of the


held at



6:45 pm – 9:45 pm

Final Version: 28 Nov 2008

1. Welcome

Chapter 70 President Dave Parks, VE3AV, chairing the evening proceedings welcomed 40 members and 4 guests to the dinner meeting. Also present were executive board members: Vice President, Gus Holtz, VE3VK; Director Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE; Director Doug Leach, VE3XK; Treasurer Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN; Past President Joe Parkinson,VE3JG and Secretary Tom Bartello, VE3ELM.

Dave also welcomed guest speakers Ken Pulfer, VE3PU and Jim Dean, VE3IQ.

Dave invited Chapter 70 member Joan Powell, VE3ZC to introduce her guests. They are Ray Wilson, VE9WI (past Chapter 70 member, VE3WI) and his wife, Stephanie. Other guests were Sandra Dean and Henry Jarzyna, VA3OV.

On behalf of the chapter members Dave extended his ‘thanks’ to retiring executive board members, Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE, Gus Holtz, VE3VK and Tom Bartello, VE3ELM.


Special Mention: Dave recognized Chapter 70 member, John (Jack) Belrose Ph.D, VE2CV, who was recently awarded the Armstrong Medal by the Radio Club of America

(http://www.radioclubofamerica.org/) for his important contributions to Radio Art and Science.  Congratulations were extended to Jack by the members present.


2. Secretary’s Report:  As reported by Tom:

      A)  Minutes of the 18 September 2007 Dinner Meeting

Tom, VE3ELM, reported that the minutes as posted on the Chapter web site (www.qcwa70.org) had one comment from a member which identified the QCWA QSO party as the ‘Spring 2007’ event. The minutes were amended and are now considered complete. Tom moved that the minutes be approved, seconded by Croft Taylor, VE3CT.  Motion carried.

      B) Correspondence.


1. 23 Sept: E-mail & letter to VP OVMRC re  ‘Thank You’ for use of the VE3TWO repeater.

2. 24 Sept: E-mail to QCWA GM re submission of the 1 Oct Journal Report. Confirmation received.

3. 24 Sept: E-mail to QCWA GM re Changes to the Chapter 70 weekly net:  frequency and time (updating the Journal “Chapters-on-the-Air’ info page).


1. 3 Oct: CNIB requesting a donation for its amateur radio program.


3. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Bryan Rawling,VE3QN, presented the following financial report:


Balance shown on 18/09/2007 Treasurer’s Report             ……………………$ 1046.45


 Membership Renewals                                           405.00

 Bank Interest                                                   00.10


Charitable Contributions                            - …………………$  495.39   

Disbursements (Customs Duty, Office Supplies)       -  ………………$   12.79

            Balance as at 20 Nov 2007                 …………………$  943.37

which includes…

Revenues accrued for 2008 fiscal year        …………………$  255.00

Revenues accrued for 2009 fiscal year        …………………$   90.00

Revenues accrued for 2010 fiscal year        …………………$   15.00



Bryan presented the following proposed 2008 budget for the membership approval:


  Membership Dues  (75 members @ $15/ea)                $ 1125.00

  Bank Interest                                                               $       1.00


                                                            Total =            $ 1126.00


  Secretarial and Office Expenses                       $     65.00

  Web Site Hosting                                                       $   106.00

  In Memoriam Donations    (est 2 x $25/ea)                  $     50.00

    Charitable Contributions

      QCWA Scholarship Fund                $  95.002  

      CNIB Amateur Radio Program        $ 100.00

      RAC Foundation                            $ 100.00

      RAC Youth Education Program   $ 100.00

      Defence of Amateur Radio Fund  $ 100.00

                        Subtotal                                                $   495.00

  Speaker & Guest Meals  (4 @ $25/ea)                       $   100.00

  Purchase of Pins                                                         $   275.00

  Cards                                                                         $     25.00

  Bank Charges                                                             $     10.00


                                                            Total =             $  1126.00


1  Revenues derived from the 50/50 draw and from the sale of QCWA Chapter 70 Coffee mugs is

used to finance the purchase of door prizes, etc. 2 Based on exchange rate $US 1.00 = $CA 0.95


A motion to approve the proposed 2008 budget was made by Doreen Morgan, VE3CGO, and seconded by Graham Ide, VE3BYT. Motion carried.




