of the


held at


6:45 pm – 9:45 pm



At 6:50 PM, President Bob MacKenzie, VA3RKM, welcomed 59 members and guests and introduced the head table.


Vice-President Dave Conn, VE3KL

Director Dick Bonnycastle, VE3FUA

Director Richard Ferch, VE3IAY/VE3KI

Director Doug Leach, VE3XK


As requested by the President, Jim Dean, VE3IQ, introduced several members of RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada) and the CARAB (Canadian Amateur Radio Advisory Board) present as guests:

Bob Cooke, VE3BDB, President RAC

Sue Cooke, VE3SUH, A/VP Field Services

Bill Unger, VE3XT, RAC Director North and East Ontario

Geoff Smith, VA3GS, RAC Director Ontario South accompanied by his wife, Jennie.

Janice Neelands, VA3PAX accompanied by her husband Greg Danylchenko, VE3YTZ.

Additional guests noted by the President were Jim Cummings, VE3XJ and Harry Splett, VE3HHS.



Secretary Ken Pulfer, VE3PU -  (Tom Bartello, VE3ELM, was a/secretary for this meeting)

Treasurer, Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN


Correspondence Report:  - Tom, VE3ELM, identified items of correspondence during the past two months.

·        The Annual Report provided by the secretary to the General Manager, QCWA

·        For publication, the Chapter 70 quarterly Journal Report forwarded to QCWA.


Minutes of the February 17, 2009 dinner meeting:  Tom Bartello, VE3ELM, asked for approval of the minutes of the February 17, 2009 dinner meeting as posted on the Chapter 70 website. Moved by Croft Taylor, VE3CT and seconded by John Barnhardt,  VE3ZOV, that the minutes be adopted as posted. Motion carried.


Illness and SK Report from Richard VE3KI: - On behalf of the members of Chapter 70, Richard expressed condolences to:

·        Ying Hum,VA3YH, on the passing of his wife

·        Margaret Heaslip,VE3EQE, on the passing of her daughter.

and noted recent “Silent Keys”:

·        SK – George Blanchette, VE3BAD

·        SK – Eli Desson,VE3PI

In addition, Richard reported that Bert Barry, VE3QAA, is well on the road to recovery following his recent illness.


Treasurer’s report: -  Although absent for this meeting, Bryan previously provided the following report:

Treasurer’s Report 21 April 2009
Balance as at 16 February 2009 $ 1491.60

REVENUES & EXPENSES: 16 Feb to 21 Apr 2009 …

Membership Renewals   $ 195.00
Bank Interest                  $   00.14
Subtotal                          $ 195.14

Membership Pins           $ 155.33
Subtotal                          $ 155.33

Balance as at 21 April 2009                         $ 1531.41
Membership fees accrued beyond current year
2010 membership dues accrued              $ 225.00
2011 membership dues accrued                $ 60.00


 QCWA International report from Joan Powell VE3ZC: -

·        As Joan was absent for this meeting, the President reminded those present of the QCWA Convention and cruise in late October for QCWA members from all Chapters. Details are available on the QCWA web site.


News and notices: - Bob VA3RKM provided a short news report including the following items:

·        The executive has decided to release the updated Chapter history at the end of this calendar year

·        Although still under discussion since our last dinner meeting, the Executive is leaning towards having the February 2010 meeting as a daytime luncheon however they are still looking for input from the members on this subject.

·        The president noted that not all chapter members are RAC members and invited those not currently RAC members to consider joining RAC.

·        The executive is looking for a new Chapter Archivist.

·        The president reminded everyone of the need to keep our chapter strong by actively looking out for new members.


Presentations: -

Dick, VE3FUA, presented the following pins:

            25 years – Vladimir Milutinovic, VE3JM

            30 years – Pat Brewer, VE3KJQ

            45 years - John Barnhardt, VE3ZOV; John Hewitt, VE3PUX  (absent);

            Ray Perrin, VE3FN (absent)

            50 years & certificates – Graham Ide, VE3BYT;

            Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN (absent); Paul Reed, VE2LR (absent);

            Mike Rowlands, VA3MR (absent).

            60 years & certificate – Jack Belrose, VE2CV (absent); Clare Fowler, VE3NPC;

            Gus Holtz, VE3VK; Ken Pulfer, VE3PU (absent).

            75 years pins – Claude Bailey, VE1HU (absent);

            Bill Barrie, VE3AAS (absent); Barc Dowden, VE3TT (absent)

Croft Taylor VE3CT presented a 75 year pin & plaque to Gordon Grant VE3DY.

After Dinner Talk:  Following dinner, Chapter 70 vice president Dave Conn VE3KL introduced guest speaker Doug Leach VE3XK. Doug’s talk was   Mapping the Canadian North - and working a little DX between weather observations". This presentation described Doug's interesting (and occasionally dangerous) school summer job on a 1957 aerial survey of Baffin Island. He also showed how that and other aerial surveys by local Ottawa firms resulted in maps that were fundamental to subsequent Arctic development over the past fifty years. Doug was thanked by Richard, VE3KI.

Door prizes and 50-50 draw: - Dick, VE3FUA, conducted the selection of winning tickets for the door prizes and for the 50/50 draw. The winner of the 50/50 draw this evening collected $53. The president noted that the proceeds from the 50/50 draw are the sole source of funding for the door prizes.

Final Remarks: - Before closing the meeting, the president announced that the next dinner meeting is to be held on September 15th 2009.