National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada



Minutes of Meeting Nov. 18th, 1998 Carlingwood Restaurant

  • With 33 in attendance, Vice-President Ralph Cameron VE3BBM welcomed members and guests, Duncan SchutheVE3GXU and Frances Roach VE3HKG. Bill Rothwell VE3FGW was welcomed as a new member.

  • After the dinner orders were taken, Joan Powell VE3ZC reminded everyone that the 1999 dues for Chapter 70 were now being accepted. This is an annual occurrence not to be confused with the HQ (International QCWA Inc.) membership which is either a sum for three years or a lifetime. The HQ membership results in a QCWA number being given.

  • Ralph VE3BBM reminded us that a few of our members were "under the weather". Carl Everson VE3BYX being in the hospital yesterday may be at home today. Fred Hammond VE3HC(a member of Chapter 73) although still paralyzed on the left side is becoming a bit bored. Director Keith Bedal VE3GFI mentioned that Herb Morrison VE3HMF is feeling less pain but is in a wheelchair. However his wife had a stroke and is currently in the hospital. According to Keith, Bill Bushell VE3DXY says that he is basically incapacitated and that apparently nothing can be done for him, and that George Collins VE3FJO is having a problem with angina attacks. Ralph told us that Jerry Dillon VE3AVI had a hip replacement and is certainly sounding chipper after such an ordeal - and is rather concerned about the "rod" in his leg being possibly resonant on 2 meters! Al Oldfield VE3ANO also is not feeling up to par.

  • George Roach VE3BNO informed us about Frank Bedard VE2MX becoming a silent key. He had been involved in the earlier days of repeaters here in Ottawa.

  • Introducing other potential QCWA members to our chapter by bringing them along to a dinner meeting is a good method of recruiting. Ralph VE3BBM said that our membership had increased during the past year.

  • Our website on the internet is the result of Keith VE3GFI's efforts. The latest addition is the links to other clubs and in return for providing these, Keith will request that each such club provide a link to Chapter 70.

  • The Convention in Palm Desert was a success with 170 in attendance. International Director George Roach VE3BNO claimed the high spot for him was the operation of a Kachina transceiver! He gave a brief outline of the Board of Directors' meeting. QCWA Inc. have about 8700 outgoing Journals. (approximately 10,000 members currently). The convention next year takes place in St. Louis Missouri followed by Toronto in the year 2000. A QCWA T-shirt along with a brochure showing the T-shirt at US $13.00 for sizes SM to XL, and US $15.00 for sizes XXL to XXXL; as well as a golf shirt at US $20.00 for sizes SM to XL and US $23.00 for sizes XXL to XXXL were passed around. Both are available through HQ. There is a financial saving in ordering more than one shirt delivered to a single address. For further information contact Keith Bedal VE3GFI at 828-1870.

  • Motion of acceptance of the Minutes of September 16, 1998 meeting was moved by Bill Barrie VE3AAS, seconded by Eli Desson VE3PI. Carried.

  • A Treasurer's Report was presented by Joan Powell VE3ZC
                  Bank Balance September 16, 1998          $1126.27
                  Receipts                                    35.97
                  Expenditures                               143.42
                  Bank Balance  November 18, 1998          $1018.82 
    Motion to accept the Treasurer's report was made by Joan VE3ZC and seconded by Gerry King VE3GK. Carried.
  • The Treasurer also brought to the attention of the Members that the projected statement of cash flow for 1999 shows receivables versus payables around $150 short. In regard to the year 2000, the membership fee and the cash flow will be studied more closely.

  • A QCWA International Life Membership certificate was presented to George Adamson VE3XS by Vice-President Ralph VE3BBM. His 65 year pin will be forthcoming.

  • Fred Green VE3IO received his 60 year pin.

  • "Wiggie" Wigglesworth VE1US was mailed his 50 year pin along with a letter of congratulations.

  • Ron Archer VA3RA now has his 30 year pin.

  • Not available for presentation were Bill Marsh and John Morgan for 65 year pins; Ken Curry, Al Oldfield for 60 year pins; others being Bill Bushell and John Gilbert.

  • Motion for Amendments to our Constitution was tabled (as listed in the Notice of Meeting) - moved by Doug Leach VE3XK and seconded by Keith Bedal VE3GFI at the Executive meeting - and was followed by some discussion tonight. Bill Barrie VE3AAS indicated that comments re having a Canadian "QCWA" had been circulating and may be further looked into in the future. George VE3BNO commented that the numbers, even in combination, are small. Carried.

    The Constitution now reading -

        * Membership section 2 - paragraph C
    Only members in good standing in the Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc. shall be eligible as voting members in the National Capital Chapter 70.
        * Officers section 3 - Paragraph A
    The officers of the Chapter shall be, Past President, President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and two Board members. The officers shall constitute the Executive Board. The Board members shall normally be elected for a two year term by the eligible voting members. Every effort will be made to ensure that approximately half of the Board members retire each year.

  • With only one vacancy on this year's Executive and that being Director, it was noted that Doug Leach VE3XK is willing to stand for the position.

    Motion made by Doreen Morgan VE3CGO that the executive of QCWA Chapter 70 for 1999 be President - Jim Dean VE3IQ; Vice-President - Ralph Cameron VE3BBM; Past-President - Jack Tennant VE3AHZ ; Secretary-Treasurer - Joan Powell VE3ZC; Director Keith Bedal VE3GFI; Director Doug Leach VE3XK. Seconded by Bill Monuk VE3BDK. Carried.

  • Our guest Speaker David Goodwin VE2ZP showed some of the more sophisticated ways, due to the computerized revolution, of operating in contests. Several contests were listed and explained with the favourites being noted. By the interest shown in discussion at the conclusion of Dave's talk, it was deemed to be a very successful evening. Keith VE3GFI thanked our enthusiastic Guest Speaker.

  • Remember the QCWA Inc. net at 3 PM Sundays on 14.348 and Wednesdays at 8 PM on 3.535.

  • Motion for adjournment by Bill Monuk VE3BDK - seconded by John Athey VE3GS. Carried.

    Jim Dean (VE3IQ)                                                        Joan Powell (VE3ZC)
    President  733-5585      WebPage -         Sect'y-Treas. 825-4543
    1134 Plante Drive                                                       3112 Woodroffe Ave.,
    Ottawa, Ont., K1V 9E8    VE3QCW on Thursday. 2000 hrs 147.03 (VE3TEL)   Nepean, Ont., K2J 4G3
    Thursday at 0930 hrs - breakfast Embassy West Motor Hotel Restaurant


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