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Minutes of Meeting Nov. 21st, 2000 Green Valley Restaurant

  • With 40 in attendance, president Jim Dean VE3IQ welcomed all including guests Frances Cartwright VA3FEC and Hans Vanderberg VE3REL. Guest speaker Don Dashney VE3RM and Keith Gowanlock VE3DBG as new members of Chapter 70 were warmly greeted.
  • The serving routine at the Green Valley Restaurant was explained by Jim.


  • Joan Powell VE3ZC thanked those who have paid their 2001 membership and reminded the members that the label on their Notice of Annual Meeting in November, indicates the expiry date of Chapter 70's membership. As mentioned by Jim VE3IQ, Chapter 70's dues, which are rather nominal, are necessary to the running of the club. Memberships which may have lapsed with QCWA Inc. should be renewed. The Life membership of $60.00 is a bargain price. membership forms are available from the secretary.

  • Ken Willing VE3CV is in hospital, Doc Plummer VE3MA is not feeling quite up to par, Bob Zieman VE3ATN has a very bad cold, and Bill Jeffrey VE3PTM has a case of bronchitis. Hopefully we will see them at our next meeting.

  • We are the best recruiters for our chapter. Inform your Amateur friends about Chapter 70. Bring them along to a meeting! Remember guests are welcomed at any time. Greetings come tonight from Bob Hanna VE3EJR who now resides in Oakville. He would like to be with us but it's just a bit too far.

  • Hard copies of the updated Constitution are availaable. Those who have access to the web will find the amended version on our web page. Doreen Morgan VE3CGO has kindly volunteered to be our new Historian archivist. Terms of reference are being drawn up.

  • Chapter 70's web site with webmaster Keith Bedal VE3GFI is excellent. Keith noted that as he receives the minutes of the latest meeting, the previous minutes are placed under archives. A new format for the index page is currently in progress. When it is operational, comments will be welcomed by Keith. Chapter 70's web site -

  • The Quarter Century Wireless Association Century certificate is available to those whose age plus number of years as a member of QCWA Inc. equals 100 or more. Anyone who wishes to apply for this certificate, should notify the executive and we shall order it for you.

  • The CNIB has a very active Amateur Radio Program. We have now joined many other ARC clubs across Canada and made a donation of $50.00 to this important group. This sum is designated from our "special funds" which in this case is from the Gerry Harbottle Estate donation.

  • The next meeting is planned for February 20, 2001.


  • Motion to approe the Minutes of the Sept. 19th, 2000 General Meeting as written , was made by Eli Desson VE3PI, seconded by Keith Bedal VE3GFI. Carried.

  • A Treasurer's Report was presented by Joan VE3ZC.
              Bank Balance on Sept. 19th, 2000           $1453.37
              Receipts                                      82.60
              Expenditures                                 505.97
              Bank Balance on Nov. 21st, 2000            $1030.00
    Expenditures: Pins $360.75; Postage $49.22; Photocopying $46.00 (422 copies available for 2001)
    Motion of acceptance was made by Joan VE3ZC and seconded by Ed Morgan VE3GX. Carried.

  • QCWA Inc. now has six new Directors. Commenting on the Toronto Convention, George VE3BNO, stated its success, although not as great an attendance as in Ottawa. Around 170, of which 18 were from the nation's Capital, attended. The Fred Hammond Chapter 73 arranged a very good convention and this Saturday will see the final meeting - and of course all the bills are paid!

  • In regard to operating, the next QCWA QSL Party takes place in March. Note too that the RAC Winter Contest is just before New Year's (Dec. 30th).

