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Minutes of Meeting Nov. 19th, 1997 Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • Following the usual excellent meal the meeting was opened by President Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ). The door prize of a dozen AA batteries, donated by Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM), was won by Betty Broome Newkirk (VE3ZBB).

  • The speaker for the evening, Bill Westbrook (VE3EKA), was introduced by Ralph Cameron. Bill started out his presentation by showing a video - mainly of antenna raising on the roof of CJOH-TV. The "star" of the show was our own George Roach (VE3BNO) up on the roof, hi! Bill then explained the planning and financing that was involved in construction and installation of a video repeater. To read notes of Bill's talk click on:- Notes of Bill's Talk.The repeater was built by the Seniors Video Repeater Committee of the Telephone Pioneer Amateur Radio Club. The major funding came from two government grants.

  • The business meeting began at 2120 hrs. Ralph noted the passing of Jerry Wells (VE3CGS). Although Jerry was not a member of QCWA, he had been present at the QCWA Chapter 70 meeting in September. Jerry was well known by many of our members. Ralph also noted that Herb Morrison (VE3HMF) is in the Civic Hospital - having undergone spinal surgery. The prognosis for Herb's recovery is good. Moved by Ed Morgan (VE3GX), seconded by Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM) that the minutes of the Sept. 17th meeting be accepted as posted.

  • Keith (VE3GFI) gave a financial report covering the period from November, 1996 to November 1997. The report is summarized as follows:-

              RECEIPTS                               EXPENDITURES
    B.O.H. as of 21-11-96 = $3303.10   Rtn of HQ Convention Deposit = $ 686.00
    Rtn from HQ of Conv'n              80% of HQ Conv'n profit to HQ= $1640.34
                  Profits = $1641.41   Scholarship Fund             = $ 700.35
    Receipts (21-11-96)                Donations                    = $ 968.56
            to  18-11-97) = $1486.70   Chapter 70 operating expenses= $ 837.49
           TOTAL RECEIPTS = $6431.21                TOTAL EXPENSES  = $4832.74
    Balance on Hand  as of 18-11-97 = (6431.21 - $4832.74) = $1598.47
  • Ken Curry (VE3PF) gave an update on the disposal of Fred Hawkins ham radio equipment. Ken informed us that about 90% of the equipment has been sold. Ken already passed on $2100.00 to Fred's sister, Joyce McGibbon. There will still be some money from additional sales to forward to Mrs. McGibbon.
  • Carl Everson (VE3 BYX) stated that the updated Chapter 70 History has been completed. Carl stated that he has brought up-to-date the 1974-1990 History written by George Schuthe (VE3DMC). Carl would like to have the Executive check it over. Chapter 70 will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Carl wondered if that might be a good occasion to print the updated History.
  • George (VE3BNO) gave us a short report on the Kansas City QCWA International Convention. Croft (VE3CT) and George attended. Croft had donated a door prize of a book on Canada. As luck would have it George won it - then handed it back in.
  • George mentioned that the next QCWA International Convention will be held in Palm Springs, California. George mentioned that the QCWA South-Western Ontario Chapter 73 may be hosting the International Convention in a few years.

  • The list of Nominations for the 1998 Chapter Executive was read by Keith (VE3GFI). The proposed Executive for 1998 is as follows:-
         Past-President        Jack Tennant,    VE3AHZ
         President             Jim Dean,        VE3IQ
         Vice-President        Ralph Cameron,   VE3BBM
         Director              Doug Leach,      VE3XK
         Director              Keith Bedal,     VE3GFI
         Secretary-Treasurer   Joan Powell,     VE3ZC
    Jack made three calls for further nominations from the floor. None were forthcoming. Therefore, all nominees having accepted their appointment, the QCWA Chapter 70 Executive for 1998 will be as noted above.

  • At this time awards were presented as follows:-
    A 60-year pin and certificate to Rod Newkirk, W9BRD/VE3
    A 45-year pin to Dave Parks, VE3AV
    A 25-year pin to Joan Powell, VE3ZC

  • Jack announced that the next meeting of QCWA Chapter 70 will be held on Wednesday the 18th of February, 1998, still at the present location. The members present agreed that the Certificate from AMSAT acknowledging our donation of $300.00 to the Phase 3D project should be displayed at the RAC office on Belfast Road in Ottawa. Keith mentioned that the "Equipment Inventory Form" is now available for downloading from QCWA Chapter 70 WebPage. (
  • Jack Tennant expressed his thanks to the previous Executive for their support during his tenure as President. Ralph Cameron expressed thanks on behalf of Chapter 70 to the outgoing President, Jack Tennant, and to Keith Bedal, the outgoing Secretary- Treasurer. Ralph then further expressed appreciation to Ken Curry (VE3PF), and to Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) for their efforts in disposing of the amateur radio estate items of silent key Fred Hawkins (VE3KH).

  • The meeting closed at 2200 hrs by a motion from Bill Monuk (VE3BDK), and seconded by Joan Powell (VE3ZC).

Jim Dean (VE3IQ)                            Joan Powell (VE3ZC)
President  733-5585                         Sect'y-Treas. 825-4543
1134 Plante Drive                           3112 Woodroffe Ave.,
Ottawa, Ont., K1V 9E8                       Nepean, Ont., K2J 4G3



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