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Minutes of Meeting Sept.19th, 2000 Green Valley Restaurant

  • With 66 in attendance, President Jim Dean VE3IQ welcomed members, spouses and friends. Frances Cartwright VA3FEC and Beth Ginn (a friend of Keith, VE3GFI) were noted as guests. New member Eric Ilott VE3XE was warmly received by the group.
    The serving routine at the Green Valley was explained by Jim.


  • There are a few members (6) who are likely unaware that their membership dues have, as yet, not been paid for the year 2000. We count on these for the operation of Chapter 70.

  • Herb Morrison VE3HMF is on our sick list. We hope that Herb and any other of our members who may be feeling poorly, will shortly find improvement.

  • Although not a member of our club, Frank Salter VE3FRS, well known among RAC membership, has become a silent key.

  • We are the best recruiters for our chapter. Inform your Amateur friends about Chapter 70. Bring them along to a meeting!

  • Information is available on the web site. Keith Bedal VE3GFI does a fantastic job. Our minutes of meetings are posted and those of you not receiving minutes by mail should make a point of reading them on Chapter 70's web site -
    (Nov. Notice of Annual General Meeting will be mailed to all members.)

  • Our past director, Alan Hiles VE3EEC and his wife Irene are now settled in Calgary. His new call is VA6AL. He asked that his good wishes be conveyed to all members of Chapter 70.

  • International Director George Roach VE3BNO reported on the QSO Party which took place on Sept. 17th. Send in your logs no matter how few or how many stations you worked.

  • The QCWA International Convention taking place in Toronto on October 13. 14 and 15th was promoted by George VE3BNO. Chapter 70 member Gerry King VE3GK will be among the programs' speakers. The Fred Hammond Museum of Radio and the Warplane Museum are popular on the tour program. Hope all those who can will drop in for all or part of the convention!

  • Doug Leach VE3XK informed the membership that as of January 2001, a pin with the member's call sign will be issued to each new member by the club. Following that procedure, the next issued pin by Chapter 70 will be on the 40th year. The 50th, 55 60, 65, and 70th year pins will then be presented. Pins at any time can be ordered by members of QCWA Inc. in Oregon. This procedure is being introduced as a money saving mission. This year's pins will be awarded at the QCWA Convention. Any not attending will receive their pins at the November meeting.

  • Jim VE3IQ also announced the forthcoming executive elections taking place at the Annual General Meeting held in November. A search for candidates will soon be underway. Remember it's your club, your executive - you could enjoy playing a part!

  • The next Annual General Meeting is to be held on November 21st or 22nd, 2000.


  • A thank you was offered to Joan Powell VE3ZC for her effort in arranging this evening.
    Motion to approve the Minutes of the May 17, 2000 General Meeting as written, was made by George Roach VE3BNO, seconded by Ernie Brown VA3OEB. Carried.

    A Treasurer's Report was presented by Joan Powell VE3ZC.

         Bank Balance on May 17th, 2000                $1454.14
         Receipts                                        199.25
         Expenditures                                    200.02
         Bank Balance on Sept. 19th, 2000              $1453.37
    Motion of acceptance was made by Joan VE3ZC and seconded by 
    Graham Ide VE3BYT.  Carried.

  • A motion carried at the executive meeting to amend the Constitution was read by Joan VE3ZC

Motion: to propose amendments to Chapter 70 Constitution, concerning (1) paragraph A-section 3; (2) paragraph C - section 3; (3) paragraph D - section 3; (4) paragraph E - section 3; and additional (5) paragraph F - section 3.
 (1) Officers - A. "The officers of the Chapter shall be, Past President,
     President,  Vice-President,  Secretary, Treasurer and two or more Directors. 
     The officers shall constitute the Executive Board.  The board members shall
     normally be elected for a two year term by the eligible voting members. 
     Every effort will be made to ensure that approximately half of the board
     members retire each year."
 (2) Officers - C. "The Secretary shall keep minutes of meetings, other records,
     attend to official correspondence with QCWA Headquarters office, send 
     Chapter notices, etc."
 (3) Officers - D.  "The Treasurer shall have custody of the Chapter funds,
     keep accurate books of accounts, records of the Chapter membership,
     pay all bills and ordinary expenses.  The Executive Board may 
     authorize additional expenses." 
 (4) Officers - E.  The original "D" now becomes E.
 (5) Officers - F.  The original "E" now becomes F.
Motion of acceptance was made by Croft Taylor VE3CT , seconded by John Barnhardt VE3ZOV .

Guest Speaker

  • Bill Beaton ex VE3DQP was introduced by Ralph Cameron VE3BBM . Bill is from a small town east of Saskatoon. At the age of 17 he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force. As an electrician he worked on many of the building installations on the west coast. Since 1951 he has held such calls as VE3EMZ, VE4BG and VE3DQP. He is an avid collector.
  • Noting that many of our members looked familiar to him , Bill Beaton continued on to entertain us, causing much laughter to originate from his audience of Chapter 70's members and friends!
  • Radio communication/reception and radios themselves sure have changed throughout the years. Bill with his own interesting interpretation of events took us through the early years of radio with its earphone listening ability; its battery operation; its required licence and the inspectors to enforce that licence; the actions of listeners to particular programs; tricks played by some prairie farmers - like hooking up to a wire fence -; and the building of those large radio sets in the 1920's right up to today's tiniest radios. Indeed many changes have been made since those early years of radio!
  • Along with many radio memorabilia items brought along by Bill, Barc Dowden VE3TT had a CGE 1924 radio having a horn speaker - a real antique - which he set up to demonstrate. It worked!
  • Bob Zieman VE3ATN indicated our pleasure at having Bob Beaton speak to our group. We enjoyed the glimpse of Canadian Radio; the Early Days!

  • Motion for adjournment was made by Gus Holtz VE3VK. Carried.
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