interesting and dangerous adventures on the cruise. They started out from Halifax with a crew of five and sailed to England and down the canals of France to the Mediterranean. Then back to Halifax (the crew down to 3 by this time) by way of the West Indies. Tom operated the radio station on board as well as acting as cook upon occasion. He made special mention of Paul Cooper (VE3JLQ) who supplied a Best-Frequency computer program and was often Tom's contact in Canada.

  • The meeting was closed somewhat on the late side, with a motion by Jim Dean which was seconded by Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM).

  • FINALLY - THE SPEAKER FOR OUR NOVEMBER 17th MEETING will be John Athey (VE3GS) our resident DX WHIZ, who will finish his talk on catching and QSLing those rare ones (that he started two or three dinners ago!). He will be going over the latest geopolitical changes in Europe and elsewhere - the new nations with their new ham call-signs (and bands, if any). etc.

                       73 de Phil 

Croft Taylor (VE3CT)                            Phil Robinson (VE3CUR)
President  839-3336                             Sect'y-Treas. 821-3287
3 Weatherly Dr.                                 3231 Yorks Corners Road
Kanata, Ont., K2W 1A3                           Kenmore ON K0A 2G0



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