National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada



Minutes of Meeting May 19th., 1993 Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • Following the usual pre-dinner socializing and the dinner itself, President Croft Taylor welcomed the 22 members and two guests - Mrs. Larry McKinley (Marg), VE3EQE, and Ken Holt, VE3VC and/or GD3IBQ (Isle of man call), Ken holds a 5 band WAZ #110 certificate and or course lots more, and returns to operate GD3IBQ every now and then. Everyone hopes to see and hear a lot more from both of them.

  • The Minutes and Financial Statements of the previous meeting were then read. These were approved by Ken Pulfer and seconded by Ken Scrivens. (seems to be a lot of "Ken's" so far!!)

  • The president next explained how several misunderstandings here and at Oregon HQ were the reasons why little or no news from Chapter 70 has appeared in HQ Publications recently. After talking to staff and the GM both in Florida and Oregon, there were promises of publishing more from us. Croft was asked to submit a brief history of our chapter for publication. Croft, incidentally, was elected Vice-President of the QCWA SUNCOAST CHAPTER 53 in SARASOTA, Florida last winter. He is going to run for a Directorship in the upcoming Internationanl Governing Body elections of QCWA. Of course he'll succeed - what choice could be better?! Another item re FLORIDA is that the INTERNATIONAL QCWA CONVENTION will be held in October in St. Petersburg - in case any of you are interested in going.

  • Both Croft, VE3CT, and George Schuthe, VE3DMC, entered the 1993 ANNUAL QCWA QSO PARTY in the Spring. They urge more of us to join in NEXT year's party as it was not only interesting, but lots of fun too. Members are also asked to please let your Executive know if there was ever a QCWA UHF NET in our area, and what do you think of starting or re-starting one up in the near future???

  • QCWA HQ ANNOUNCED DUES CHANGES AS OF OCTOBER FIRST, 1993. for memberships the fee will be 3 years for $35 with PINS RISING TO $15. (So get your payments in NOW, if overdue - or your pins requested, as they will be paid for by the Chapter. They wil be suitably presented at a meeting from now on! Finally, a NEW WORLD-WIDE MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY will be distributed to all members in the Fall of 1993.

  • Chapter Director James Dean, VE3IQ, introduced the speaker of the evening John Athey, VE2GSX and VE3GS, who must be 'way up' in the "Top Ten" DX-wise as he has QSLs back from all but 1 (Peter Island in Antarctica) of the currently listed 326 countries in the world at present. Would he fly down to get that last one, do you think? I think that MANY DXers in the world WOULD - Hi! Anyway, John gave a fascinating talk on the difficulties of getting SOME QSLs, and the ways he found that were and were not successful in achieving that 325 out of 326 VERIFIED!!! (I wonder if working in Africa as ZE3JA for several years helped a lot - perhaps. John is actually a Londoner (UK, that is) who settled here VIA Africa may years ago. John was thanked by VE3IQ, seconded by Croft Taylor and great applause from all present.

  • FINAL ITEM 1 - Perhaps some of you don't yet know that Jack Erwin, VE3BHW, has left beautiful Nepean for retirement in BELLEVILLE, at 41 Smith Crescent, K8N 4K3, telephone (613) 968-5800.

  • FINAL ITEM 2 - SILENT KEYS since the February meeting.
          To the great sadness of their many friends we must announce that:-
          Earnie Tierney, VE3AOX,  passed away on Feb. 27/93 
          Larry McKinley, VE3CPG,  passed away on March 05/93.
          Major Frank Rapp, VE3RZ, passed away on April 06/93 in the National 
          Defence  Medical Centre.
    Cards of sympathy were went to the families in the name of Chapter 70.

                       73 de Phil 

Croft Taylor (VE3CT)                            Phil Robinson (VE3CUR)
President  839-3336                             Sect'y-Treas. 821-3287
3 Weatherly Dr.                                 3231 Yorks Corners Road
Kanata, Ont., K2W 1A3                           Kenmore ON K0A 2G0



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