Archived Minutes QCWA Chapter 70 of Feb. 17th, 1999

National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada



Minutes of Meeting Feb. 17, 1999 Carlingwood Restaurant

  • With 42 in attendance, President Jim Dean VE3IQ welcomed members, and guests Frances Cartwright VA3FAC, Madelaine Nottingham, Bob Kavanagh VE3OSZ, George Adamson Jr. and John Fletcher. New members are Dick Patterson VA3EY, Duncan Schuthe VE3GXU, and Bob Zieman VE3ATN.


  • For those who have not already done so, a reminder was given that the 1999 membership renewals are now due.

  • Thinking of those with health problems, Jim VE3IQ mentioned that Carl Everson VE3BYX is recovering. Fred Hammond VE3HC is coming along and doing as well as can be expected. Norm Rashleigh VE3LC is suffering from a detached retina, and Mailes Dier VE3MD is in Cornwall Hospital with inoperable cancer (cards would be appreciated).

  • Recent silent keys were recorded by Jim:- Gerry Harbottle VE3AGU and Bill Bushell VE3DXY of Chapter 70, as well as other area Amateurs, Laurie Cote VE3GLC, Murray Harris VA3MVH and Yvette , the wife of Herb Morrison VE3HMF. Donations in memory of Gerry and Bill have been made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Letters of condolence on behalf of the club have been sent to their families by Joan VE3ZC.

  • Gerry Harbottle VE3AGU's sons have donated his equipment to Chapter 70 to be used for the benefit of Amateur Radio. The items will be available at the OVMRC flea market on May 1st. As discussed by the executive, the proceeds will be donated in Gerry's memory to the QCWA Scholarship Fund, the RAC Foundation, the Defence of Amateur Radio Fund, RAC and Chapter 70. As we were reminded by Jim VE3IQ, an inventory of Amateur Radio equipment should be listed by us all. (Forms are available from the secretary Joan VE3ZC).

  • Remember to inform your acquaintances who are potential members of QCWA about our group or better still, invite them to attend a dinner meeting.

  • Keith Bedal VE3GFI noted updates to our web page. The date of recent changes is now at the top of the page, the QCWA Nets are listed; information on the golf shirts (George Roach VE3BNO modeled one for us); changes to Chapter 70 on the international web site; and the RAC logo is now shown as we are an RAC affiliated club.

  • Our new audio system was brought to our attention by Jim VE3IQ. An amplifier and microphone were donated. The speakers were bought by the club and help was given by Clare Fowler VE3NPC. Hearing should be no problem at Chapter 70 meetings.

  • An amended Constitution is now available on our web site and a limited number will be available at our next meeting.

  • As mentioned, the OVMRC flea market takes place May 1st and a couple of volunteers for the QCWA table would be appreciated.

  • Gord Grant VE3DY will be speaking to us in May . At the September meeting, we hope to have a speaker on the new digital radio broadcasting service, speaking in layman's terms.

  • A few copies of the Radio Regulations and RIC-2 were available. They are also on the Industry Canada web page.

  • For avid DX'ers there is a new DX country, Palestine: prefix E4.

  • Ted Turner, whose call was VE3JGQ is now sporting a new call VE3LV.


  • Motion of acceptance of the Minutes of Nov. 18th, 1998 meeting was made by John Barnhardt VE3ZOV, seconded by Graham Ide VE3BYT. Carried.
    A membership list will be sent out annually to all members.

  • A treasurer's Report was presented by Joan Powell VE3ZC.
              Bank Balance November 18, 1998    $1018.82
              Receipts                            300.94
              Expenditures                        256.67
              Bank Balance November 18, 1998    $1063.09
    Motion to accept the Treasurer's report was made by Joan VE3ZC 
    and seconded by Ken Pulfer VE3PU.

    . Our books were audited by Marjorie VE3CUR and Phil Robinson VA3PR and found in good order and correct for the year 1998. A letter of thanks has been sent.

  • George VE3BNO reporting on Headquarter activities stated that application forms, accumulated since the founding of QCWA, have their information being compiled on a CD-ROM. The internet address for the International Web Page is Anyone sending files to HQ is requested to use only 8 characters plus suffix. The next convention takes place in St. Louis, MO on September 24 & 25th. The year 2000 is in Toronto.

  • Applications to the QCWA Scholarship Fund must be in by April 30th. The applicant must be a licensed Amateur taking post- secondary education. Ralph Cameron VE3BBM can be contacted for further information.

  • George VE3BNO, Director of QCWA International, presented year pins and certificates: 65 to George Adamson VE3XS; 65 was received by Bill Marsh VE3SB at an earlier date; 60 to John Morgan VE3JE. Certificates were presented for 60 years to Eli Desson VE3PI; 60 to Fred Green VE3IO; 60 to Ed Morgan VE3GX; 60 to Ted Turner VE3LV; 50 to Bill Rothwell VE3FGW.

  • The following motion will be presented at the May meeting.
     - Notice of Motion -
          to seek the approval of the membership to increase the Chapter 70 dues
          from $5.00 to $8.00 -  from and including the year 2000.
    Your Executive have come to this conclusion after reviewing the cash flow
    in 1998 and studying the projected figures for 1999. 
    Motion by Joan Powell VE3ZC;  seconded by Keith Bedal VE3GFI.

  • Fred Green VE3IO stated that he had a vintage Zenith TV to be given to anyone interested.

    The price of the QCWA T-shirts amd golf shirts are listed in Nov. 18, 1998 minutes. By ordering in quantity, a saving can be realized. Contact Keith VE3GFI to order or for further information.

    Guest Speaker:

  • John Fetzer, Energy Services Advisor for Gloucester Hydro addressed us in regard to interference from hydro lines to radio reception. As Industry Canada no longer resolves hydro interference problems, the utilities must do so..
    Gloucester Hydro does not have the necessary equipment to determine the source of interference, but contracts assistance from Ottawa Hydro, which does. The assistance process is costly and not a high priority for Ottawa Hydro. But the local hydro utility, supported by expertise of the Radio Operator, can often pinpoint a problem.
    Occasionally the cause is not hydro related. The utility is responsible for any interference that their equipment is putting on the lines, but not for being a carrier of other people's equipment causing interference.
    Blown lightning arresters, flashed over insulators, faults on hydro poles, loose drop links to transformers, grounded neutrals (common cause for radio interference) are some of the defective items found which could lead to a major outage if not corrected. By working with the utility, the Radio Amateur is not only helping himself by hopefully elininating the cause of his interference, but also possibly preventing a bigger and more expensive problem for hydro.
    To be helpful, it is suggested that when having an interference problem, the Radio operator narrow it down to a specific part of the street along with a description of what is happening. A record of weather - dry, wet, windy, etc. - at the time of increased or decreased activity, can offer symptoms of various causes.
    As John says, "It's nice to work with Amateur Radio Operators!"

  • Keith VE3GFI thanked our guest, John Fetzer, for his excellent presentation on a topic of such interest to the Amateur Radio group.


  • Motion of adjournment was made by Ed Morgan VE3GX, seconded by Keith VE3GFI. Carried.

    Jim Dean (VE3IQ)                                                       Joan Powell (VE3ZC)
    President  733-5585      WebPage -        Sect'y - Treas. 825-4543
    1134 Plante Drive                                                      3112 Woodroffe Ave.,
    Ottawa, Ont., K1V 9E8    VE3QCW on Thursday, 2000hrs 147.03 (VE3TEL)   Nepean, Ont., K2J 4G3
    Thursday at 0930 hrs - breakfast Embassy West Motor Hotel Restaurant


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