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Minutes of Meeting Nov. 20th, 1996 Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • The meeting was opened by the President , Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ). Jim Dean informed us that Phil Robinson (VA3PR) has not been too well. Jim also reported that John Athey (VE3GS) has been in and out of hospital - receiving treatment for leukemia. John passed along his best regards to the members of QCWA Chapter 70. Jim asked for anyone due for year pins to contact him.

  • Moved by Graham Ide (VE3BYT), seconded by Ed Morgan (VE3GX) that the minutes of the Sept/96 meeting be accepted as posted in the Newsletter. Motion carried.

  • Keith gave a financial report as follows:-
    Chapter 70 Financial Report:
         Carried forward from 1995                         $496.63
         Receipts for 1996 (Membership + Donations)        $413.10
         Total receipts for 1996                           $909.73
                  Total expenses for 1996                  $475.32
                  Balance on hand as of 19-11-96           $434.41
    1996 Convention Financial Report:
         Receipts                                           $21924.87
         Expenditures                                       $19874.54
         Balance on hand                                    $ 2050.33
         Chapter 70 allowed to keep 20% of BOH =            $  410.00
         To be Returned to QCWA HQ (2050.33-410.00) =       $ 1640.33
    TOTAL BOH - (Chapter 70  BOH + Convention  (434.41 + 410.00)) = $844.42
  • Keith then noted that we have 69 on our active membership list - of which 11 are new members this year.

  • Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM) mentioned that he had been present at the dedication of Jack Ravenscroft Park in Kanata. The Park was dedicated to the memory of Jack (VE3SR) for his considerable involvement in the community. Ralph gave a presentation as an invited guest at the dedication ceremony. A full writeup of this event will appear in the December, 1996 issue of TCA.

  • Convention report was delegated by George (VE3BNO) to Carl (VE3BYX). Carl reported that there were 259 attendees. Of these, 167 were amateurs and 92 guests. Of the 167 amateurs, 100 were Canadians and 67 were from the US. Of the guests, 46 were Canadian and 46 Americans. There were 215 at the Saturday Banquet, 121 at the Saturday breakfast and 104 at the Sunday breakfast. There were 93 for the City Bus Tour and 119 took the Sunday Steam Train Ride. Following Carl's report George expressed his personal thanks to all the Chapter 70 members that assisted with the Convention. George also expressed thanks for the assistance of several non-QCWA individuals. The hotel was pleased to report that 303 room-nights were booked by the Convention - more than our estimate.

  • President Jack Tennant read part of a letter from Leland Smith, W5KL, in which Leland praised the excellent Convention that our Chapter hosted. At this point Jack presented George Roach with the QCWA Meritorious Award for 50 years of dedicated service to Amateur radio.

  • Jim Dean, VE3IQ, gave an update on RAC matters. In particular Jim noted that the RAC offices have moved from Kingston to Ottawa. The new address is 217-720 Belfast Road. RAC has one full time and one half-time employee. As a result there are occasions when volunteer help is needed to stuff mailing envelopes. Anyone wishing to help should contact Jim. Jim also commented on RAC's efforts re banning and/or licensing digital scanning receivers. Mike Rowlands, VA3MR, informed us that most of George Schuthe's (VE3DMC) station equipment has been disposed of. George's son, Duncan (VE3GXU), took some and most of the remainder has been sold. Carl Everson, VE3BYX, reported that he will soon be back on track re updating the Chapter 70 history.

  • President Jack Tennant noted that the Executive for 1997 is still missing a vice-president. Jack made three unsuccessful calls for nominations from the floor. Finally Jack asked for a volunteer. Jim Dean, VE3IQ, volunteered to take on the position of vice-president. The membership present were pleased to accept Jim's offer. This now completes the QCWA Chapter 70 slate of officers for 1997.

  • Doug Leach, VE3XK, presented a 50-year pin and Certificate to Jim Swail (VE3KF) and a 30-year pin to Ken Robinson (VE3GIR). Doug then introduced Rick Furness (VE3IHI) as a guest.

  • The guest speaker, Larry Kayser (VA3LK), was introduced by Jim Dean. Larry has been a licensed Ham for 42 years. He was a founding member of AMSAT and was one of the early satellite controllers. Larry's talk was entitiled "A light-hearted Look at Spread Spectrum at HF and VHF". Ralph Cameron thanked Larry for his very interesting talk.

  • Following the talk, Gerry King VE3GK) auctioned off a magnifier lamp that had not been picked up at the Convention. The fortunate buyer was Ernie Brown (VE3AOB).

    NOTE 1: Please note that the mailing labels reflect the expiry date of your membership in QCWA Chapter 70. If I have made a mistake in the date for any of you, please remind me.

    NOTE 2: If you are not already a member of QCWA HQ you are encouraged to join. The rate for membership is very reasonable.

                       73 de Keith 

Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ)                            Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) 
President  838-5239                              Sect'y-Treas. 828-1870
104 Martin St., Box 554                          125 Ridgefield Cr.,
Richmond, Ont., K0A 2Z0                          Nepean, Ont., K2H-6T4



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