of the

Chapter 70 dinner Meeting

held at

Robbie’s Spaghetti House

Nov 18th 2008



At 6:36 PM, President Dave Parks VE3AV welcomed a total of 44 members and guests and introduced the members of the executive.


Present were:


Vice-President Dave Conn VE3KL

Director Doug Leach VE3XK

Director Bob MacKenzie VA3RKM

Director Richard Ferch VE3IAY/VE3KI

Treasurer Bryan Rawlings VE3QN

Past President Joe Parkinson VE3JG

Secretary Ken Pulfer VE3PU

Guest speaker for the evening, was Dave Green VE3TLY


Minutes of the Sept 16th dinner meeting: - Ken Pulfer VE3PU asked for approval of the minutes of the Sept 2008 dinner meeting as posted on the Chapter 70 website. Moved by Jim Dean VE3IQ, and seconded by George Roach VE3BNO that the minutes be adopted as posted. Carried.


Secretary’s Report:  - Ken VE3PU briefly summarized correspondence during the past two months.  After the September dinner meeting, a Journal report was prepared and sent to QCWA Headquarters, accompanied by a picture of Joan Powell and Pat Brewer staffing the QCWA booth at the OARC Carp Hamfest. HQ General Manager Chuck Walbridge, K1IGD advised that the report would likely be used in the winter issue of the Journal.

Correspondence with headquarters is done by e-mail, and a lot of it originates from messages on the HQ reflector. The secretary receives notices from HQ regularly – some are redirected to the chapter 70 executive, and some, of general interest, are sent out to the full Chapter 70 membership.


Treasurer’s report: - Bryan Rawlings VE3QN presented a verbal report on revenues and expenditures for the September – November period.  He then sought approval for the following draft 2009 budget proposal. 


2009 Budget Proposal
30 October 2008



               Membership Dues Accrued (24 members)                 $  360

               Membership Dues  (51 members @ $15/ea)2 $  765

               Bank Interest                                                 $      0

               Surplus carried forward from 2008 (est)                     $  450


                                                                                      Total =          $ 1575


               Secretarial and Office Expenses                                 $     75

               Web Site Hosting                                                      $   1253

               In Memoriam donations        (est 3 x $25/ea)            $     75

               Charitable Contributions

                        QCWA Scholarship Fund                                $   1354

                        CNIB Amateur Radio Program            $   100

                        Defence of Amateur Radio Fund                      $   100

                        Undefined                                                        $   250

                                                                                                $   585

               Speaker & Guest Meals  (4 @ $35/ea)                      $   140

               Purchase of Pins                                                        $   375

               Cards                                                                        $     25

               Bank Charges                                                            $     10


                                                                                    Total =            $  1410


Membership Fees Accrued


            2010 Memberships   (7 members)                                $  105

            2011 Memberships   (1 member)                                  $    15


                                                                                     Total =          $   120


Moved by Joe Parkinson VE3JG and seconded by Marg Heaslip VE3EQE that the Budget be approved.  Carried.


Electronic QSLing: - Bryan VE3QN also gave a brief PowerPoint presentation describing how, because of increasing postal costs, the exchange of QSL cards is being replaced in recent years by a trend towards the use of e-mail for verification of contacts and exchange of electronic cards. He described two systems in common use - the Log Book of the World and eQSL, together with a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each.


DXCC Honor Roll: Doug VE3XK showed members present a DXCC Honor Roll plaque earned by Bert Barry VE3QAA. At the present time 329 current entities (“countries”) on the DXCC list are required for the Honor Roll


Guests: - Two guests for the evening were introduced. Bob VA3RKM introduced well known DXer and contester, Vlad Milutinovic VE3JM.  Also present for the first time was Murray Pierce VE3IFP


Illness and SK Report: - Richard VE3KI advised that, aside from Don Dashney VE3RM who was recovering from a recent operation, there was no sick and ailing amongst Chapter 70 members to report. He did mention however that well known valley amateur Baxter Smith VE3BFX was a recent silent key.  