  • International Director George Roach VE3BNO proceeded with the presentation of Pins with John Barnhardt VE3ZOV and Ed Sieb VA3ES behind the cameras. A number of pins this year were presented at the Toronto Convention and others have been mailed to out-of-town addresses. The following are recipients of pins and some certificates.
           25 year    Frances Mackenzie-Roach        VE3HKG
           30 year    Nenad Stevanovic               VE3EXY
           40 year    Alan Hiles                     VE3EEC
                      Bill Monuk                     VE3BDK
           45 year    Doug Leach                     VE3XK
           50 year    Paul Campbell                  VE3PC
                      Fred Carroll                   VE3FNX
                      Bill Jeffrey                   VE3PTM
                      Bud Kingsbury                  VE3ZR
                      Bob Knapp                      VE3CDG
                      Doreen Morgan                  VE3CGO
                      Croft Taylor                   VE3CT
           65 year    Claude Bailey                  VE1HU

  • Jack Tennant VE3AHZ, Chairman of the Nominating Committee presented the slate of officers for Chapter 70
    for the year 2001.
    Past President  Jim Dean     VE3IQ   Treasurer Keith Bedal  VE3GFI
    President       Gerry King   VE3GK   Director  Ken Scrivens VE3LJ
    Vice-President  Bob Zieman   VE3ATN  Director  Doug Leach   VE3XK
    Secretary       Clare Fowler VE3NPC
    No other nominations having been received, the officers named are therefore declared elected by acclamation. Full approval was given by the members in attendance.
    John Barnhardt VE3ZOV suggested a hand to thank the current members of the Executive for a job well done.
    Jim VE3IQ thanked all other members of the executive for the cooperation he has received.
  • Phil Robinson VA3PR announced that he has 95 years in membership resulting in much laughter from the group as he gave his explanation - which sounds a bit like our politicians!

    Guest Speaker

  • A new member to Chapter 70, Don Dashney VE3RM licensed in 1945, was our guest speaker. Don is an electrical engineer graduate from McGill. He worked mainly in the broadcast transmission field for RCA, including design, manufacturing and installation of TV, FM and AM transmitters and antennas, and later joining the CBC HQ. Don is an avid DXer and works a wide spectrum of the Amateur bands. He's been active in the Montreal ARC and taught code and theory classes for 30 years.

  • According to Don on VHF bands, DXing and contesting are tied together. The lack of operation on these bands in North America is a noted problem. Operating DX on VHF is pushing the limit on many frontiers causing one to improve his/her equipment, technique and knowledge of propagation. When contesting seriously, you and your station are being put to a tremendous test. Looking in all directions on VHF is a necessity, along with your best antenna and transmission line, good relays, properly operating transmitters, etc. It's exciting!

  • On 6 meters all forms of propagation appear making it very appealing. Currently F2 layer of propagation is apparent on 6 in most parts of the world and any day now should be so in this location. Direct wave can be used for working a fair distance on 6 at virtually any time and on 2, 220 and 432 also, if well set up. Occasional enhancements on these bands, from bending in the lower atmosphere, can cause narrow band modes to cover phenomenal distances.

  • Sporadic E propagation occurring in the summer, is great for signals on 6 meters producing a multi-hop. With most of the world now operating on 6 metres, results can be very interesting. On occasion, 2 meters can be affected by sporadic E. This can be very erratic in both time and location but requires only low power for operating.

  • For DX operation on VHF bands a horizontal antenna is necessary and a high location is desirable plus a good rig of course (possibly add a transverter) and be careful if adding an amplifier (many could prove rather 'dirty'). North American beacons are found between 50.050 and 50.080, while international beacons are down to 50.002. The DX calling frequency is 50.110 - the North American is 50.125. The DX information net for 6 metres is found on 28.885. Calling frequencies are also found on 432.1 and on 2 metres, 144.2.

  • The importance and design of antennas were discussed by Don, and for help getting on these bands or for participating in contests when not able to do so at home, make contact with him.

  • Want more information? The bible, according to Don, is VHF/UHF DX, a book edited by Ian White. On the internet try

  • Jack VE3AHZ thanked Don for such an informative talk.

  • Motion for adjournment was made a 2135 hrs by Bill Barrie VE3AAS. Carried.

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