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Minutes of the Meeting of Sept. 16th, 2003

  • With 57 members, spouses and guests in attendance, Gerry King VE3GK, welcomed all. He introduced the head table which included Past President Jim Dean VE3IQ, and his wife Sandra, Treasurer Keith Bedal VE3GFI, Vice President Gus Holtz VE3VK, Director Doug Leach VE3XK, Secretary Clare Fowler VE3NPC, and our speaker Roy John and his wife Stephanie. Gerry also introduced QCWA International President Croft Taylor VE3CT, and QCWA Director and also Chapter 70 Director George Roach VE3BNO.
  • A round of applause was given by the amateurs to the spouses, "who let us do what we do".
  • Croft VE3CT introduced new Chapter 70 and QCWA member David Conn VE3KL. David became interested in amateur radio in 1952. He taught electrical engineering at McMaster University and retired three years ago when he moved back to Ottawa.


  • Gerry VE3GK announced that the next meeting November 18 will be our Annual General Meeting. At the meeting we will accept membership renewals for 2004. The fees will remain at $15.00.
  • George VE3BNO reported that this year's convention is in Dallas Texas on Oct. 17-19th. George, his wife Francis and Croft will be going. In 2004 the QCWA convention will be held here in Ottawa. The date in Oct could be Thanksgiving weekend or the week after.
  • Silent keys are John McGrail VE3NQ, "Doc" Plummer VE3MA and "Tommy" Hays VE3ABC.
  • We welcomed back after her surgery, Doreen Morgan VE3CGO.
  • Keith VE3GFI is to be thanked again for doing such a good job on the Web Site at where a copy of the Chapter 70 Constitution may be found, along with much other useful information.


  • Motion to approve the Minutes of the May 20, 2003 meeting was made by Al Oldfield VE3ANO. Seconded by Ken Scrivens VE3LJ. Carried.
  • New member pins, Year pins, Gold Certificates and Century Certificates were presented by QCWA President Croft Taylor VE3CT and QCWA Director George Roach VE3BNO.
  • Receiving new member pins were Brian Jeffrey VE3UU (absent), Ed Pugh VA3PU, and George Morgan VE3GM. Receiving a 40 year pin was Rick Bandla VE3CVG. Receiving 50 year pins and certificates were Jim Dean VE3IQ, and Bob Zieman VA3ATN. Receiving 55 year pins and certificates were Ernie Brown VA3OEB, Ken Perrins VE3DWR, Ed Fuchs VE3XTU, Bill Rothwell VE3FGW, Jack Tennant VE3AHZ, Ray Wilson VE9WI (absent) and A.F. Wigglesworth VE1US (absent). Receiving 65 year pins were Fred Green VE3IO (absent), Ed Morgan VE3GX, Al Oldfield VE3ANO, Eli Desson VE3PI (absent), and Bill Marsh VE3SB (absent). A 70 year pin and certificate for "Doc" Plummer VE3MA, who passed away, was accepted on behalf of the family by Ralph Cameron VE3BBM. Century Certificates were received by Doreen Morgan VE3CGO, Ralph Cameron VE3BBM, and Bob Knapp VE3CDG (absent).

    Financial Report

         Bank Balance as of May 16th, 2003                 $1432.51
         Receipts                                          $  45.23
         Expenditures                                      $ 223.66
         Bank Balance as of September 16th, 2003           $1254.08 

    Guest Speaker

  • Roy John, our Guest Speaker, was introduced by Jim Dean VE3IQ. Roy has over thirty years experience in government and industry. He took his original degree in Industrial Chemistry in England, and Business Administration at the University of Western Ontario. He has worked as an environmental manager dealing with environmental, social, economic, development and human impacts. Roy's experience covers industries such as mining, metal refining, oil refining, airports, road corridors, pulp and paper, chemical production facilities and the nuclear fuel cycle. He taught courses in auditing and hazardous materials management. As an avid naturalist he has viewed and photographed wildlife in Europe, North and South America, the Arctic and Antarctic.
  • While not directly radio related, Roy, with beautiful photographic slides, traced the route in reverse followed by famous explorer Ernest Shakleton in his fateful expedition to the Antarctic Ocean. Roy took us along with him on his ocean voyage. It started from Ushuaia, on the tip of South America, then on to Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, on past Shag Rocks to South Georgia, then to the South Orkney Islands, on to Elephant Island and then down to the South Shetland Islands, and finally to Deception Island and back to Ushuaia.
  • We saw pictures of albatross, some with an eleven foot wing span, fur seals, elephant seals, giant petrels, kelp geese, dolphins, gulls, steamer ducks and large numbers of different kinds of penguins. Roy recounted how Shakleton, in his ship Discovery, went from South Georgia into the Weddell Sea and got stuck in the ice for a year before the ship broke up and they were left stranded on the ice. They made their way very slowly across the ice and then took a couple of open boats and went across the sea in a few days to Elephant Island, which was the only place they could find to land. Having no radios, they had to get a message through to civilization. Shakleton and half a dozen men went in an open vessel all the way across eight hundred miles of open sea to South Georgia in fourteen days in winter. They navigated that distanace with two sun sights. They landed in King George's Bay and at that point the boat fell apart. Shakleton and three of his men climbed over the top of South Georgia in twenty-four hours to the whaling station at Stromness Bay. No one since has been able to do it in less than three days.
  • All the men were finally rescued and safely returned to England.

  • Gus VE3VK thanked Roy for his presentation.

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