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6:45 pm – 9:45 pm

 1. Welcome

President Dave Parks, VE3AV, seated at the head table and chairing the evening’s proceedings, welcomed 66  members and spouses to the dinner meeting.

2. Minutes of the 20 February 2007 Dinner Meeting

Acting secretary Bob MacKenzie, VA3RKM, reported that the minutes were posted on the Chapter web site. Bob moved that the minutes be approved, seconded by Croft Taylor, VE3CT.  Motion carried.

 3. Secretary’s Report

            Acting secretary Bob VA3RKM reported that Secretary Tom VE3ELM had mailed pins and covering letters to Dave Goodwin, VE3AAQ, Richard Ferch, VE3IAY, Gord Curling, VE3KKL and Kieran Shepherd, VA3KS.

 4. FISTS report

            Bob VA3RKM reported that the Chapter 70 website had information on the FISTS programme and how to participate on behalf of the chapter.

 5. Thanks to Keith Bedal for website management

On behalf of the Chapter Membership, Dave extended thanks and appreciation for service to Keith Bedal for his great work on the Chapter 70 website. He then welcomed Doug VE3XK as the new webmaster.

6. Antenna By-law

            Dave Goodwin, VE3AAQ, RAC director, brought us up to date on the latest version of the antenna by-law proposed for Ottawa.

 7. Certificates and Pins

            A Century certificate was presented to Ken Pulfer, VE3PU. Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB, former QST “How’s DX” editor as W9BRD, was awarded a 70-year licensed certificate. Also, 60-year certificates were presented to Ralph Cameron, VE3BBM; Brice Wightman, VE3EDR; Keith Bedal, VE3GFI; and Bert Barry VE3QAA. A 55-year certificate was awarded to Ken Holt, VE3VC, in absentia.

            Pins for 40 years were presented to Dave Parks, VE3AV and Rick Bandla, VE3CVG (absent). Pins for 35 years licensed were awarded to Joan Powell, VE3ZC; Duncan Schuthe, VE3GXU (absent); and Ed Sieb, VE3ES. Pins for 30 years were given to Don Heaslip, VE3NJH; and to Brian Jeffery, VE3UU;  George Morgan, VE3GM; and Frank Stratton, VE3YY (all absent).  

            As usual, pins will be mailed to absentees.

 8. Guest Speaker

The guest speaker for the evening was Ernie Brown, VA3OEB, who spoke on the Northwest Staging Route. During the Second World War, Ernie served in the Merchant Marine and later with the Department of Transport. He was stationed at Aishihik in the Yukon Territory which served as a station on the staging route. The route was used to help ferry aircraft from Canada and the USA to the Soviet Union, and stations a hundred miles or so apart provided radio ranging and direction as well as weather reports and emergency service. The Radio Range frequencies were 200-400 kHz, with Air to Ground communication at 3105 or 6210kHz. Inter-station contacts were made by 15-20wpm CW on 6-8mHz. A 4-course Radio Range would transmit A and N Morse characters from 4 different towers 125 to 500 feet apart. When a pilot heard a steady tone, this would provide the course heading to be followed for that leg. By means of phasing, other course headings could also be transmitted.

Ernie noted that many of the ferry pilots were women, and that while the staging route afforded help in North America, in Soviet airspace pilots were sometimes lost to bad weather or mechanical failure. Thousands of aircraft were delivered to the front by means of the Northwest Staging Route.

Joe Parkinson VE3JG thanked Ernie for his engrossing talk on this interesting aspect of radio and military history.

9. Adjournment

Prior to concluding the evening, the draw(s) for the door prizes and the 50/50 draw were conducted with several lucky winners taking home the various prizes.

President Dave Parks, VE3AV, adjourned the meeting at 9:45 pm.  

Next Dinner Meeting – 18 September 2007

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