of the


held at



6:45 pm – 9:45 pm


1. Welcome

Chapter 70 Vice President Gus Holtz, VE3VK, chairing the evening proceedings welcomed 40 members and 6 guests to the dinner meeting. Also present were executive board members: Director Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE; Director Doug Leach, VE3XK; Director Bob MacKenzie, VA3RKM; Treasurer, Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN and Secretary, Tom Bartello, VE3ELM.


2. Secretary’s Report:  As reported by Tom:

      A)  Minutes of the 15 May 2007 Dinner Meeting

Tom, VE3ELM, reported that the minutes as posted on the Chapter web site (www.qcwa70.org) had no further comments from the membership and, as such, are now considered complete. Tom moved that the minutes be approved, seconded by Jim Dean, VE3IQ.  Motion carried.

      B) Correspondence.  :

Sent: 1. Chapter 70’s July 1 QCWA Journal Report for Fall 2007 publication (issued by the acting secretary, Bob Mackenzie, VA3RKM) forwarded to the QCWA General Manager.

2. Six QCWA year pins and covering letters mailed to recipients absent from the 15 May dinner meeting.

Received:  Nil

      C) Chapter 70 Table at the Carp, Ontario Hamfest/Fleamarket: 1 September

During the flea market the chapter; sold 21 Chapter mugs, received applications for membership renewals, distributed FISTS 60-60 award log sheets, had a free draw of N3FJP’s Contact Log & Contest software (won by VA3LP) and gave away 10 copies of the K7QO code course. By all accounts, having a Chapter 70 table at the Hamfest was very successful.


3. Announcements

Jim Dean, VE3IQ reported on the Chapter Net: the net will now move from Thursday evenings to Monday evenings at 7:30pm commencing on September 24. Also, the net will be returning to repeater VE3TEL on 147.030 MHZ (-). It was felt that having the net on the same day as the Thursday morning breakfast(s) reduced net participation on the same evening therefore this move is meant to increase net participation.



Director Bob Mackenzie, VA3RKM reported on FISTS: if any chapter 70 member(s) wanted to participate in the FISTS upcoming coast-to-coast morse code contest, 29 September, using the Chapter call sign, VE3QCW, they should contact Bob so that a schedule could be set up and times arranged with the Trustee of the call sign (Jim Dean, VE3IQ). This is a way to promote the Chapter call sign.

Director Doug Leach, VE3XK, reported on the Chapter web site: with the exception of one presentation all other previous presentations are available for reading from the web site; the membership listing will be up to date with the new members listed as of 19 September. In addition, the web site shows all previous members from the beginning. Doug requested that if anyone had suggestions for additions and/or corrections to the web site to please get in touch with him.

Gus thanked Doug for his work in producing the new web site with many members voicing their agreement.


4. Silent Keys (SKs) and Illness Report.

As reported by Director Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE: Clay Hiltz, VE3TL and Gord Curling, VE3KKL were reported as being ill. Marg noted that Bob Knapp, VE3CDG, previously reported as ill, was in attendance for the dinner.

(Secretary’s note: also reported by Ralph Cameron, VE3BBM members or former members being ill: Jack Tennant, VE4AHZ and Bill Marsh, VE3SB.)


5. Executive Board Nomination Committee.

In accordance with the Chapter Constitution, Past President Joe Parkinson, VE3JG was selected as the Nominating Committee to search out candidates to fill the position(s) of those executive members whose term of office expires 31 Dec 2007 (see Chapter 70 Minutes dated 21 Nov 2006, item no. 9). Election(s) will take place at the Annual General Meeting to be held on 20 November 2007.


6. Presentations

Director Doug Leach, VE3XK presented the following QCWA Spring 2007 QSO Party Certificate of Achievement awards:

a)     Highest Canadian CW/Digital Score: Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB (absent)

b)     Highest Canadian Phone Category: Frances Mackenzie-Roach, VE3HKG

c)     Highest Canadian Mixed CW/Phone Category, George Roach, VE3BNO

Doug noted that this was the first time that three (3) of a chapter’s members have won ‘Highest Scores’ in separate categories in a single QSO party. This is a first for QCWA.


7. Guest Speaker.

Bob MacKenzie, VA3RKM, guest speaker for the evening spoke on the current state of kit-building, using Elecraft products as examples. Having consciously assumed the mantle of Heathkit, Elecraft has designed a line of transceivers and accessories that represent both good value and high performance.

Bob's guest Martin Gillen, VA3SIE, showed off his tiny KX1 QRP rig (ultra portable cw transceiver) and spoke of the occasions he used it for operating pedestrian mobile and on camping trips. Bob’s other guest, Mike Babineau, VE3WMB, talked about his K1 (four band cw transceiver) and its strong performance on CW as well as its low current drain on receive.

Bob discussed the modestly priced K2 (classic hf transceiver kit), noting that in ARRL lab testing its receiver rated among the very best of transceivers at any price. He then explained how its design accomplished this feat. Its designer made a number trade-offs to ensure that it achieved high performance and low cost, such as it being a ham-bands-only rig and his clever use of a minimum number of components and circuits to reduce receiver-generated noise. In terms of its construction, the K2 was fairly straightforward to build, using standard-sized through-the-hole parts and not surface-mount components, having a comprehensive assembly manual and factory and on-line technical support, and featuring built-in test equipment and alignment procedures.

Bob also touched on the future of kit building in the new K3 (latest hf/6M all mode transceiver), which is a no-solder kit relying on plug-in surface-mount modules. Bob’s guests demonstrated various other manufacturers' QRP kits and some portable antennas to interested members after the talk.

Director Doug Leach, VE3XK thanked Bob and his guests Mike and Martin for a most interesting and informative talk.


8. Adjournment

Prior to concluding the evening, the draw(s) for the door prizes and the 50/50 draw were conducted with several lucky winners taking home the various prizes.

At the conclusion of the draws, a motion was made by Bob Zieman, VE3ATN to close the meeting.

Vice President Gus Holtz, VE3VK, adjourned the meeting at 9:45 pm.


Notice of the next Dinner Meeting – 20 November 2007