Spouses and Ladies Night

held at




 Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Socialize from 6:15 hrs - Dinner at 6:45 hrs



1) At 6:45 PM, Richard Ferch, VE3KI welcomed 44 Chapter members, spouses, ladies and guests, and introduced the head table:


Executive Members Present:


Richard Ferch                              VE3KI           President

David Conn                                  VE3KL           Past President                

John Barnhardt                            VE3ZOV        Vice President

Alan Goodacre                             VE3HX          Director

Bryan Rawlings                             VA3QN          Treasurer

Norm Rashleigh                            VE3LC          Secretary


Regrets for Absence:


Pat Brewer                                  VE3KJQ        Director


Guests included:

Louise Rawlings, Ginette Rashleigh, Liliana Conn, Jane Ferch, Katharine Petersen, Dorothy Salt, Marjorie friend of with Doreen Morgan, Barrie and Pat Crampton (VE3BSB & VA3GTY), Danielle Pernot.  There were other guests but not all were recorded on the sign-in sheet.



2) Annual Acknowledgments: Richard VE3KI thanked the volunteers/executive for their hard work and dedication to Chapter 70:


Doug Leach:             Web master and archivist

John Barnhardt:       Photography, Restaurant bookings

John Barnhardt:       Chapter 70 Monday night net

Norm Rashleigh:      Secretary, QCWA inc. interface and reports

Norm Rashleigh:      Estate sales

Pat Brewer:               Pins/Certificates

Barry Allison:            Chapter 70 master database & past Treasurer

Bryan Rawlings:      Treasurer

Dave Conn:              Door prizes, meeting speakers & nominations


3) Summer event: Richard VE3KI announced that the Executive was thinking of organizing a summer picnic activity, possibly at Rideau River Provincial Park with some optional ham radio operating activities for those interested. The suggested date is Monday August 21, which is the date of a solar eclipse which will be partial here in Ottawa. He asked for a show of hands of interest in such an event. A number of folks showed interest indicating the event will be planned.


4) Trial of remotely operated station: Richard announced that thanks to Joe Parkinson VE3JG, there was a TenTec Omni VII transceiver installed at Richard’s QTH that could be controlled remotely over the Internet using free software. He indicated that anyone wishing to try operating it remotely could do so by contacting Richard at ve3ki@rac.ca .


5) Illness and SK Report: - John Barnhardt VE3ZOV, reported that local amateur Gerry Dillion, VE3MP, passed away in February.  Gerry was not a QCWA member but was active in the Pioneer Amateur Radio Club and known by many local amateurs.  There was a moment of silence called to remember Gerry.


6) Presentation of pins and certificates:  Richard Ferch, VE3KI, and Norm Rashleigh VE3LC presented the following members with anniversary pins and certificates:

Name                      Callsign                     Year                Present to Receive 

Linda Lou Oelke   VE6LGO                    25                    Not present

Terry Ainsworth     VE3TLC                     30

Don Salt                 VE3PFS                    35

Frank Stratton        VE3YY                       40

Barry Allison          VE3NJK                     45

Duncan Schuthe  VE3GXU                    45                    Not present

Dave Parks            VE3AV                       50

Richard Bandla     VE3CVG                    55                    Not present

Ken Holt                 VE3VC                       65

Ralph Cameron    VE3BBM                    70

Brice Wightman    VE3EDR                    70


Doug Leach           VE3XK                       Century Certificate


Those who were not present to receive their pins/certificates will be mailed their awards.




7) After Dinner Speaker: 


John Gilbert, VE3CXL, gave a presentation entitled “The Remarkable Wireless World of Ernie Brown”, telling the story and activities of Chapter 70 member Ernie Brown VE3OEB during his war time service. Ernie himself and several members of his family were able to listen in and participate in the presentation via a Skype link to his home in Stouffvile Ontario. Many members attending the Ottawa meeting were able to say hello and give best wishes to Ernie through the live Internet with Ernie who is now 96 years young.

The John Gilbert was introduced by Dave Conn, VE3KL. Following the presentation, he was thanked by Richard Ferch VE3KI.

8) Special thanks to John Gilbert, VE3CXL for WSPR Beacon on C3 Expedition

Guest attendee at the meeting, Barrie Crampton, VE3BSB from Perth addressed the meeting to give a special thanks to John Gilbert who helped facilitate the installation on the QRPLabs WSPR beacon transmitter on the C3 Expedition vessel that will be leaving Toronto on June 1st to sail around the top of Canada on a 3 coast voyage of 150 days to Victoria, BC.  The voyage is in celebration of the 150 years of Canada this year as a nation.  Without John re-writing the proposal channeling it to some of his “connections”, the project to install the WSPR beacon transmitter may not have been possible. The WSPR beacon having the special call sign CG3EXP will be a means of tracking the movement of the vessel during its epic voyage while transmitting on the WSPR frequencies on the 40, 30, and 20 metre bands.  The transmissions can be tracked at http://wsprnet.org .


9) Door Prizes and 50-50 draw.

The Door Prizes for the ladies attending were presented by Dave Conn, VE3KL.  The three winners were Pat Crampton, VA3GTY, Brice Wightmans’s XYL, and Neal Petersen’s XYL, Katharine.  The 50/50 was won by Don Salt, VE3PFS.

10) Next meeting: 

Before closing, Richard VE3KI announced that the next dinner meeting will be held on Tuesday September 20 at KS on the Keys. 

The guest speaker have yet to be determined.  Stay tuned to the web site for details.

Richard encouraged members to check into the Monday evening net on VE3MPC repeater, 147.15 +


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.


Minutes prepared by:

Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC

Secretary, Chapter 70