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Minutes of the Meeting of September 21st, 2004

Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant
  • With 39 members, and 16 guests in attendance, Gus Holtz, VE3VK welcomed all to this spouses' dinner. He introduced the head table which included Treasurer Keith Bedal VE3GFI; Director Doug Leach VE3XK; Secretary Clare Fowler VE3NPC, and our speaker Ian Martin, VE3PSK and his wife Nancy,VA3NAN. Gus welcomed new member Cary Honeywell VE3EV and Frank Stratton VE3YY (absent).


  • The QCWA International Convention is being held in Ottawa on Oct. 15-17th. Marg VE3EQE and Don VE3NJH, Heaslip are now taking registrations.
  • QCWA HQ retiring President Croft Taylor VE3CT and retiring Director George Roach VE3BNO were given a vote of thanks for all their work on our behalf.
  • Croft Taylor VE3CT reported that Gerry Wentz, who was the QCWA Journal editor, had become a silent key this past week. This will delay the publishing of the next Journal, which will now be done on a temporary basis, by the General Manager.
  • George Roach VE3BNO recalled that about a year ago QCWA CH70 members voted to host, in Ottawa, the 2004 QCWA International Convention. The members of the hard working committee are - Ralph Cameron, Clare Fowler, Don and Marg Heaslip, Ed and Doreen Morgan, Keith Bedal, Joan Powell, Ernie Brown, Brian Jeffrey, and Dave Parks. As well, Croft Taylor and Gus Holtz sit in on meetings. So far 22 members of Chapter 70 have registered. We are up to 95 registered and a large number of them are Americans. For $20 any radio amateur can register for two days of forums and get free coffee at the breaks. George also noted that Chapter 70 has had a member on the QCWA board for the past 14 years.
  • We are always on the lookout for new members. If you know of anyone who might be interested have them contact Keith Bedal, VE3GFI.


  • Chapter 70 has made two $100 donations to the QCWA Scholarship fund. One in memory of Chapter 70 members who have become SK's in the past year and the other specifically in memory of Gerry King, VE3GK
  • Silent Keys are Chapter 70 member Bill Rieveley VA3AWJ. Also, QCWA HQ silent keys are General Manger Jim Walsh, W7LVN; Journal Editor Gerry Wentz, KC4EHT; and Leland Smith, W5KL, a past president of QCWA .<
  • On the sick list are Elizabeth Taylor, wife of Croft VE3CT; Bill Wilson VE3NR and Jim Swail, VE3KF.
  • Doug Leach, VE3XK, with assistance of Croft Taylor, VE3CT, awarded a 70 year pin and certificate to Claude Bailey, VE1HU, which in his absence was accepted by his daughter Joan Powell, VE3ZC. 70 year pins and certificates were also awarded to Bill Barrie, VE3AAS; Barc Dowden, VE3TT; and Gord Grant, VE3DY (absent). 55 year pins and certificates were presented to Clare Fowler, VE3NPC; Gus Holtz, VE3VK; Bob Knapp, VE3CDG (absent) and Ken Pulfer, VE3PU (absent).A 50 year pin was presented to Ken Willing VE3CV, and 40 year pins to John Barnhardt, VE3ZOV, and Dick Bonnycastle, VE3FUA. A Century Certificate will also be given, on another occasion, to Bob Knapp, VE3CDG (who was absent).
  • Guest Speaker:

  • Don Heaslip, VE3NJH, introduced Ian Martin, VE3PSK our Guest speaker and his wife Nan VA3NAN. Don has gotten to know Ian by having coffee with him every Friday morning at Tim Hortons. Ian worked for the city of Ottawa and lots of people on the radio have gotten directions from Ian who knows the city inside out. When informed that they just got directions from a blind man they are astounded. He first had sight problems in 1979 and by 1983 had a total lack of vision. In 1984 he got his first guide dog and also got his amateur radio license. He has been supported, over the years, by his wife Nan. Ian has been a househusband and raised two children.
  • Did you know that a very unique relationship exists between a guide dog and his owner? Did you know that a guide dog understands a vocabulary of up to two hundred and fifty words, that it can find elevators, stairs and doors, and that you should just ignore the dog so as not to distract it from its guiding work. As a blind amateur Ian told us how he has relied on guide dogs for the past twenty years. His current guide dog Wazey, is a five years old female black labrador. When eight weeks old the pup is placed into a family setting where it becomes exposed to streets, parks, malls and restaurants etc. The dog then goes to the guide dog center where it is trained for four or five months. Blind student and dog then train together at the center for four weeks. Then the real work begins at home for from three months to a year before a good relationship is built up with the dog. Each dog is different with different personalities which makes it easier when you have to retire the dog when it is ten or eleven years old.
  • Gus, VE3VK, thanked Ian for his very interesting and informative talk.
Gus Holtz  (VE3VK)                                                                 Clare Fowler (VE3NPC) 
Vice-President  829-5859         WebPage -            Secretary. 730-1081 
1205-1100 Ambleside Dr.                                                            16 Fairbairn St.
Ottawa, Ont., K2B 8G6         VE3QCW on Thursday. 2000 hrs 147.03 (VE3TEL)         Ottawa, Ont., K1S 1T3 
  Thursdays at 0900 hrs - Breakfast Embassy West Motor Hotel - Consulate Cafe 


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