of the

Chapter 70 dinner Meeting

held at

Robbie’s Spaghetti House

Sept 16th 2008



At 6:47 PM, the chair welcomed a total of 40 members and guests and introduced the head table. In the absence of President Dave Parks VE3AV, who was unable to attend, the dinner meeting was chaired by Vice President Dave Conn VE3KL.


Head Table:   The following Executive were present for the dinner

Vice-President Dave Conn VE3KL

Director Doug Leach VE3XK

Director Richard Ferch VE3IAY/VE3KI

Treasurer Bryan Rawlings VE3QN

Secretary Ken Pulfer VE3PU

Guest speaker for the evening, was Al Penny VO1NO


Report on the QCWA Election Results:

The Chair opened the meeting by congratulating Joan Powell VE3ZC on her recent election to the Board of Directors of QCWA and invited her to make comments on her new responsibilities.

Joan thanked members for supporting her in the election, and briefly commented on the fact that we are fortunate in Ottawa to have many members participating in important amateur radio activities including many of the RAC executive.

She undertook to keep members up to date on developments at headquarters and reminded everyone of the upcoming QCWA Convention to be held October 3rd to 5th in Virginia Beach VA, as well as of the QSO Party to take place on the weekend of September 20th.


Minutes of the May 20th dinner meeting:

Ken Pulfer VE3PU asked for approval of the minutes of the May 2008 dinner meeting.

Moved by Ken, and seconded by Croft Taylor VE3CT that the minutes be approved as posted on the web site. Carried.




Secretary’s Report:  

Ken then reported on correspondence, including the preparation of a report on the February and May meetings which was sent to Headquarters for inclusion in the QCWA Journal.

He also reported that he had mailed sympathy cards on behalf of the members of Chapter 70 to the families of Ken Perrins VE3DWR  SK and Don Raymond VE3DRO SK.


Treasurer’s report:

Bryan Rawlings VE3QN presented his Treasurers Report, quoting a bank balance of $1431 of which $393 had been raised from the sale of items from the VE3FAI estate.

Those funds have been recommended to the Board for a contribution to an amateur radio charity. He also noted that $420 of the balance was accrued membership dues for 2009 and 2010, and expectations of membership revenues in those years have to take that into account.


Web Site:

Doug VE3XK reported that he had added a new feature to the Chapter 70 web site.

Some members have personal web sites containing information about their amateur radio activities. For those of which he is aware, Doug has added links from the Chapter 70 site. The chair encouraged members to make use of the information posted on the web site, and thanked Doug for maintaining it.


Illness and SK Report: 

Richard VE3KI reported that former Chapter 70 member “Wiggy” Wigglesworth VE1US has recently become a Silent Key. He noted that “Wiggy” was a Member of the Order of Canada.

Rich also reported on the status of members Ken Scrivens VE3LJ and Ken Willing VE3CV, both of whom have had health problems but are now doing better.


Other news:

The chair announced that a birthday card was being circulated for Chapter 70 member George AdamsonVE3XS who will be 98 on October 2nd.  He also mentioned that another member Bill Barrie VE3AAS has recently turned 90.


After Dinner Presentation: 

The guest speaker for the evening, Al Penney VO1NO, was introduced by Doug VE3XK.

Al spoke on the topic of low frequency receiving antennas.

He described the differences between optimal receiving and transmitting antennas, and gave a number of examples of relatively small receiving antennas which work well at 160 metres, including different shapes and configurations of receiving loops such as the K9AY as well as long wires such as the Beverage. 

At the conclusion of his talk, Al was thanked by Dave Conn VE3KL.


Door prizes and 50-50 draw:

Doug, VE3XK, conducted the selection of winning tickets for the door prizes and the 50-50 draw. Doug reminded members that funds for door prizes and the draw did not come from membership dues, but rather from tickets sold for the draw.

The winner of the 50-50 draw was Frances MacKenzie-Roach VE3HKG


Final Remarks:

Before closing the meeting the chair announced that the next dinner meeting will be held on Tuesday evening, November 18th, 2008.


The meeting adjourned at 9:26 pm.