National Capital Chapter 70 - Ottawa, Canada



Minutes of Meeting Feb. 19th , 1997
Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • Following a period of eyeball QSOs, the meeting was opened at 1845 hrs by Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM), acting as President in the absence of Jack Tennant and Jim Dean. Ralph noted that Alan Hiles (VE3EEC) had a hip replacement in September. He is presently in a heavy leg brace and hopes to be on deck for the September meeting. Ralph also welcomed Eli Desson (VE3PI) here this evening after having had a successful cataract operation. Ralph then introduced as a guest Lee Barker of the Vintage Radio Club who works for the Canadian Coast Guard. Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) welcomed new member John Barnhardt (VE3ZOV). Moved by Bill Barrie (VE3AAS), seconded by John Athey (VE3GS) that the minutes of the November 20th, 1996 meeting be accepted as posted. Carried.

  • Ralph then gave a pep talk on the QCWA Scholarship Fund. He noted that Chapter 70 apportioned a part of the proceeds from the 1996 Convention to the Scholarship Fund. Therefore, we have an interest in supporting an amateur who could benefit from this fund. Please inform the Secretary-Treasurer, Keith Bedal, if you know of a potential candidate for this fund.

  • Ralph mentioned that the first period of the QCWA Golden Anniversary QSO party has already gone by but that the next period is for March 08th to March 10th., 1997. The information is on page 48 of the 1996 Winter QCWA Journal

  •   Keith (VE3GFI) put together some of the advantages of membership 
        in QCWA  HQ as noted  below:-
    (1) Receive a Quarterly Journal with Chapter news plus technical articles
        on such topics a DX, satellite, etc.
    (2) Receive lists of QCWA Chapters worldwide - very useful if one does
        much travelling.
    (3) Able to participate in QCWA contests.
    (4) Qualify for operating awards.
    (5) Qualify to receive supplies such as year pins, certificates, name 
        tags, etc.
    (6) Must be a member of QCWA HQ in order to be an executive member 
        of a local chapter.

  • Jim Dean (VE3IQ) is requesting that anyone meeting requirements for year pins contact him. Pins are available for each multiple of 5 years after 25 years. To qualify for a year pin one must be a paid-up member of QCWA HQ. He needs to know your QCWA number and the year of your first license.

  • The guest speaker, Mr. Stephane Dubreuil, was introduced by acting president Ralph Cameron.. Mr. Dubreuil is a journalist student from the University of Sherbrooke. Under contract with the Canadian Coast Guard he is writing a book on the History of the Canadian Coast Guard. As an introduction to Stephane's talk, Lee Barker gave us some insight into the reason for publishing a book of this nature. Due to downsizing of the Coast Guard many of the older operators have, or soon will be, retiring. As a result, much valuable communication history will be lost. By publicizing in this book it is hoped that many people will buy it and thereby keep this phase of Canada's history alive. Mr. Dubreuil then proceeded to give us a very interesting talk, illustrated by overhead photos, of some of the early government stations and equipment. Stephane covered the years 1901 to 1996, including the formation of the Canadian Coast Guard in 1962.

  • Mr. Dubreuil was thanked for his interesting presentation by Bill Barrie. Ralph reminded us that the next meeting of QCWA Chapter 70 will be held on May 21st, 1997. Eli Desson and Bill Barrie were the lucky recipients of the door prizes.

  • The meeting adjourned at 2110 hrs. There were 33 in attendance.

ILLNESSES:  Eli Desson (VE3PI) has had a triple by-pass operation.
            Bill Manson(VE3YK) is back in the hospital.

Note 1: Please note that the mailing labels reflect the expiry date of
        your membership in QCWA Chapter 70.  If I have made a mistake in 
        the date for any of you please remind me.
Note 2: If you are not already a member of QCWA HQ you are encouraged to 
        join.  The rate for membership is very reasonable.  Please recall 
        the advantages of HQ membership  as no6ted on Page 1 of this letter.
        The Secretary-Treasurer, Keith (VE3GFI), with help from Graham 
        Ide (VE3BYT), is planning on a  QCWA Chapter 70  Homepage.  It is 
        hoped to have this up  and running by the September meeting.  All
        Chapter 70 members with e-mail addresses  will receive notification 
        when the Homepage is available.
             In addition, a Chapter 70 On-line page will soon be available 
        on the QCWA HQ HomePage at:-

FINAL WORDS:- There will be more door prizes at the May meeting;

                       73 de Keith 

Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ)                            Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) 
President  838-5239                              Sect'y-Treas. 828-1870
104 Martin St., Box 554                          125 Ridgefield Cr.,
Richmond, Ont., K0A 2Z0                          Nepean, Ont., K2H-6T4



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