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Minutes of Meeting May 18th, 1994 Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • The initial time of socializing was much enjoyed by all present. The members sat down for dinner at 1845 hrs. The meeting was opened shortly after 2000 hrs by the President, Croft Taylor, VE3CT. Croft thanked Bill Barrie for ably chairing the meeting of Feb. 16th. Croft then briefly introduced the head table and speaker for the evening, George Roach, VE3BNO. Harry Splett, VE3HHS, was welcomed as a guest. Croft warmly welcomed back Ed (VE3GX) and Doreen (VE3CGO) Morgan.

  • Acceptance of the minutes of the Feb. 16th, 1994 meeting was moved by Doc Plummer (VE3MA), and seconded by Ken Scrivens (VE3LJ). Motion carried. A brief financial report was given by Keith (VE3GFI). The present bank balance amounts to $570.82.

  • No change in the status of the 220Mhz band was stated by Jim Dean (VE3IQ). Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM) noted no change in the status of TRC86. There were several membership pins and certificates to present tonight, but unfortunately none of those members were at this meeting. It is hoped to get the 60-year award members together for a picture to go in the Fall QCWA Journal.

  • It should be noted for the record that only members in good standing with the QCWA International Organization are eligible for awards. Croft noted that we presently have a good rate structure for membership in the QCWA parent organization and that this rate may go up later this year. Croft also noted that we do not yet have a rate for Lifetime membership for Canadians. Croft attended the QCWA Board meeting in Washington and reported that it was a very informative and well-run meeting.

  • Croft mentioned that the QCWA International Convention for 1994 will be held in El Paso, Texas. The 1995 International Convention will be held in New England. We have been asked to host the 1996 Convention. This topic was opened to our members for discussion. After due discussion it was moved by Doreen Morgan (VE3CGO), seconded by Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM) that the National Capital Chapter 70 will host the 1996 QCWA International Convention. The motion was carried unanimously. Croft will write to QCWA HQ informing them of this decision.

  • The question of QCWA Nets was then addressed. Our local Chapter 70 has been holding a VHF Net on Thursday evenings since last fall with attendance varying from 4 to 16 check-ins. The net controller is normally Jim Dean (VE3IQ). There was some discussion as to whether this NET should be continued or should we try an HF Net. After some discussion it was decided to continue operating the present VHF Net for a while longer and then re-assess the situation. The present Net operates on VE3TEL Thursday evenings at 2000 hrs, due to the courtesy of the Telephone Pioneers Club. Frequency is 147.03 out / 146.43 in. Croft brought to the attention of the Club that QCWA Chapter 73 in Southern Ontario operates an HF Net on Sundays. The Net operates on 3773 Mhz at 0900 hrs and on 7088 Mhz at 1300 hrs. Our members are invited and encouraged to check into this Net.

  • The executive terms of Croft Taylor (VE3CT), Jim Dean (VE3IQ), and Bill Barrie (VE3AAS) expire this fall. Ralph Cameron volunteered to chair a nominating committee. He will be assisted by Ken Pulfer (VE3PU) and will present the slate of officers at the September meeting. All members were reminded that the September meeting is Spouses' Night. We hope for a good turnout at that meeting.

  • The guest speaker for this evening, George Roach (VE3BNO), was introduced by Carl Everson (VE3BYX). Carl noted some of the highlights of George's career. You did a great job on short notice Carl. George gave a most interesting illustrated talk on the relocation of the CFRA AM transmitter site. Reason for moving - the surveyers for the new 416 Highway between Ottawa and the 401 put the route right through the old transmitter site. George checked out 31 different sites before deciding on the new location. Because of the highway construction timetable the moving of the transmitter site ended up being a rush job - some of it being under difficult weather conditions. Croft thanked George for his most interesting talk.

  • The meeting adjourned shortly after 2200 hrs. There were 30 members and one guest present at this meeting - a very good turnout.

                       73 de Keith 

Croft Taylor (VE3CT)                            Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) 
President  839-3336                             Sect'y-Treas. 828-1870
3 Weatherly Dr.                                 125 Ridgefield Cr.,
Kanata, Ont., K2W 1A3                           Nepean, Ont., K2H-6T4



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