National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada



Minutes of Meeting May 15th, 1996
Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • Following the initial time of socializing we sat down for dinner at 1845 hrs. While waiting for the meal to arrive the President, Jack Tennant, (VE3AHZ) welcomed all to the meeting. He then asked for introductions of some new members.

  • The meeting opened at 2030 hrs. Jack Tennant introduced the guest speaker, Lloyd Cope and noted that Lloyd would be pleased to answer any questions following his talk. During WWII Lloyd worked at the Monitoring station of what was then the Department of Transport. Lloyd had many interesting anecdotes related to monitoring signals from the enemy. This was particularly concerned with locating enemy submarines by DF-ing on their radio transmissions. Following Lloyd's talk Don Bower, VE3BEF, gave us some comments from his experience working at the Monitoring Station after WWII. Bill Wilson thanked the speaker for his fascinating stories.

  • After Lloyd's talk we proceeded to the business part of the meeting. Moved by Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) that the minutes of the February 21st, 1996, meeting be adopted as published. Motion seconded by Ken Curry, VE3PF. Motion carried. Keith gave a short financial report as follows:
         Balance on hand for Chapter 70 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  $519.57
         Balance on hand for 1996 Convention  .  .  .  .  . $2116.50
  • George Roach (VE3BNO) gave an update on the 1996 QCWA International Convention to be held in Ottawa Oct. 4-5, 1996. George advised us that Gord Grant (VE3DY) is to be thanked for the Convention logo that is on the Convention literature and also on the Convention advertising pins. Carl Everson (VE3BYX) informed us that he has received 11 registrations to date for a total of 22 persons.

  • Croft Taylor (VE3CT) mentioned that he and Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) attended the May meeting of QCWA Chapter 73 near Hamilton. We gave out Convention info sheets to all in attendance. There were 120 in attendance.

  • Croft reminded us again that there is still no change in Canadian rates for membership in the QCWA parent organization. This is in spite of the fact that the US rate went up by $5.00. Therefore, anyone not already a member of QCWA HQ should take advantage of the excellent rate of $60.00 life membership + $14.00 for three years of publications. Croft also informed us that a new Membership Directory will be published in 1997 - the 50th anniversary of the formation of QCWA. Ballots for voting for QCWA HQ executive will be in the mail soon. Please remember to mark and send in your ballot. Croft also mentioned that there will be major changes in the QCWA QSO party. He will have more information on this at the September meeting.

  • Jim Dean (VE3IQ) endorsed what Croft said re QCWA membership. There are application forms available at this meeting. Jim mentioned that the RAC Board meeting and Annual General meeting occurred in mid-April. Jim also briefed us on the Delegation Process. This is an on-going process which may take a year to complete. Jim expressed his own personal thanks to Lloyd for his presentation.

  • Ken Curry (VE3PF) gave an update on the disposal of George Schuthe's ham equipment. In the absence of Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM), Keith (VE3GFI) passed along Ralph's thanks to Ernie Brown (VA3OEB) and Bill Monuk (VE3BDK) for their help in supplying parts for the crystal radio sets built by the school children.

  • Jim Dean mentioned that he is ordering bench-mark pins for presentation this fall. Anyone that is due for a pin, and is a member in good standing of QCWA HQ, should notify Jim as soon as possible.

  • Croft Taylor moved and Ken Pulfer seconded that the meeting close. The time was 2135 hrs.

  • Final Words

    Please note that the address labels on the mailing envelopes now have your QCWA Chapter 70 expiry date on it. If anyone thinks that I have an incorrect expiry date - please let me know so that it can be corrected.

                       73 de Keith 

Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ)                            Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) 
President  838-5239                              Sect'y-Treas. 828-1870
104 Martin St., Box 554                          125 Ridgefield Cr.,
Richmond, Ont., K0A 2Z0                          Nepean, Ont., K2H-6T4



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