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Minutes of Meeting         May 17th, 2000      Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • With 38 in attendance, President Jim Dean VE3IQ welcomed members. A special welcome was given to new member Bill Rieveley VA3AWJ - accompanied by his daughter Kathy. Another new member was also noted, that being Bud Kingsbury VE1ZR of Halifax N.S. area. Inform your Amateur friends about Chapter 70. Bring them along to a meeting!


  • Bob Zieman, VE3ATN our Vice-President, had a mild stroke so is not with us tonight and Herb Morrison VE3HMF is not feeling up to par. This year we have been saddened to have Bill Sullivan VO1AI, Don Bower VE3BEF, Carl Everson VE3BYX, and Ken Robinson VE3GIR become silent keys.

  • Our Director Alan Hiles VE3EEC, on a rather sudden impulse, decided to move to Calgary where other family members reside. We regretfully accepted his resignation and wish him well in his new surroundings.

  • A founding Chapter 70 member who has been on the Executive in the past, Ken Scrivens VE3LJ, has graciously accepted our request that he finish the term of Director ending December 2001.

  • A thank you was given to Bill Rothwell VE3FGW, who, although busy being Treasurer of RAC, did an audit of our books for 1999 and found them in good order.

  • Jim VE3IQ, on a motion from the Executive, requested a Meritorious Award from QCWA headquarters be forthcoming in the name of the late Carl Everson VE3BYX. This award having been received by Chapter 70, will be presented to Carl's wife Barbara on May 25th at the breakfast meeting, Embassy West on Carling Ave. at 0930 hrs. Barbara was unable to attend tonight's meeting or that of Sept. 19th.

  • On the web-site, as announced by Keith Bedal VE3GFI, new items are constantly being added. Information regarding the presentation of the Meritorious Award and archived minutes back to 1993 are presently on the web-site. For minutes prior to 1993 it is suggested to refer to the club's history, photos, etc. - which may be found at

  • The Toronto 2000 International Convention forms were made available by International Vice-President Croft Taylor VE3CT. The convention takes place October 13-15th and is being held at the Delta Toronto Airport Hotel. Many interesting forums and tours have been arranged. Join us at the 2000 QCWA Convention!
    In Fall 2001, the convention will take place on a cruise out of Miami. After that, it is questionable whether there will be further full scale conventions.

  • Croft VE3CT also informed us of a QCWA Endowment Fund to provide HQ with enough funds to delay any further increase in dues and still be able to cover operating costs. A $10,000 donation has been made by one member, with the understanding that any donations whether cash, stocks, bonds or equipment to be sold, etc., would be matched from this sum to the Endowment Fund.

  • Fred Green VE3IO promoted the Electrathon Car Competition on June 3rd, free at the Capital City Speedway in Stittsville on old Hwy 7 at 1100 hrs (suggest to be there by 1000 hrs) and another race will take place around 1300 or 1400 hrs.

  • On behalf of Amateurs via RAC, our Ken Pulfer VE3PU is now in Istanbul attending WARC 2000. The local radio club has set up a station with call TA1ITU. Rationalization of the 40-meter band is proposed as an agenda item for 2003.


  • Motion to approve the Minutes of the February 16th, 2000 General Meeting as written , was made by Keith VE3GFI, seconded by Ed Morgan VE3GX. Carried.

  • A Treasurer's Report was presented by Joan Powell VE3ZC.
    Bank Balance on February 16th, 2000                $4003.58
    Receipts                                106.24
    Expenditures                           2655.68
    Bank Balance on May 17th, 2000                     $1454.14
    (Debits:  Charity Donations $75, RAC Foundation $1000,  Defence of Amateur
              Fund $1000,   Radio Amateurs of Canada $500, Pictures $28.72,
              Dinner $20.50, Postage $31.46.
              $2500 was from the estate of Gerry Harbottle).
    Motion of acceptance was made by Joan VE3ZC and seconded by 
    Doreen Morgan VE3CGO.  Carried.

