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Minutes of Meeting     Feb. 21st, 1996    Carlingwood  Family Restaurant

  • Following the initial time of socializing we sat down for dinner at 1845 hrs. The following guests were introduced:- Hoppy Hopwood (VE7RD), Malcolm Thompson (ex-VE3MA), O.E. Brown (VA3OEB), and Lloyd Cope.. The business meeting opened at 2000 hrs. Moved by Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) that the minutes of the Nov. '95 meeting be adopted as published. Carried.

  • Keith then gave a short financial statement as follows:
            Balance on hand as of this evening for Chapter 70     $593.40
            Balance on hand for 1996 Convention                   $840.32
           Moved by Jim Dean that the financial statement be accepted. 

  • For a change, no illnesses were reported. A report on the 1996 QCWA International Convention was given by Carl Everson (VE3BYX). Carl reported that the 1996 Application form has gone out to QCWA HQ for publication in the QCWA Spring Journal. Copies will soon be available locally. Carl also informed us that the Chapter 70 history is being updated and should be available by Convention time in the fall. Jim Dean reminded us that the Convention will be held the 4th, 5th, and 6th of October. Of special interest will be the Steam Train excursion to Wakefield on the Sunday.

  • Jim Dean noted that John Athey (VE3GS) has a Home Page on the Internet. The Convention Application form will appear on John's homepage. John informed us that the Convention info mirrors what is on the QCWA HQ homepage. (The address will be given later in this newsletter).

  • John Gilbert (VE3CXL) informed us that a tentative lineup of programs has been established for the 1996 Convention. This list should be firmed up within the next few weeks.

  • Jim Dean gave a report on RAC happenings. He noted that there will be no increase in membership fees. The RAC General Meeting will be held on April 21st at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Ottawa.

  • A group was formed to assist in the cataloguing and disposal of George Schuthe's (VE3DMC) equipment. This group consists of Ken Curry (VE3PF), Ken Willing (VE3CV), and Mike Rowlands (VA3MR).

  • Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ) had the pleasure of presenting a 40-year pin to Ken Curry (VE3PF), a 35-year pin to Alan Hiles (VE3EEC), and a 35-year pin to Mike Rowlands (VA3MR).

  • The guest speaker, Malcolm Thompson, was introduced by Ralph Cameron. Malcolm had some very interesting stories to tell us about early efforts to determine time. Early attempts to synchronize time included the sounding of bells, whistles and the firing of cannons. He concluded by showing a series of slides showing some of the time-keeping equipment at the Dominion Observatory. Malcolm was thanked for a very interesting presentation by Ralph Cameron. Gerry Harbottle recollected some of his own experiences from past meetings with Malcolm. Gerry King gave an interesting episode about the firing of the noonday gun.

  • Ralph Cameron gave a short talk on a project that he and Bob Knapp (VE3CDG) undertook with Grade3 schoolchildren. The children assembled crystal radio sets and were so thrilled to find out that their construction efforts actually worked with no external power applied.

  • Jack Tennant noted the next QCWA SSB Party being held on March 09-10th, 1996. He also reminded everyone of the Thursday evening QCWA Net at 2000 hrs, using repeater VE3TEL. Also noted was the weekly breakfast Thursday mornings. The breakfasts are open to any radio amateur and are held at 0930 hrs at the Embassy West Motel on Carling Avenue.


  • A Reminder of Several Internet Home Pages:
    *  Radio Amateurs of Canada :-
    *  Ottawa Amateur Radio Club (OARC) :-
    *  QCWA Headquarters:-
       Look for 1996 Convention news at:-
    *  John Athey(VE3GS) :-
       John's 1996 Conv'n page is:-

  • Final Words:
Please note that the address labels on the mailing envelopes now have 
     your QCWA Chapter 70 expiry date on it.

                       73 de Keith 

Jack Tennant (VE3AHZ)                            Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) 
President  838-5239                              Sect'y-Treas. 828-1870
104 Martin St., Box 554                          125 Ridgefield Cr.,
Richmond, Ont., K0A 2Z0                          Nepean, Ont., K2H-6T4



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