Spouses and Ladies Night

Held at:




 Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Socialize from 6:15 hrs - Dinner at 6:45 hrs


1) At 6:45 PM, Richard Ferch, VE3KI welcomed 49 Chapter members, spouses, ladies and guests, and introduced the head table.


Executive Members Present:


Richard Ferch                                          VE3KI                         President

David Conn                                             VE3KL                        Past President              

John Barnhardt                                        VE3ZOV         Vice President

Pat Brewer                                              VE3KJQ          Director to be ratified

Barry Allison                                           VE3NJK          Treasurer

Norm Rashleigh                                       VE3LC            Secretary


Guests:      Jim Goldie, VE5SHK and Leonard Vogel. As well, Justine Sider from Industry Canada accompanied by husband Alan along with other members spouses and friends that were un-recorded on sign-in sheet.


2) Annual Acknowledgments: Richard VE3KI thanked the volunteers/executive for their hard work and dedication to Chapter 70:


Doug Leach:                Web master and archivist

Jim Dean:                    Chapter 70 Monday night net

Marcel Lemay:             Pins/Certificates

Ralph Cameron:            2013 Audit

Bob MacKenzie:          Restaurant bookings in 2013, Estate sales

John Barnhardt:            Photography, Restaurant bookings in 2014

Dick Bonnycastle:         Financial and banking services in 2013

Barry Allison:                Chapter 70 master database, Treasurer in 2014

Norm Rashleigh:           Secretary, QCWA inc. interface and Journal reports

Dave Conn:                  Door prizes, nominations


3) Picnic: Richard VE3KI announced that, building on the success of last year’s picnic, the Executive was planning to organize a picnic at the Rideau River Provincial Park, with some optional ham radio operating activities for those interested. Date to be determined but most likely mid-August (August 13?).  To be advised to the membership soon.


4) New Director:  Pat Brewer VE3KJQ


Dave Conn VE3KL nominated Pat Brewer VE3KJQ for a 2 year term as a director for QCWA Chapter 70.  The nomination was seconded by Joe Parkinson, VE3JG.  Carried.


5) Illness and SK Report: - John Barnhardt VE3ZOV, reported on sick and ailing members as follows:


QCWA and Chapter 70 member, Ed Sieb passed away since the last meeting. Ed was well known in the Ottawa area and was the net minder of the Capital City Swap net.  There was no local announcement or service.


6) Presentation of pins and certificates:  Richard Ferch, VE3KI, and Marcel Lemay, VE3FNG, presented the following members with anniversary pins and certificates:

Name                        Callsign                        Year                 Present to Receive       

Betty Broome-Newkirk, VE3ZBB     25

Pat Brewer                VE3KJQ                      35

Kieran Shepherd       VA3KS                       35                    no

Frances Mackenzie-Roach, VE3HKG           40                    no

John Barnhardt          VE3ZOV                     50

Dick Bonnycastle       VE3FUA                     50

Ray Perrin                 VE3FN                        50

John Hewitt               VE3PUX                     50

Bryan Rawlings          VE3QN                       55

Paul Reed                  VE2LR                        55                    no

Mike Rowlands         VA3MR                       55                    no

John Belrose  VE2CV                        65                    no

Clare Fowler VE3NPC                     65

Gus Holtz                  VE3VK                       65                    no

Claude Bailey            VE1HU                        80                    no

Bill Barrie                  VE3AAS                     80                    no

Gord Grant                VE3DY                        80                    no

Jim Dean                   VE3IQ                         Century Club


Those who were not present to receive their pins/certificates will be mailed their awards by mail.




7) After Dinner Speakers: 

Introducing Amateur Radio to Youth

Presenters – Dave Conn VE3KL and Bryan Rawlings VE3QN

The speakers were introduced by Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC.

Bryan introduced Justine Sider of Industry Canada. On behalf of Radio Amateurs of Canada, he presented her with a small gift in appreciation of the work she has done in the interests of Canadian amateurs both in preparing for and attending ITU meetings in Geneva and in preparation of Industry Canada responses to amateur radio-related proposals from RAC, including work on frequency allocations at 5 MHz and 472-479 kHz.

Justine Sider then described how her childrens’ school had come to request presentations on amateur radio in 2013, and Bryan gave a talk on these presentations. David then gave presentations that had previously been given to high school students at Carleton University in 2007 and to Cubs in Orleans in 2011 and 2014.

The speakers were thanked by Barry Allison, VE3NJK.

8) Door Prizes and 50-50 draw.

The Door Prizes for the spouses and ladies were presented by Dave Conn, VE3KL with the assistance of special guest Justine Sider.

9) Next meeting: 

Before closing, Richard VE3KI announced that the next dinner meeting will be held  on Tuesday September 16 at KS on the Keys. 

The guest speaker will be Clayton Smith, VE3IRR, to speak on Software Defined Radio development using GNU Radio. 


Richard encouraged members to check into the Monday night net on VE3MPC, 147.15 MHz + at 7:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Minutes prepared by


Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC

Chapter 70 Secretary.