  • The Executive has decided to move the September General Dinner Meeting to the Green Valley as being Spouses' Night, space at this Family Restaurant is at a premium. With a show of hands, it was decided that Tuesday evening rather than Thursday would be the night of our meeting, as Wednesday evenings are not available at the Green Valley. Please note the Notice of Meeting section at the top of page 1 for more information.

  • It was noted by Joan VE3ZC that 16 pieces of correspondence have been sent out on behalf of Chapter 70 since the last meeting. Cards of appreciation sent by the families of the late Bill Sullivan, Don Bower, Carl Everson and Ken Robinson were read.

  • As mentioned by International Director George Roach VE3BNO on Headquarter activities, election time is coming so keep in mind that both George and Croft constitute the Canadian portion of the QCWA Inc. Board. Remember to vote! George did note that mistakenly the HQ office had omitted a name from the list of candidates for election that had been sent to several members. Likely the ones coming to Canada are not affected. Anyway it is the yellow ballot that is being officially recognized.

Guest Speaker

  • Larry Kayser VA3LK, a member of Chapter 70 who is very active in research and a good friend to Amateur Radio was introduced by George VE3BNO.

  • Changes are coming in Amateur Radio! Introduction of new HF equipment is becoming rare and far less people are now involved in the development of Amateur Radio products. Average age in this hobby is about 45 years and rapidly going up!
  • Living on an island in the Rideau Canal with underwater power and telephone feeds causing a zero noise level and with another island two miles away, Larry saw the possibility of putting an antenna on the second island. So with the help of fibre, etc., infra-red links , were accomplished.
  • In North America there is a licence free band from 160 to 190 kHz using 1 watt with a 50 foot total antenna link with transmitter and feedline. Now with BPSK (binary phase shift keying) and computer ability to encode and decode a signal, a grab mode can be set continually for 7 days a week looking for a signal. Over a 1600 mile distance, a 1 watt signal has been sent and copied many times on LF using BPSK.
  • In Europe 72 and 136 kHz, in New Zealand 160-190 kHz have been turned over to the Amateurs. LF signals between Australia and N.Z. have been copied for a number of years. Larry has suggested that RAC ask for Amateur allocation from 160 to 190 kHz. Low frequency allows much more stability although weaker signals.
  • Trans Atlantic 2 from Newfoundland, this time with low frequency LF, hopes to be accomplished in November, leaving Trans Atlantic 3 using 2 meters for another time! Upon requesting an Amateur licence from Industry Canada for 135.7 to 137.8 kHz, Larry received just that, valid until April 30, 2001. The November Trans Atlantic 2 expedition expects to be on the air Nov. 10th or 11th for 2 weeks, 3 weekends and will require some funding, so donations are welcome!
  • A 10, 5 or 1 bit per second phase shift keying will be used. The computer will sort out 24 bit words out of an extended sequence, trying to find a matched pattern. It goes from about 40 megabytes down to about 2 when the computer finds a legitimate sequence.
  • Involved in the Trans Atlantic 2 exercise is visual cw, BPSK, the next generation of visual software, DFCW, FSK, synchronizing to GPS satellites and receiver bandwidths as low as 5 millihertz! Experimentation is an important part of Amateur Radio for Larry. Following the November experience, what then? - well, maybe to work across the North Atlantic from Westport and second licence in Newfoundland.
  • Thanks to Larry VA3LK for such an interesting informative talk was given by Jack VE3AHZ.

  • Motion for adjournment was made by Ted Turner VE3LV. Carried.
    Jim Dean (VE3IQ)                                                            Joan Powell (VE3ZC)
    President  733-5585        WebPage -           Sect'y-Treas. 825-4543
    1134 Plante Drive                                                           3112 Woodroffe Ave.,
    Ottawa, Ont., K1V 9E8      VE3QCW on Thursday. 2000 hrs 147.03 (VE3TEL)     Nepean, Ont., K2J 4G3
    Thursday at 0930 hrs - breakfast Embassy West Motor Hotel Restaurant



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