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Minutes of Annual General Meeting Nov. 20th, 2002

Catered to by Capones and held at the Nepean Sportsplex

  • With 44 members and guests in attendance President Gerry King VE3GK welcomed all and thanked Gus VE3VK for filling in for him while he had his heart valve replacement. He thanked everyone who sent their best wishes via e-mail , cards and phone calls. He particularly welcomed special guest speaker Bill Gillis VE1WG President of the Radio Amateurs of Canada. He introduced the head table which included Keith VE3GFI Treasurer; Clare VE3NPC Secretary; Jim VE3IQ Past President; Doug VE3XK Director; Ted VE3LV Director; Ernie Brown VA3OEB proposed new Director and Vice President Gus VE3VK. Guests welcomed were Earle Smith VE6NM RAC Director for AB and NWT, Ben Price VE3CDA President of the OARC and his wife Karen, and new QCWA life member Rick Bandla VE3CVG.


  • Gerry VE3GK noted some members have let their membership lapse. He added that the QCWA life membership, which is $60.00 US is a really good deal. He noted that Croft VE3CT now President of QCWA and George VE3BNO a Director of QCWA are members of our QCWA Chapter 70. We need to continue to recruit new members and urged those present to invite their ham friends to come to one of our meetings. Gerry pointed out that we are a branch of a larger organization and that everyone will have to be a member of the parent organization.
  • George VE3BNO reported that we had a great convention in Orlando, with about 140 prople there from all over. There were four Canadians, all from Chapter 70. This made a bit of an impression down there as the President and one of the Directors of QCWA were from Chapter 70. There is a motion being put forward, which will be voted on in the next year or two, to reduce the directors from 10 to 8. At the last convention it was decided that you cannot use the name "member" for anyone in the club who are not members of the national organization. You can have guests and friends, but you cannot in anyway call them QCWA members if they qualify for membership. The next convention will be in Dallas Texas in October of 2003 and maybe we can get more than four going from Chapter 70.
  • Doug VE3XK, the Director responsible for pins and certificates, outlined our policy with regard to pins which is to provide, on joining QCWA and Chapter 70, a non year pin up to the 40 year mark. At the 40 and subsequent 5 year interval marks, year pins and certificates are provided.
  • Croft VE3CT then presented Ralph VE3BBM with his 55 year pin and certificate; Ken VE3VC and Gerry VE3GK with their 50 year pins and certificates. Croft then mentioned that a life membership is available to Canadians for $60 US but this does not include the cost of the life membership pin or a subscription to the magazine.
  • Gerry VE3GK asked that as soon as you become a member of QCWA you let us know so that we can put it into our records.


  • Keith VE3GFI is doing a marvelous job on the Web Page found at Our Constitution is on the web site and if anyone wants a hard copy it is available. Chapter 70, HQ membership, and inventory forms as well as a list of Chapter 70 members are also there.
  • Ted VE3LV has worked very hard on the history books but we are disapointed in our sales and we are out about $200 because of unsold copies.
  • We have a problem with dinner as 4 or 5 people who said they were coming have not shown up which means we are $125 short. We had the same problem last meeting and we had to pay $75 from our funds. This problem has to be resolved and we may ask people to pay in advance. Gerry VE3GK thanked the various members of the executive for their really hard work.
  • Motion to approve the Minutes of the September 17, 2002 meeting was made by George VE3BNO, seconded by Bob VE3ATN. Carried.

    A Treasurer's Report was presented by Keith VE3GFI

              Bank Balance on September 17, 2002        $1284.80
              Receipts                                    440.91
              Expenditures                                728.51
              Bank Balance on Nov. 20, 2002              $997.20
    Acceptance of the treasurer's report moved by Keith VE3GFI, seconded by Joan VE3ZC

  • A budget for 2003 was presented with projected revenues of $1020 @ $15 per member. Total expenses are expected to be $973.96 which included stationery and mailing costs of $86.20; in memorial and CNIB donations of $200; speaker and guest meals $150; pins $533 and bank charges $5.
  • It was moved by Gerry VE3GK that the QCWA Chapter 70 annual dues be increased to $15.00 per annum. Seconded by Clare VE3NPC. Carried.
  • Jim VE3IQ, chair of the one man nomination committee, presented the names of those nominated for the executive of QCWA Chapter 70 for 2003. President Gerry King VE3GK (renew); Past President Jim Dean VE3IQ (renew); Vice President Gus Holtz VE3VK (renew); Secretary Clare Fowler VE3NPC (renew); Treasurer Keith Bedal VE3GFI(renew); Director Doug Leach VE3XK (renew); Director Ernie Brown VA3OEB(new), and Director Ted Turner VE3LV (continue for 1 year). Jim declard the slate to be elected by acclamation. Approved.

