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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Nov. 18th, 2003

Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant
  • With 40 members and guests in attendance, Gerry King VE3GK, welcomed all. He introduced the head table which included our speaker, David Conn VE3KL, Past President. Jim Dean VE3IQ, Treasurer Keith Bedal VE3GFI, Director Doug Leach VE3XK, and Secretary Clare Fowler VE3NPC.
  • Gerry also introduced Director Ernie Brown VA3OEB, Vice President Gus Holtz VE3VK, Chapter 70 Director and also HQ Director George Roach VE3BNO, and also International President Croft Taylor VE3CT.


  • Croft VE3CT reported that the QCWA had a fairly good year with the finances in good shape. Fifteen scholarships will be issued this year. Everything went well at the convention in Dallas. The QCWA general manager, Jim Walsh, has stepped down due to ill health and a committee has been appointed to search for a new general manager. In this connection all submissions for the QCWA Journal should now be sent directly to the Journal publisher. In 2004 the QCWA convention will be held here in Ottawa on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of October.
  • George VE3BNO will be making a decision shortly on which of two hotels to book for the convention. We will need a lot of volunteers. We need a secretary, Keith VE3GFI is the treasurer, Don VE3NJH and Marg VE3EQE will look after registration. Clare VE3NPC is looking after forums. We need a master of ceremonies, someone to look after tours, someone for prizes, somebody to look after the hospitality suite, someone for the talk in and a photographer. Joan VE3ZC is looking after publicity. If anyone can take on any of the positions please contact George VE3BNO.
  • Chapter 73 is proposing that the TP net on Sunday afternoons at 2 PM be run by VA3QCW for one hour. We can join them and use that time to publicize QCWA in an effort to recruit new members.
  • Keith VE3GFI is now accepting dues for 2004.
  • Clare VE3NPC reported that a letter of condolences had been sent to Geoffrey Plummer, son of SK Doc Plummer VE3MA, indicating that we had sent a donation in his memory to the Pet Trust Fund of the University of Guelph. A very nice letter was received back from Geoffrey thanking us. We also sent a letter with a donation to the CNIB and an email was received from Ken VE6AFO saying hello to everyone and wishes he could be with us.
  • Keith VE3GFI is to thanked again for doing such a good job on the Web Site at, where a copy of the Chapter 70 constitution may be found. There is now a link on the web site to information on the 2004 Convention which Keith VE3GFI will try to keep up to date. As well, as memberships are renewed, the 'Membership' list on the web site will be updated.
  • Croft VE3CT, and George VE3BNO, assisted Doug VE3XK, in the presentation of pins and certificates. A new member pin was awarded to Brian Jeffrey VE3UU. A 65-year pin and certificate was available for Fred Green VE3IO (absent). Bill Marsh VE3SB (absent) is due a 70-year pin and certificate. A century certificate is on hand for Bob Knapp VE3CDG (absent), who is awaiting surgery. A century certificate, with a degree of 112, that was somehow not awarded, although due some years ago, was presented to Ken Scrivens VE3LJ.
  • Members who are ill are Ed Siebs VA3ES, and Bob Knapp VE3CDG. Larry Wilcox VE3WEH is also in hospital.


  • Motion to approve the Minutes of the September 16th, 2003 meeting was made by Bob Zieman VE3ATN. Seconded by Ernie Brown VA3OEB. Carried.
  • Gerry VE3GK noted that we had a good year although we did have some venue problems, which had been resolved. In the up coming convention year we will need all the support we can get as George had previously outlined.
  • It was moved by Frances VE3HKG, seconded by Doreen VE3CGO, that Joan Powell VE3ZC be appointed to conduct an audit of the QCWA finances. Carried.
  • Keith VE3GFI reported that our membership now stood at 72 members.

  • Financial Report presented by Keith VE3GFI

         Bank Balance as of Sept. 16th, 2003               $1254.08
         Receipts                                          $ 105.05
         Expenditures                                      $ 275.56
         Bank Balance as of November 18th, 2003            $1083.57 
    Moved by Keith VE3GFI, seconded by Graham VE3BYT, that the treasurer's report be accepted. Carried.

  • Jim Dean VE3IQ, chairman of the nominating committee proposed that the expired positions of Vice-President again be filled by Gus Holtz VE3VK, and the position of Director, which was filled temporarily by George Roach VE3BNO on the death of Ted Turner VE3LV, be filled by Marg Heaslip VE3EQE. Elected by acclamation. Executive positions continuing to be filled for another year are President Gerry King VE3GK, Treasurer Keith Bedal VE3GFI, Secretary Clare Fowler VE3NPC, and Directors Doug Leach VE3XK and Ernie Brown VA3OEB.

    Guest Speaker

  • The guest speaker, Dave Conn VE3KL, was introduced by Doug VE3XK. Dave has had a long career in electronics culminating in his retirement from the chairman of electrical engineering at McMaster University. The fact that he has a two letter callsign and that he has been an amateur for over 25 years indicates that he is well qualified to talk on amateur radio.

    Conn, VE3KL gave us some insight into "Signals and noise in amateur radio systems", particularly in the urban environment. There are two types of noise entering the antenna. First, the noise accompanying the signal, which we can do little about, but a second source of noise is local ac power line noise radiating from the house, conducted up the outside of the coax feed line and up and into the antenna. This noise with appropriate filters and grounding can be reduced. Dave, with the aid of two handout charts, told us how to approximately determine the noise power using the S meter on the transceiver and the effective area of the antenna. Thus we can determine if we are in a relatively noisy environment. We know that the noise in the city is worse than out in the country and I think the conclusion most will make is something we all know anyway. We should move out into the country to get away from the noise.

  • Gus VE3VK thanked Roy for his presentation.

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