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Minutes of the Meeting of November 21st, 2006
Held at the Summerhays Restaurant

6:45 pm - 9:45 pm

    1. Welcome:

    Vice-President Gus Holtz, VE3VK, seated at the head table and chairing the evening proceedings, welcomed 44 members to the dinner meeting. Gus noted that President Joe Parkinson, VE3JG, was unable to attend the dinner meeting as he was sick with a cold.

    2. Introduction of Head Table:

    Gus introduced the head table as follows: Past President Jim Dean, VE3IQ; Director Doug Leach, VE3XK; Director Ernie Brown, VA3OEB; speaker for the evening, Clare Fowler,VE3NPC; Chapter Secretary Tom Bartello, VE3ELM. Seated at adjacent tables were Director Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE and Chapter Treasurer Dave Parks, VE3AV.

    3. Silent Keys (SKs) and Illness Report

    As reported by Marg VE3EQE, there were no SKs this period.
    Marg did report that Bob Knapp, VE3CDG has returned home after surgery and is doing well and Debbie Norman, RAC General Manager, VA3RGM, is not doing well battling her illness.

    4. Update:

  • Tom, VE3ELM, reported that the Chapter now has a total of 80 members, an increase of eight members over this calendar year. As well, the chapter had three SKs over the same period (Secretary's note: the Chapter 70 web site, url: has membership and SK listings).
  • Gus invited Robert MacKenzie, VA3RKM to give a short overview of the FIST organization whose aim is to encourage the use and preservation of the Morse Code. Chapter 70 has recently obtained a FIST club membership (membership no. 12475) available to any chapter member who wants to enter a FIST contest using the chapter call sign, VE3QCW (Secretary's note: as Jim, VE3IQ, is the sponsor for the chapter call sign, a member would have to obtain Jim's permission to use VE3QCW and the FIST number). Robert has agreed to be the Chapter QSL Manager for cards for FISTS. Further information on FISTS may be obtained from the official web site; url:
  • George, VE3BNO mentioned that the next QCWA Convention would be held in Denver, Colorado, 5-7 October 2007.

    5. Pins Presentation:

    Doug. VE3XK had the following available for presentation: Twenty-five Year Pins to Gord Curling, VE3KKL, (absent); Kieran Shepherd, VA3KS (absent); Thirty Year Pins to Richard Ferch, VE3IAY (absent); Wayne Getchell, VE3CZO ; Dave Goodwin, VE3AAQ (absent) and Ying Hum, VA3YH .


    Prior to the start of the AGM, Gus noted that the QCWA Calgary Convention was considered to be very successful and that Chapter 70 was well represented by several members including Chapter 70 member, David Conn, VE3KL, as one of the guest speakers. Congratulations to the Calgary Wild Rose Chapter 151.

    6. Minutes of the 19 Sept 2006 Dinner Meeting:

    Tom, VE3ELM reported that the minutes as posted on the Chapter web site were finalized with no comments from the membership. Tom moved that the minutes be approved, seconded by John Barnhardt, VE3ZOV. Motion carried.

    7. Treasurer's Report:

    Dave Parks, VE3AV, Chapter Treasurer reported a bank balance of $1880.00. This amount was the balance remaining after the purchase of a video projector, spare bulb and a wireless microphone. These items were approved by the Executive Board at the last executive meeting. Dave moved acceptance of the Treasurer's report, seconded by Marg, VE3EQE. Motion carried.

    8. Draft Budget for 2007:

    Dave, VE3AV, presented the following draft budget for approval by members present:
          Dues   80 x $15                                                   1200.00
          Secretarial                                                       100.00
          In Memorial donations     4 x $25                                 100.00
          QCWA Scholarship Fund     $100 US                                 125.00
          CNIB Amateur Radio Program                                        100.00
          RAC Foundation                                                    100.00
          RAC Youth Education Program                                       100.00
          D.A.R.F.                                                          100.00
          Speaker & Guest Meals     6 x $25                                 125.00
          Pins                                                              275.00
          Cards  (sympathy)                                                  25.00
          Bank Charges                                                       10.00
    Budgeted Expenses                                                      1185.00
    Surplus                                                                 $15.00
    Dave, VE3AV, moved, seconded by Ken Pulfer, VE3PU, that the 2007 budget as presented be accepted. Motion carried.

    9. Election of New Executive Board Members:

  • Jim, VE3IQ, representing the nominating committee, reported the following: members of the Board are elected for a period of two years with some positions overlapping so as to provide continuity when new executive members come on board. As of 31 December, the following positions are up for election for a two year period: the President, Treasurer, Director Doug Leach, VE3XK and Director Ernie Brown, VA3OEB.
  • Jim further noted that any chapter member in good standing may nominate, (no later than three weeks before the AGM) to the Chapter Secretary, any other member who is willing to participate in the election. In this case, the Secretary did not receive any nominations.
  • This year, the officers who have been recruited are as follows: President Dave Parks, VE3AV; Treasurer Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN and Director, Robert MacKenzie, VA3RKM. Director Doug Leach, VE3XK has agreed to stand for another term. As the Secretary did not receive any other nominations, the new officers were declared elected by acclamation, effective 1 January 2007.
  • Continuing in their positions until 31 Dec. 2007 are Vice President, Gus Holtz, VE3VK; Director Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE and Chapter Secretary, Tom Bartello, VE3ELM. Also effective 1 January 2007, Joe Parkinson, VE3JG, becomes Past President for a two year term.

    10. Guest Speaker:

    Jim, VE3IQ, introduced Clare Fowler, VE3NPC, chapter 70 member, as the guest speaker. Clare's talk, based on a paper he submitted to the AMSAT Journal May/June 2006 issue, was on "Real World Helix Antenna Comparison Measurements". Clare's learning and construction experience with vhf/uhf helix antennas spans an 18 year period. His talk illustrated certain differences between classical antenna theory for helix antennas as shown by Krause and the latest NEC computer modeling software for helix antennas. Clare  brought along some examples of helix antennas he has constructed. Doug, VE3XK thanked Clare for a most interesting and informative talk.

    11. Adjournment:

    Prior to concluding the evening, the draw(s) for the door prizes and the 50/50 draw were conducted with several lucky winners taking home the various prizes. Jim VE3IQ made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 pm.

    Notice of the next Dinner Meeting - 20 February 2007

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