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Minutes of Meeting May 19th, 1999 Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • With 52 in attendance, President Jim Dean VE3IQ welcomed members, and introduced the executive. Guests Frances Cartwright VA3FEC, Clay Hiltz VE3TL and Pat King were especially welcomed.


  • For those who have not already done so, a reminder was given that the 1999 membership renewals are now due.

  • Croft Taylor VE3CT, International Vice-President of QCWA, spoke concerning the cost of the Journal subscription. As of July 01st, 1999 the three year subscription rate will be $25.00 US.

  • Thinking of those with health problems, Jim VE3IQ mentioned that Don Bower VE3BEF is undergoing treatment; Alan Hiles VE3EEC is on the sick list; George Collins VE3FJO had a successful triple by-pass but with all the "co-ax" that was running down his throat, it is now necessary to perform some repair work on that area; Herb Morrison VE3HMF is confined to a wheelchair; Al Oldfield VE3ANO is under medical care; Mailes Dier VE3MD is in the Cornwall Hospital, (he became a silent key on May 20th); Fred Hammond VE3HC, although at Chapter 73's May 01st meeting, is not very well.

  • Silent keys not belonging to Chapter 70 but still old friends are Chuck Miller VE3GO of Kingston, George Acton VA3QH and Art Kidney VE2GO/VE3.

  • Silent key Gerry Harbottle VE3AGU's sons, Ken and Peter, have donated his equipment to Chapter 70 to be used for the benefit of Amateur Radio. As discussed by the executive, the proceeds will be donated in Gerry's memory to the QCWA Scholarship Fund, the RAC Foundation, the Defence of Amateur Radio Fund and Chapter 70. A donation was made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation by Chapter 70 in his memory and an acknowledgement has been received from his sons. The same charity received a donation in memory of Bill Bushell VE3DXY, and a note of thanks was sent to Chapter 70 by his daughter.

  • Licenced Amateurs pursuing post-seconary education at a college or university and sponsored by an International QCWA member may apply for a scholarship. Bill Barrie VE3AAS sponsored our last QCWA scholarship recipient, Andy Webb. Ralph Cameron VE3BBM explained this year's availability of scholarships. Keith VE3GFI noted that the information on QCWA Scholarships is available on the QCWA70 WebPage.

  • Another QCWA activity was discussed by Doug Leach VE3XK. As stated by Doug, those receiving the QCWA Year Pins and Certificates must be a member in good standing with the International QCWA body. Knowing the expiry date, if not a life member, is necessary.

  • Jim VE3IQ will write a letter to Industry Canada on behalf of QCWA Chapter 70 supporting the Canada Gazette Notice DGRB-005-99 which is a proposal to allow 10 Metre operating privileges for Basic +5 WPM qualified amateurs. Further information on this and a new Industry Canada licensing proposal DGRB-004-99 can be found on their web site.

  • Fred Green VE3IO informed us that 26 High School teams will go in competition with their electrically operated cars to see how far they can go in one hour on June 05th from about 10-3 PM at the Capital City Speedway. This, by using bicycle wheels, one car battery and an electric motor.

  • Remember to inform your acquaintances who are potential members of QCWA about our group or better still, invite them to attend a dinner meeting!

  • Those members who have agreed to download the minutes should call up our web page at Keith Bedal VE3GFI reminded us that although the Chapter's order for golf and T-shirts has been received, the information is still on the web page and individuals can still place their own order. New items on the web page are now indicated by a green flag. An informative link to IARU is the latest addition.

  • Chapter 70's Constitution is available on the web site and in printed form from Joan VE3ZC.

  • In conjunction with the RAC Board of Directors Meeting and the Annual General Meeting May 29th weekend, a dinner on Saturday in honour of retiree RAC President Farrell Hopwood VE7RD will be held in Arnprior. For further information, phone RAC headquarters at 244-4367. Doug stated that the RAC General Meeting will be held on Sunday at 0930 hrs at the Emergency Preparedness College in Arnprior.

  • Jim VE3IQ noted that Ken Curry VE3PF is moving to Edmonton. Best wishes, Ken, from Chapter 70.

  • Our next dinner meeting will be on September 15th, 1999 and will be "Spouses' Night".


