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Minutes of the Meeting of November 16 th, 2004
Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • With 37 members, and 2 guests in attendance, Vice-President Gus Holtz, VE3VK welcomed all to the annual general meeting dinner. He introduced the head table which were: Treasurer Keith Bedal, VE3GFI; Director Doug Leach, VE3XK; Director Ernie Brown, VA3OEB; Secretary Clare Fowler VE3NPC; and as well Director Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE and Past President Jim Dean, VE3IQ, who were not sitting at the head table. Gus also welcomed visitor and guest speaker Will Brown.


  • Gus noted that this was the hundredth anniversary of the vacuum tube or Fleming valve, as it was known then. Jack Belrose, VE3CV received the QST cover plaque for the October issue with his article on "The Quest for an Ideal Antenna Tuner".
  • We always need new members so invite your amateur friends who qualify.
  • Croft, VE3CT noted that the last issue of the QCWA Journal was late and not properly wrapped in a plastic container. The next issue will be on time and will be larger.
  • George, VE3BNO, reported that the QCWA Convention netted a profit of close to $3900.
  • Clare, VE3NPC, presented a number of letters of correspondence. A letter from the QCWA Board of Directors thanking us for our donation of $100 to the memorial fund in memory of Chapter 70 silent keys in the past year, and for the contribution of another $100 in memory of Gerry King. A letter from CNIB Amateur Radio Program, thanking us for our contribution. A letter from the University of Guelph Veterinary College thanking us for our donation of $25 to the pet trust fund in memory of Doc Plummer VE3MA. A letter to the daughter of Bill Rieveley VA3AWJ expressing the condolences of Chapter 70 on his passing and the donation of $25 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in his memory.
  • In ill health is Bill Jeffrey VE3PTM.
  • Doug, VE3XK noted that the policy of Chapter 70 is to provide pins and certificates for 50 years and up, a pin for 40 and 45 years and a non-year pin on joining. He then presented a 55 year pin and certificate to Ken Pulfer, VE3PU.


  • It was moved by Ed, VA3ES, seconded by Ralph, VE3BBM, that the minutes of the last meeting be approved. Carried.
  • Keith, VE3GFI, in his treasurer's report gave the balance at the September meeting as $2151.14. Since then we have had credits of $135.15 and expenses of $369.96 leaving a balance of $1916.33.
  • Membership is currently 76 with one member unpaid for 2004.
  • Nominating committee chairman Jim Dean, VE3IQ, put forward the nominations for the 2005 executive. No nominations were submitted to the secretary prior to the prescribed three week period before the annual general meeting. As there were no other nominations the following were elected by acclamation.
         President        Joe Parkinson VE3JG (2 years)
         Past President   Jim Dean VE3IQ (2 years)
         Vice-President   Gus Holtz  VE3VK (1 year)
         Secretary        Clare Fowler VE3NPC (1 year)
         Treasurer        Dave Parks VE3AV (2 years)
         Director         Doug Leach VE3XK (2 years)
         Director         Ernie Brown VA3OEB (2 years)
         Director         Marg Heaslip  VE3EQE (1 year)
    Keith Bedal, VE3GFI, will continue as Web Master


  • Don Heaslip, VE3NJH, introduced the speaker Will Brown. Will is from the East Coast. He has worked in the House of Commons as a special assistant for a number of ministers. He has worked for 29 years in the private sector and in government. He served under five Canadian Prime Ministers and worked for one. He was part of the Governor-Generals official welcome during the last Royal Visit and he has gone down in a submarine on its inaugural trials.
  • Have you ever thought about what happens to all of the used and obsolete computer and other electronic equipment? Will Brown from Computer Recyclers gave us a very interesting but disturbing answer. For years we have been promoting the three R's - reduce, reuse and recycle. For electronic scrap this just has not happened. According to an Environment Canada report in 2002 there were 341,000,000 pounds of electronic and computer equipment that became obsolete in Canada. Of this amount, 308,000,000 pounds or 90% went into landfill. In the 308,000,000 pounds were 10,450,000 pounds of lead. The same study estimated by 2005 that 10,000 pounds of cadmium and 4,400 pounds of mercury would end up in landfill from electronic scrap. It is an increasing problem as the average life cycle of a computer is about 18 months. For various reasons it is not economical to refurbish or reuse computers. New computers are so cheap. According to a video Will played, the answer is not to export the scrap to China where there are no environmental safety standards. There some 100,000 people make a living recovering the metals. In the process however, polluting the air, land and water, and shortening their life inhaling toxic fumes. While an international convention has banned the shipping and exporting of hazardous waste it is not being adhered to.
  • Electronic waste can be processed by grinding it up to a fine powder, and separating the metals by a smelting process where the emissions are controlled. As the cost of the recovery process does not completely pay for itself the solution is to include the cost of recycling in the original cost of computer and electronic equipment. If we are concerned with the kind of world that we are leaving to our grandchildren and future generations we should be prepared to pay a little extra.
  • Gus, VE3VK, thanked Will for his very interesting and informative talk.

     Gus Holtz  (VE3VK)                                                                            Clare Fowler (VE3NPC)
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     1205-1100 Ambleside Dr.                                                                       16 Fairbairn St.
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