of the


held at



6:45 pm – 9:30 pm

 May 17, 2011


1)                          At 6:45 PM, Vice President David Conn welcomed 45 Chapter members, spouses and guests, and introduced the head table.

2)                          Present:       

         Director                         John Gilbert, VE3CXL

         Director                         Richard Ferch, VE3KI

         Director                         George Roach, VE3BNO     

         Treasurer                      Dick Bonnycastle, VE3FUA

         Secretary                      Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC



         Past President             Bob Mackenzie, VA3RKM



Guests:   Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, President, Radio Amateurs of Canada along, along RAC Director, Ontario North/East,  Bill Unger, VE3XT        


                 Neal Petersen, VE3DHE was welcomed as a new member of Chapter 70



3)                          Minutes of the February 15, 2011 dinner meeting: - Dave, VE3KL asked for approval of the minutes as posted on the Chapter 70 website.   Moved by Dick, VE3FUA and seconded by John, VE3CXL that the minutes be adopted as posted. Carried.


4)                          Secretary’s Report: - Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC, provided the following brief report.

*   Created the email list of club members.

*   Dave Parks sent in the QCWA Journal Report.

*   John, VE3CXL, is continuing to update master database.

*   The web master of : www.qcwa.org/chapters-on the air chpt.htm  was advised to update Chapter 70 net information to reflect VE3MPC.

*   Otherwise, there was no formal correspondence received or sent.


                 Moved by Joan Powell, VE3ZC, and seconded by Joe Parkinson, VE3JG, that the Secretary’s report be accepted. Carried


5)                          Treasurer’s report: – The Treasurer’s report was presented by Dick Bonnycastle, VE3FUA, as follows:

Report for the period Jan. 26 to April, 2011

Income: $545.03
Expenses: $430.51
Net increase: $114.52


Dick VE3FUA moved that the Treasurer’s report be approved. Seconded by Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN.  Carried



6)                          Illness and SK Report: - Richard Ferch, VE3KI, reported on the sick and ailing members as follows:


*   Bob Mackenzie, VE3RKN, is recovering from bout of pneumonia.

*   John Hewitt, VE3PUX, could not attend the meeting due a surgical procedure.

*   Also reported was the passing of a previous member Bud Kingsbury, VE1ZR.








7)                          Presentation of pins and certificates:  Dave Conn, VE3KL, and Marcel Lemay, VE3FNG, presented the following members with anniversary pins and certificates:

Name                       Callsign                      Year                Present to Receive  

Brice Wightman     VE3EDR        Century Club Certificate       Yes

George Roach        VE3BNO                    65                                Yes                 

Tom Bartello           VE3ELM                    55                                No

Ernie Crump           VE3OU                       55                                No

Joe Parkinson        VE3JG                       55                                Yes

Ken Oelke               VE6AFO                    50                                No

Bob MacKenzie     VA3RKM                    45                                No

Ken Asmus             VA3KA                       40                                No

Pat Byers                VE3EUR                    40                                No

Ed Pugh                  VE3PU                       40                                No

James Rowland     VE3GHR                    40                                No

Alan Beck               VY2WU                      35                                No

Ying Hum                 VA3YH                       35                                No

Murray Pierce         VE3IFP                      35                                No                  

Gary Hyatt               VE3MJT                     30                                Yes     


Those that were not present to receive their pins/certificates will be mailed their awards.


8)                                               Nominating Report: John Gilbert moved that Norm, VE3LC, be appointed as the club secretary for a two year term. Seconded by Ed Morgan, VE3GX. Carried.   He also moved that Dave, VE3KL be appointed as the club president for a two year term.  Seconded by Doreen Morgan, VE3CGO. Carried


9)                                               News and Notices:  Dave VE3KL: Dave addressed the motion made at the previous Dinner meeting by Ed, VE3GX. He reminded the members that this motion was sent back to the Executive committee for further consideration which concluded that its members needed further information before voting.  Hence, John, VE3CXL and Dave, VE3KL prepared a Discussion Paper to be circulated to all members and posted on the QCWA Chapter 70 Web site.  The motion will be debated at the September meeting provided that it has a seconder.


10)                                           New Business:

*   Chapter’s Privacy Policy on information held will be presented at the September meeting.


11)                                              After Dinner Speaker: - Dick Bonnecastle, VE3FUA introduced the after dinner speaker  Ken Pulfer, VE3PU who spoke on his experiences with the Canadian Space Program.  Ken was thanked by Dave, VE3KL.


12)                                              Door Prizes and 50-50 draw.

The Door Prizes were for the ladies and spouses.  Each lady attending the meeting was given the name of a famous woman as her alias.  The draw was a matter of elimination, the last 4 names not drawn were the winners of the door prizes. 

*   The four winners were:  Jane Fetherstone-Ferch, xyl of Richard, VE3KI, Doreen Morgan, VE3CGO and xyl of Ed, VE3GX, Marg Heaslip, VE3EQE and Barb Evans, xyl of Dave VE3AV.


*   The 50/50 draw had a total pot of $76.  The club kept $38 and $38 was given to winner, Doug Leach, VE3XK.


13)                      Next meeting: - Before closing, Dave VE3KL announced that the next dinner meeting will be held at Robbie's Restaurant on Tuesday, September 13, 2010. The guest speaker will be George de Witte, VE3AYB who will review the story how 19th century telegraph technology was re-applied in a 1970’s High Capacity Digital Microwave system and Double-Dotting was re-defined as Partial Response or Duo-Binary signalling.    He also encouraged members to check into the Monday evening QCWA 2 meter net on VE3MPC, 147.150 + 600 .


14)                                           The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.