  • Joan VE3ZC noted that the minutes of the Feb. 17th, 1999 meeting should be corrected as follows. Guest Frances Cartwright's call is ""VA3FEC""; that Minutes of Meeting should read Feb 17, 1999; and under Business of "Nov. 18, 1999", Joan VE3ZC asked for a motion of acceptance.
    Motion of acceptance of the minutes, as amended, of February 17th, 1999 meeting was made by Ken Scrivens VE3LJ, seconded by Ralph Cameron VE3BBM. Carried.

  • A treasurer's Report was presented by Joan Powell VE3ZC.
               Bank Balance on February 17, 1999          $1063.09
               Receipts                                    1469.09
               Expenditures                                 112.75
               Bank Balance on May 19,1999                $2419.43
    Note that $1420.00 is dedicated monies from Gerry Harbottle's estate. Remainder is $999.43
    Motion to accept the Treasurer's report was made by Joan VE3ZC and seconded by Gerry King VE3GK. Carried.

  • George Roach VE3BNO reporting on Headquarter activities promoted the QCWA convention taking place in St. Louis, Missouri on September 24 & 25, 1999. He also mentioned that the year 2000's International QCWA Convention will be held in Toronto in early October.

  • Croft VE3CT, International Vice-President and George VE3BNO, International Director presented Year Pins and Certificates. Pin recipients were John Gilbert VE3CXL - 40 year; Ken Curry VE3PF - 60 year. 65-year Certificates were presented to George Adamson VE3XS, Gordie Grant VE3DY; Bill Barrie VE3AAS.(photo)

  • The venue for our September 15th meeting - Spouses' Night - was discussed by Jim VE3IQ. It was unanimously decided to stay at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant but the the lower part, holding up to 100 people, would be made available. Appreciation was shown Keith VE3GFI for being the liaison between the restaurant and our group.

  • Our projected statement of cash flow shows projected accounts payable running higher than our projected receivables. Therefore a motion by Joan Powell VE3ZC; seconded by Keith Bedal VE3GFI that Chapter 70 dues be increased from $5.00 to $8.00 from and including the year 2000. Carried unanimously..

    Guest Speaker

  • Gordie Grant VE3DY in conjunction with "Star Wars" hitting the screen this week, decided to take us into outer space!
    - - Our nearest galaxy - about 2 million light years from earth - is Andromeda which is similar (a spiral type) to our own Milky Way Galaxy. Our sun lies in an outer spiral called Orion's Arm and takes 200 billion years to complete one orbit around the galaxy's nucleus. The Milky Way contains 200 billion solar masses! From earth our sun, an average star, is 93 million miles away - about 8 minutes light-time. Approximately 94% of the atoms and nuclei in the outer parts of the sun are hydrogen. Its solar core of hydrogen has a temperature of 15 million K. Energy is generated through nuclear fusion. Isotopes, being different forms of the same element, sometimes are not stable and change into other isotopes. They are said to be radioactive. During certain types of radioactive decay, a particle called a neutrino is given off.
    - - A neutrino, not interacting with matter, heads right out of the sun, thus being the only direct probe of conditions inside it; whereas a photon of radiation takes millions of years zig-zagging its way to the sun's surface. When in Sudbury, inquire about the mine shaft looking for a neutrino!
    - - Sunspots are regions of the strongest magnetic fields on the sun, thousands of times stronger than the earth's magnetic field. Usually they occur in pairs and often these pairs are part of a larger group. In each pair one sunspot will have a polarity typical of a north magnetic pole and the other of a south magnetic pole. The magnetic fields in sunspots restrain the motions of the matter there and keep convection from carrying energy to photospheric heights from lower, hotter levels. Thus sunspots are cooler and darker. Sunspots vary with an 11 year cycle and the north magnetic and south magnetic poles of the sun reverse polarity also in an 11 year cycle. Thus the real period of solar activity is 22 years!
    - - It seems that a tremendous amount of energy is stored in the solar magnetic fields in sunspot regions. Something triggers release of this energy resulting in solar flares. These ejected particles can cause disruption in radio transmission, aurora borealis, power line surges, etc. The solar wind too increases during sunspot flares.
    - - At present we are about half way up the cycle with the peak to be reached in about 1-1/2 years. At 2100 Zulu on WWV, the solar flux reading is updated. You can hear the propagation forecast at 2118Z and then hourly at 18 minutes after the hour.
    - - Now, back to the beautiful blue planet called EARTH!

  • Ralph Cameron VE3BBM offered our appreciation to Gordie for such an informative talk.

  • Motion for adjournment was made by Bill Barrie VE3AAS - seconded by Graham Ide . VE3BYT. Carried.

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