4. Recognition Award.

On behalf of the membership, Vice President Gus Holtz, VE3VK, presented a QCWA Meritorious Award to Doug Leach, VE3XK for his “contributions to Amateur Radio and dedicated participation in QCWA activities”. Members present congratulated Doug for a well-deserved award.


5. Announcements & Pin Presentations

Director Doug Leach, VE3XK reminded everyone of the new net time and frequency: Monday(s) at 1930hrs on VE3TEL, 147.030(-). Doug stressed the importance of the chapter net and encouraged more check-ins.

New member pins were awarded to Pat Brewer, VE3KJQ (absent); Gord Curling, VE3KKL (absent); Richard Ferch, VE3IAY (absent). Year pins were awarded to Wayne Getchell, VE3CZO (30 years); David Holford, VE3HLU (30 years) (absent); Ken Asmus, VA3KA (35 years) (absent); Tim Evangelatos, VE3MY (40 years); Don Wilcox, VE1CAF was presented a 50 year certificate and pin (55 years) (absent). Absent members will receive their pins via Canada Post.


6. Silent Keys (SKs) and Illness Report.

As reported by Director Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE:

Sympathy card sent to Tom Bartello, VE3ELM on the loss of his mother; sympathy card to Alan Oldfield, VE3ANO on the loss of his wife; get-well card to Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB; get-well card to John Barnhardt. VE3ZOV and a get-well card to John Gilbert, VE3CXL. Condolences were offered to Croft Taylor, VE3CT, on the loss of his sister-in-law.


7. Executive Board Nomination Committee.

In accordance with the Chapter Constitution, Past President Joe Parkinson, VE3JG chairman of the Chapter 70 Nominating Committee had obtained the agreement of the following members (proposed slate) to fill the vacant positions for the two year term commencing 1 January 2008: Vice President, David Conn, VE3KL; Director, Richard Ferch, VE3IAY; Secretary, Ken Pulfer, VE3PU. As the secretary did not receive any further nominations, Joe declared the nominations closed and moved that the proposed slate of officers be elected by acclamation. The motion was seconded by Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE and approved by the members present.


Also noted by Croft Taylor, VE3CT, a member of the nominating committee for QCWA Inc, that Joan Powell, VE3ZC, was running for a Director position in the upcoming elections for QCWA Inc. and that Ken Oelke, VE6AFO, at present a Director was running for Vice President. Croft stressed the fact that the QCWA Inc. Board of Directors has had Canadian representation for many years and encouraged everyone to vote in the upcoming QCWA Inc elections.


8. Guest Speaker.

Speaker’s for the evening were Ken Pulfer, VE3PU, and Jim Dean, VE3IQ whose topic was the recent World Radio Conference 2007 held in Geneva from October 22 to November 17. Ken, on behalf of the IARU, attended the conference as well as the technical study groups over the last four years. Jim, on behalf of RAC, attended the conference and participated in the preparatory Canadian meetings during the same period.

In summarizing the outcome of the conference: 

All existing amateur bands protected
New 135 kHz world wide amateur band
500 kHz amateur band on 2011 agenda
No major threats on 2011 agenda
Bands above 250 GHz still a possibility
Visibility of Amateur Services maintained
No expansion of 40 metres in other regions
No new 60 metre band

The full slide presentation can be viewed on the Chapter 70 web site (www.qcwa70.org). (Under Meetings, click on Guest Speakers and 20 November 2007)


Thanking Ken and Jim for their presentation was Doug Leach, VE3XK who noted the extensive work that Ken and Jim have contributed to amateur radio over the years.


9. Adjournment

Prior to concluding the evening, the draw(s) for the door prizes and the 50/50 draw were conducted with several lucky winners taking home the various prizes.

President Dave, VE3AV, adjourned the meeting at 9:45 pm.


Notice of the next Dinner Meeting – 19 February 2008