Draft Minutes


CHAPTER 70 DINNER MEETING and Annual General Meeting

held at




 Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Socialize from 6:15 hrs. - Dinner at 6:45 hrs.


1) At 6:15 PM, John Barnhardt, VE3ZOV welcomed 27 Chapter members and guests and introduced the head table.


Executive Members Present:


John Barnhardt                         VE3ZOV           President

Richard Ferch                            VE3KI              Past President

Luc Pernot                                VE3JGL           Vice President

Norm Rashleigh                         VE3LC             Secretary

Bryan Rawlings                          VE3QN            Treasurer & Membership

Pat Brewer                                VE3KJQ           Director Awards

Gary Spence                              VE2GK            Director Prizes


Guests included: Ginette Rashleigh - wife of Norm VE3LC, Celsa Barnhardt wife of John VE3ZOV, Elsie Parkinson- wife of Joe VE3JG,

Danielle Pernot-wife of Luc VE3JGL, Sharon Blakeman- friend of Clare VE3NPC, Louise Ainsworth VE3LJA and wife of Terry VE3TLC, Brice Wightman N6KKV (son of Brice VE3EDR) and Margaret Pippy, and Lilana Conn-wife of Dave VE3KL.


1)                                President John VE3ZOV welcomed everybody and indicated this would be our special awards presentation meeting.  Instead of a single presentation, he said, we will be calling on our more senior certificates award recipients attending to tell a bit about themselves, their careers, their travels and their early days or significant aspects of being a radio amateur. 

·         John made special mention about awarding to Chapter member Gordon Grant VE3DY last month (April 23rd), in person at our Tuesday morning breakfast meeting at Summerhayes restaurant, Gord’s QCWA 85th Anniversary Certificate as a radio amateur; Gord was first licenced with the call sign VE3ABG in 1934. This year, Gord celebrated his 100th birthday, February 22.

·         John continued by thanking members of the executive for the work they do in managing the business of the chapter and especially Pat Brewer, VE3KJQ for managing the annual awards program for the May meeting.

·         John indicated that Ken Oelke VE6AFO, president of QCWA Inc. while attending Dayton Hamvention passed his regards to Chapter 70 members.

·                           John asked anyone who might be able to give members rides to the meetings to please let a member of the Executive know. He reminded members to invite eligible amateurs to join the QCWA and the Chapter.

·                           John also encouraged members to check into the Monday night net (7:30 pm, VE3MPC repeater 100Hz tone).


2) Illness and SK Report: (Bryan Rawlings VE3QN)

There seemed to be nothing to report that we were aware of.


3) Minutes of the February 19 , 2019 dinner meeting:

John VE3ZOV asked for approval of the minutes as posted on the Chapter 70 website.  Moved by Dave Conn VE3KL and seconded by John Gilbert VE3CXL that the minutes be adopted as posted. Carried.


4) Secretary’s Report:

Norm VE3LC reported that the QCWA Journal reports have been forwarded regularly to QCWA Inc immediately following every meeting and are available for download in the QCWA Journal in the second month after they are submitted.  Expect to see this May meeting report to appear in the July Journal. 


5) Treasurer’s Report  2019 by Bryan Rawlings

Bryan indicated as of May 15, the Chapter has $4808.95 in the Bank, $211.90 in cash, no payables for a total of $5020.85 .  Chapter 70 membership shows 64 members of which 32 have paid their membership dues.  Bryan also indicated the Chapter has donated $100 to the Defense of Amateur Radio Fund administered by RAC.



6) Following the meal break:

We were entertained by personal presentations from  our more senior certificate recipients able to attend the meeting, specifically:


·                                                   Bryan Rawlings VE3QN – 60th Anniversary pin and Certificate recipient

·                                                   Clare Fowler VE3NPC – 70th Anniversary pin and Certificate recipient

·                                                   David Conn VE3KL – Century Club Certificate

·                                                   Joe Parkinson VE3JG – Century Club Certificate


Also, Anniversary Pins and Certificates awarded:


40th  Anniversary Pin

·         Pat Brewer VE3KJQ

·         Keiran Shepard VA3KS (not present at meeting)

45th  Anniversary Pin

·         Frances MacKenzie-Roach VE3HKG (not present at meeting)

·         Gary Spence VE2GK

55th  Anniversary Pin and Certificate

·         John Barnhardt VE3ZOV

·         Dick Bonnycastle VE3FUA (not present at meeting)

·         John Hewitt VE3PUX (not present at the meeting)

·         Ray Perrin VE3FN (not present at the meeting)

70th  Anniversary Pin and Certificate

·         Jack Belrose VE2CV (not present at the meeting)


Those not present will receive their pins/certificates by mail or by personal delivery.

7) The last order of business was the draw for door prizes and the 50/50.

·         The Door Prizes were won by Celsa Barnhardt, Louise Rawlings and Danielle Pernot.

·         The 50-50 Draw was won by Darin Cowan, VE3OIJ

8) Next meeting:  

Before closing, John Barnhardt VE3ZOV announced that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday September 17, 2019 at KS on the Keys.  Presentation to be advised

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm

Minutes prepared by:

Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC