Held at

The Carlingwood

Tuesday September 17, 2013


Socialize 6:15 PM

 Dinner Orders at 6:45 PM



1)                          At 6:30 PM, President David Conn welcomed 39 Chapter members and guests, and introduced the head table.


2)                          Present:

David Conn                                           VE3KL           President

Richard Ferch                                       VE3KI             Vice President

Bob MacKenzie                                   VA3RKM        Past President

Barry Allison                                         VE3NJK         Director

John Barnhardt                                     VE3ZOV        Director

Dick Bonnycastle                                 VE3FUA        Treasurer

Norm Rashleigh                                   VE3LC           Secretary



Guests: Jean Sarrazin, VE3ZJS and Sharon, daughter of Ernie Brown           


Also introduced was David Coutts, VE3KLX who is a new

member of the Chapter                   


3)                 Minutes of the May 2013 dinner meeting:  Dave VE3KL, asked for approval of the minutes as posted on the Chapter 70 website.


               Moved by Dick Bonnycastle, VE3FUA and seconded by Norm Rashleigh VE3LC, that the minutes be adopted as posted. Carried.


            4)         President’s Message: Dave, VE3KL.  

Dave announced that Ernie Brown, VA3OEB, is moving to southern Ontario to be closer to his family. He has been a QCWA member since 1997 and has contributed to the club immensely through presentations:

 Radio Waves Across the North: QCWA May 2007 and Merchant Navy Sparks.  Dave presented Ernie with a going away present (a book) which was signed by the QCWA members.    Dave also mentioned that today was Ernie’s birthday, 93 years young.

Dave reported on the success of the August picnic at the Rideau River provincial park. Twenty one people attended and there were several portable radio stations set up. Ying Hum, VE3YH took pictures of the event and sent them to Doug Leach for posting on our Web site.  Please look at them under Chapter 70 History/Event Photos at the bottom of the page.

Dave recommended that this become an annual event and that we invite non members to attend.

Dave congratulated Rich for winning the ARRL Triple Play award (WAS: RTTY, CW and PH) 


5)          Secretary’s Report:  Norm Rashleigh reported on interaction with QCWA inc. and recommended that all members should send their email address to them.  All communications is now through electronic medium.  Norm also notified the group about Industry Canada Consultation Notice SMSE-004-13 about new band proposals and recommended that QCWA Chapter 70 respond by sending a short letter of approval to Industry Canada.  Norm also advised he has provided Journal reports following meetings and other events.  Look for the Journal report on the Picnic event in the October edition of the Journal.

Moved by Richard Ferch, VE3KI  and seconded by John Barnhardt, VE3ZOV that the Secretary’s report be approved.  Carried


6)            Treasurer’s report: presented by Dick Bonnycastle VE3FUA

               This report covers the period February to September, 2013

Income                      $1827.15

Expenses                 $1276,70

Net Change              $550.45

Cash on Hand          $3629.40


Moved by Dick VE3FUA and seconded by Bob Mackenzie that the Treasurer’s report be approved.  Carried


7)                        Illness and SK Report: - Richard Ferch VE3KI, reported there was nothing to report, all members seemed to be alive and well.


8)                        Bob, VA3RKM reported on the proposed changes to the executive starting in January 2014 and invited nominations from the club for any of the positions. The executive is proposing the following changes:


*   Barry has volunteered to take over the treasurer position

*   Rich has accepted to be the new president

*   Dave will be the past president

*   John will assume the data base duties from Barry.

*   Bob and Dick will step down from the executive.

*   We are still looking for an additional director and vice-president.


         9)            After Dinner Speaker:  Dave Goodwin, VE3AAQ. Amateur Radio Experiences in China and the Pacific. Introduced by Barry Allison and thanked by Dave Conn.


         10)           Door prizes and 50-50 draw: Dave VE3KL, assisted by Dave Goodwin, VE3AAQ, conducted the selection of winning tickets for the door prizes and 50/50 draw.  The winner of the 50/50 draw was John Barnhardt, VE3ZOV.


Next meeting: - Before closing, Dave, VE3KL announced that the next meeting will be held Tuesday November 19. Venue to be announced.

Our Guest speaker will be Clayton Smith, VE3IRR, who will talk about Software Defined Radios.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.


Minutes submitted by:


Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC

Secretary, Chapter 70