Doug VE3XK reported on the health of Neil Carleton VE3NCE, who gave a talk to a Chapter 70 dinner meeting some time ago about the radio club at R. Tait McKenzie Public School in Almonte.   Neil is recovering from a successful operation for a brain tumor.


Silent Key Estates: - Bob VA3RKM discussed activities undertaken to dispose of equipment left by recent non-member Silent Keys. He pointed out that there was a list on the Chapter 70 web site of equipment available for purchase. He also reminded those present that The Quarter Century Wireless Association urges all its members to maintain an inventory of their amateur radio equipment. This will aid in the future disposal of the equipment of a Silent Key.  A Station Inventory Form for this purpose may be downloaded from the Chapter 70 web site.


QCWA International report from Joan Powell VE3ZC: - Joan reported on the Board of Directors meeting that recently took place after the Convention at Virginia Beach.

She then mentioned the support she was receiving Chapter 70 members in helping her to carry out her new responsibilities, including chairing the External Relations committee of the board. The next QCWA directors meeting will be held at the Dayton Hamvention in May 2009.

She also informed members that an agreement had been reached between QCWA and Radio Amateurs of Canada to carry each others advertisements in their respective publications.

Finally she reminded members of the availability of QCWA scholarships for licensed amateurs entering university.


Report from the ITU: - Ken VE3PU gave a very brief summary of progress made on items of interest to amateur radio at the recent ITU meetings that he had attended in Geneva.


Nomination Committee Report: - Past President Joe Parkinson VE3JG reported on the work of the nominations committee. With the stepping down of President Dave Parks at the end of 2008, there was a need to find a replacement. The committee’s recommendations were as follows:


Incoming President:                                       Bob MacKenzie VA3RKM

Director: (to replace VA3RKM)                  Dick Bonnycastle VE3FUA

Past President:                                               Dave Parks VE3AV


Since there were no other nominations, the above positions will be filled by acclamation as of January 1, 2009.  Members welcomed the new members of the executive with a round of applause.

Dave wished the new members of the executive success, and thanked those who have served during the past two years.


New member pins: - Doug VE3XK presented pins to recently joined members John Hewitt VE3PUX and Gary Hyatt VE3MJT.


Chapter 70 Net: - Doug VE3XK once again urged members to participate in the weekly Chapter 70 net which takes place on 147.03 MHz, with negative 600 kHz offset, at 7:30 on Monday evenings. All participants are welcome.


Mugs: -There still remain 72 mugs, and anyone interested can purchase one for $ 6.00


After Dinner Presentation: - After the dinner, Chapter 70 vice president Dave Conn VE3KL introduced Dave Green VE3TLY, the guest speaker for the evening. 

Dave spoke on the topic of Microcontrollers and Amateur Radio.

Dave’s talk was based on a project undertaken by members of the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club during the past year. In a PowerPoint presentation, he gave a broad overview of microcontroller technology and the OARC club project objectives and achievements, using the relatively inexpensive and readily available PICAXE microcontroller. At the conclusion of his talk, Dave was thanked by Doug VE3XK.


Door prizes and 50-50 draw:

Doug, VE3XK, conducted the selection of winning tickets for the door prizes and for the 50-50 draw. The winner of the 50-50 draw was Betty Newkirk VE3ZBB.


Final Remarks:

Before closing the meeting, the chair announced that the next dinner meeting is to be held on Feb 17, 2009.   
The meeting adjourned at 9:12 pm.

1 Revenues derived from the 50/50 draw and from the sale of QCWA Chapter 70 Coffee mugs is used to finance the purchase of door prizes, etc.

2 Members paid as of 24/10/2008 = 75

3 Website hosting $105; Domain Name renewal $20

4 Based on exchange rate $US 1.00 = $CA 0.75