CHAPTER 70

                                NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION

                                OTTAWA ONTARIO CANADA




                                      Draft MINUTES


                            CHAPTER 70 DINNER MEETING

                                          held at


                                  KS ON THE KEYS


 Tuesday, September 17, 2019

                  Socialize from 18:15 hrs. - Dinner at 18:45 hrs.




  1) At 6:45 PM, John Barnhardt, VE3ZOV welcomed Chapter members and

  guests, and introduced the head table members.  


        Executive Members Present:


      John Barnhardt  VE3ZOV  President

        Richard Ferch  VE3KI  Past President 

      Luc Pernot  VE3JGL Vice President

      Norm Rashleigh    VE3LC Secretary

        Bryan Rawlings      VE3QN  Treasurer

      Pat Brewer  VE3KJQ Director

        Gary Spence  VE2GK Director


  There were 20 members & 1 guest attending.  Guest:  Vincent Hyatt / VA3VGH 


  John proceeded to say:



    · A reminder of the weekly 2M Net Monday 7:30 PM on VE3MPC Repeater


        100 Hz Tone


    · Thanks to the Volunteers and Executive for their dedication


    · Thanks to Doug Leach / VE3XK for managing our web page & keeping the




    · Thanks to Pat Brewer for managing our Awards Program


    · Thanks to Bryan Rawlings VE3QN or managing our finances & our


          membership list
    · Thanks to Norm Rashleigh VE3LC for managing our Journal reports to

          QCWA HQ & being our Secretary


    · Thanks to Luc Pernot VE3JGL for being our Vice President and our Club



    · Thanks to Gary Spence VE2GK for managing our Prizes program and;


    · Thanks to this Month’s Speaker- Michael Babineau  VE3WMB.



  2) Minutes of the May 21, 2019 dinner meeting: John VE3ZOV asked for

  approval of the minutes as posted on the Chapter 70 website. Acceptance was

  moved by Marcel Lemay VE3FNG and seconded by Barry Allison VE3NA that

  the minutes be adopted as posted. Carried.



  3) President’s report – Pat Brewer and Bryan Rawlings have accepted to run for

  another 2 year term as Director and Treasurer, respectively and will be confirmed

  by the membership by a motion and vote at the November meeting.  However

  the John will be stepping down as president and we are open for nominations.


  4.) Treasurer’s report by Bryan Rawlings VE3QN is attached to the conclusion of

  these minutes.


  Moved by Ralph Cameron / VE3BBM, seconded by Doug Leach / VE3XK


  5.) Club dissolution document re Bryan Rawlings VE3QN


  6) Illness and SK Report: - Norm Rashleigh / VE3LC advised that Bob Calver,

  VE3UUH passed away suddenly September 8th.  Bob lived in Jasper, ON just

  south east of Smiths Falls and served as Net Control Station of the long running

  “Rubber Boot Net” weekday mornings on repeater VE3MPC.  







  7) After Dinner Speaker:  


  Norm VE3LC introduced Chapter member Michael Babineau  VE3WMB who

  gave a rather unique presentation on a project to design, fabricate, write code

  and launch a small high flying “PICO” balloon payload that will take aloft an

  amateur radio 20 metre HF Weak-Signal-Propagation-Reporter (WSPR) beacon

    transmitter.  Over all, the payload package will weigh about 10 grams and include

  a postage stamp sized circuit board, small solar array power source, and a

  micro-thin-wire and string assembly  as a HF dipole antenna radiator. Michael

  hopes the package will circumnavigate the world may times.  It should be a thrill

  to track the balloon flight using the WSPRnet.org network of amateur radio

  listening and reporting stations.
  At the conclusion of Michael’s presentation, kind words of thanks were given by

  Bryan VE3QN.




  8) Door Prizes and 50-50 draw.


  The Door Prizes were presented by Gary Spence / VE2GK.


    1.) Marcel Lemay / VE3FNG


    2.) Luc Pernot / VE3JGL


    3.) Gary Hyatt / VA3VGH




  The 50/50 prize was won by Doug Leach / VE3XK -- $34.50




  9) Next meeting:  


  Before closing, John Barnhardt / VE3ZOV announced that the Annual General

  Meeting will be held on Tuesday November 19 at KS on the Keys.  The Chapter

  executive will be putting forward a slate of nominees to continue the running of

  the Chapter.


  The speaker will be our own Richard Ferch VE3KI on the subject of operating

  FT8 using the WSJT-X software.



  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.




  Minutes prepared by:


  Norm Rashleigh


  Chapter 70 Secretary






  Bryan’s Chapter 70 financial report to follow:
















        Quarter Century Wireless Association, Chapter 70


              Treasurer’s Report for 11  September 2019





  Chequing Account (BMO) as at 11/09/2019   $  3888.43



  Cash         $     209.40


  Less Accounts Payable             $     0.00 


     Total     $  4097.83





  Revenues ( 1/1/2019 to 11/9/2019)       $ 406.00


  Expenses ( 1/1/2019 to 11/9/2019)       $ 1321.14






   The Chapter 70 membership list shows 65 members of which 35 have


  paid membership dues to the end of 2019 or later.



  Respectfully submitted,










  Bryan Rawlings  VE3QN



  13 September 2019