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Minutes of Meeting Feb. 16th, 1994 Held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • Following the usual enjoyable socializing we sat down for dinner at 1845 hrs. While waiting for the meals to be brought we had draws for several items left from the estate of Merv Lemke. Jim Jarvis (VE3TI) drew a Commodore Power Supply; Ken Pulfer (VE3PU) drew a Palomar Rx Bridge; and Doc Plummer (VE3MA) drew an MFJ Frequency Standard.

  • Following the usual excellent meal the meeting was brought to order by the Vice-President, Bill Barrie (VE3AAS), at 2030 hrs. Two guests were introduced by Bill Wilson (VE3NR). These were Bob Campbell (VE3KLK), Manager of the COMSONT 40-meter NET; and Doug Carswell (VE3ATY), past - president of the OVMRC and presently Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Amateur.

  • Moved by Jim Dean (VE3IQ) that the Minutes of the Nov. 17th, 1993 meeting of the QCWA Chapter 70 be accepted as published. Carried

  • Bill Barrie mentioned that he had checked into the QCWA Chapter 73 NET on Sunday. He noted some of the difficulties Chapter 73 were having with keeping that Chapter active. Bill informed us that Chapter 73 have HF Nets on Sundays. Frequencies are 3773 khz at 0900 hrs., and 7088 khz at 1300 hrs. All are encouraged to check into this NET.

  • A financial report was presented by Keith (VE3GFI). Bank balance when Keith took over as Secretary-Treasurer in November, 1993 was $363.36. Present bank balance, taking into account additional membership and sale of some remaining items of Merv's (VE3CV) ham equipment, is now $545.82.

  • Keith reported that Tom Walker (VE3PDJ) suffered a stroke while in Florida. He was flown back to Ottawa by air-ambulance and is recovering slowly at the Civic Hospital. At present time he is on second floor room 205 at the Civic and would be pleased to receive visitors. Bill Barrie reported that Hap Chafe (VE3MW) suffered some heart problems but is presently doing well. Bill also reported that Jim Swail (VE3KF) sends his regrets that he could not join us this evening because of visitor problems. His visitors could not have been HAMS, hi!

  • Jim Dean, Membership Chairman, informed us that he had Membership Renewal forms for Chapter 70 as well as for QCWA HQ. Jim reported on the favourable QCWA membership rates for Canada that were realized due to discussion between Croft Taylor (VE3CT) and QCWA HQ officials at the QCWA International Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida last November, 1993. Canadian membership only, is now $25.00 for 3 years. Publications would add another $14; making a total of $39 US for a 3 year membership plus publications. This is a very favourable rate and we are all encouraged to pay our dues to the QCWA HQ organization. Presently under investigation is the rate for Life Membership to QCWA HQ.

  • Jim reminded us of the Chapter 70 QCWA NET held on Thursdays at 2000 hrs. Due to the courtesy of the Telephone Pioneers Club we are able to use VE3TEL at 147.03 Mhz in/ 146.46 out. Average check-ins to date are 9, with a maximum check-ins of 13. It is hoped that this NET will attract new members.

  • At this point certificates and pins were presented to those reaching Bench-mark years of being a HAM. Jim Dean (VE3IQ) presented a 60-year pin and certificate to Bill Barrie (VE3AAS). Bill Barrie then took over and presented 60-year pin and certificate to Jim Jarvis (VE3TI); 55-year pin and certificate to Al Oldfield (VE3ANO); 45-year pins to Ken Pulfer (VE3PU), Clare Fowler (VE3NPC), and Ken Scrivens (VE3LJ).

  • Reports from the floor included several comments about band openings. Fred Green (VE3IO) reported that the controller on Electric Cars presented no interference on AM or FM radios in the car. Notice was given of the QCWA International Convention that will be held in El Paso, Texas, Sept. 29 - Oct.01, 1994. George Schuthe (VE3DMC) drew to our attention the QCWA QSO Party.

  • In the absence of Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM), who was scheduled to introduce the guest speaker, Bill Barrie introduced Bill Wilson (VE3NR) as a person who was so well known that he needed no introduction. Bill's topic was "Radio Amateurs Code of Ethics". Bill passed around some sheets explaining his concern about Ethics and also some comments on the topic that he had received from Art Blick (VE3AHU) and from Phil Barrett (VE7MJY) in response to an article that Bill had put into the Feb. issue of the Canadian Amateur. Bill made some initial remarks and then opened up the meeting to discussion. A lively discussion followed with many of those present participating. Bill made notes of pertinent points made by the group. It is hoped that Bill will tidy up these notes and have them available as hand-outs at a QCWA meeting or for inclusion in a subsequent issue of this newsletter.

  • The speaker was thanked by Ken Pulfer (VE3PU). The Secretary-Treasurer announced that he has QCWA caps for sale at $5 each. With summer hopefully on the way, these caps will be invaluable in shielding thinning heads of hair from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Next meeting was announced as being on May 18th, 1994. The meeting closed at 2215 hrs.

                       73 de Keith 

Croft Taylor (VE3CT)                            Keith Bedal (VE3GFI) 
President  839-3336                             Sect'y-Treas. 828-1870
3 Weatherly Dr.                                 125 Ridgefield Cr.,
Kanata, Ont., K2W 1A3                           Nepean, Ont., K2H-6T4



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