    Guest Speaker

  • Our Guest Speaker, Bill Gillis VE1WG was introduced by Jim VE3IQ. Bill became an amateur in 1946 with the call VE1WG. He is a native of New Brunswick. He has moved around as a senior management professional in the telecommunications industry. He has had the calls VE3BGX, VE3WY and VE1NR. He spent a number of years in East Africa as a telecommunications management assistant design controller on various international projects. He operated as 5H3WG from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Bill was a founding executive member of the Moncton area amateur radio club and served as the club's president. He conducted the club training program for several years. He has been a member of many amateur radio organizations. During his seven years as the Atlantic region director for RAC he served as chairman of the RAC administration and finance committee. He chaired the ad hoc group of the development of RAC committees and the RAC e-mail deliberations committee. He was elected president for the current term 2002-2003. He serves as joint chairman on the joint RAC/Industry Canada Canadian Amateur Advisory Board. Bill is married to Pat VE1PAT. Among his several children and 14 grandchildren are five radio amateurs.
  • Bill thanked a roster of volunteers that work at the RAC administrative office; including Hans Van Den Berg, and George Roach, who were present, and Guy Charron, bulletin editor, Garry Highet and Bill Rothwell treasurer. Also on the RAC executive are Ken Pulfer Vice-President for Government Affairs, Jim Dean Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, Earl Smith Director from Alberta, and Doug Leach Director for Ontario North. Also Graham Ide Chairman of the VHF band planning committee. As well, Ralph Cameron, who has contributed in many ways to the radio amateurs of Canada with advice and many articles in TCA, the august Bill Wilson and Croft Taylor President of QCWA who's advice to form a Chapter in the East may be followed.
  • RAC is nearing its tenth anniversary and is trying to find its way to produce good results in the advocacy field, the appropriate service to members, and to make it a truly strong organization which everyone will get behind and support fully. One of the very important activities in RAC is the advocacy role in representing the Canadian amateur community to the regulators. Making sure the privileges we now have are protected and attempting to enhance those privileges.
  • The point men on this activity have been Ken and Jim who have spent countless hours appearing at meetings with Industry Canada. As a result of their activity, both will attend the forthcoming World Radio Conference 2003, as our recommended delegates, as members of the Canadian delegation. Ken has been selected by the IARU as part of their team. The preparatory work they have done has placed them in a very good position to achieve the best possible results in representing not only the Canadian amateur radio position, but also the international position. Details are being reported in their columns in TCA on items such as restoring the 40 meter band and the 135.7 and 137.8 kHz low frequency allocation. Jim is spearheading in getting special authorization from Industry Canada to conduct propagation experiments in the 60 meter band. Two of those authorizations have been granted so far and in the next few weeks there will be others. It's a fascinating activity to see what sort of propagation we can track in that band between 80 and 40 meters.
  • RAC is attempting to do as much as we can to improve the publication side of the house. We maintain a web site and through CARF publications publish TCA. Due to legal separation requirements we have an organization set up to interface between RAC and CARF Pubs for which Jim acts as the liaison man. Over the past two or three issues we have seen the activity of that group in improving the appearance and quality and content of the magazine. One of the major changes in the magazine is the introduction of French language translations of the main articles. Our intent here is to try and bring the entire Canadian amateur community into one fold. People from Quebec and other parts of the country, who's first language is French, will be able to read with the same interest and same gratification the material that is published in TCA.
  • We have a committee underway to improve the web site both as to management and content. Over the next few months we will see improvements in the web site. Part of all the activity is to make RAC appealing to a wider cross section of amateurs.
  • When we look at the entire amateur population of Canada, membership in RAC, on a percentage basis, is very low. It is down below 15 percent. This puts us at a disadvantage financially because we do need universal support to provide all the service that is wanted and expected. Another outcome is that it doesn't give us the kind of clout we need or should have in representing the amateur community to the regulator. If we could walk into the regulator and say we have 90 percent of the radio amateur population in this country as members of RAC, we would get a lot more attention than we get right now. Despite that however,we do acknowledge and appreciate the fact that the regulator is listening to us, is recognizing us as the national organization for amateur radio in Canada and is according us very respectable treatment. Nevertheless we need new members. If you have friends who are not members of RAC in the amateur community please use your influence to encourage them to join RAC. Tell them about the benefits not only in terms of what they can get from RAC but that their support for RAC will procuce a better result for them.
  • One of the things we plan to do in the March/April issue of TCA is to invite the members of RAC to submit their ideas on how they think the organization should operate. Some of the things they would like to see RAC doing that we are not now doing, some of the things RAC is now doing but how they would like to see them done differently. We will get all kinds of ideas. Some may be impractical, some may be very surprising, some we may be able to use, some may be impractical to apply. It will open the door to members to indicate to us what they think of their organization and to submit suggestions they have as to how it should be operated.
  • At the April board meeting we tried a different approach to looking at a number of questions in regard to functioning better. We looked at some parts of the business plan that has been prepared largely by Ken Pulfer and Doug Leach. Not all of the recommendations in the plan were implemented but we are still going to look it over and continue to apply some of the principle recommendations.
  • The whole idea being that RAC should now be trying to make itself into a very streamlined, efficient, service and advocacy oriented organization, that will serve its members well, and to do everything in its power to increase its membership. That is our plan and our goal.
  • Ted VE3LV thanked Bill for his presentation.

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