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Minutes of Meeting Feb. 17 th, 1993 Carlingwood Family Restaurant

  • As usual the meeting was held at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant in Carlingwood Mall. We started to gather at 1800 hrs for refreshments and fraternizing. The sit-down dinner began a few minutes before 1900 hrs.

  • After dinner V-P Bill Barrie ( VE3AAS), in the absence in Florida of President Croft Taylor (VE3CT), opened the meeting at about 2000 hrs. There were 17 members present plus guest Jim Jarvis (VE3TI) of Nepean. (Some members may remember Jim's first call, VE3RK - received back in 1932, more than 60 years ago!)

  • Dr. John Belrose (VE2CV) a visitor and the speaker for this evening was accorded a warm welcome. Dr. Belrose is the Director of Radio Sciences at Shirley's Bay Communications Research Centre.

  • Following this the Secretary-Treasurer read the minutes of the 18 Nov 92 business meeting. He announced that the present Chapter 70 bank balance as being $513.14. Moved by Carl Everson (VE3BYX), seconded by Ralph Cameron (VE3BBM) to accept the minutes and financial report as read. The motion was adopted unanimously by the membership present.

  • The V-P then made various announcements regarding the health of those not well. Past-President Merv Lemke (VE3CV) and Bill Manson (VE3YK), both of Carp, and Hap Chafe VE3MW, now of Perth, though unable to make this meeting were still progressing and should be able to meet with us soon again. However the news of Ernie Tierney (VE3AOX) and Larry McKinley (VE3CPG) was not as good, both being home with cancer. The good news regarding Jim Swail VE3KF), however, was that he had just got out of the hospital, and was making a quick recovery at home from his operation.

  • The next subject, brought up by George Schuthe (VE3DMC) was the matter of getting as many members as possible in either the SSB, CW, or BOTH parts of the QCWA annual get-together on the HF bands March 13 and 14 this year. Secretary VE3CUR then read part of a letter to QCWA HQ from our president, requesting Chapter 70's official participation in this year's competition, which, he said, he would be entering from Florida. Following the discussion , and its timely reminder to all present that this annual event was only one month away the hope was expressed that other members too would join Croft and George in representing Chapter 70 during this only once-a-year event.

  • Dr. John (Jack) Belrose (VE2CV) (not to be confused with Merv, VE3CV!), the well-known Radio Research Chief at the Federal Government Communications Research Centre, active ham from just across the river, and QST consultant and writer, guest speaker for the evening, was introduced by his long-time friend and associate Fred Green (VE3IO). Fred introduced him with just the right touch of friendship and awe at his International as well as Canadian reputation. Jack then set up a working display, plus overhead projector pictures and diagrams, of the very earliest radio transmitting and receiving devices as used by both Quebec-born Reginald Fessenden and G. Marconi. By cassette player the sounds of both cw spark transmissions and VOICE-SPARK transmissions were reproduced, the latter not too clearly but the words recognizable!! Jack is also president of the AM Radio Fessenden Society and reminded the gathering that Fessenden accomplished TWO-WAY radio communication while Marconi was (possibly!) sending 3 "S's" between two points!!

                       73 de Phil 

Croft Taylor (VE3CT)                            Phil Robinson (VE3CUR)
President  839-3336                             Sect'y-Treas. 821-3287
3 Weatherly Dr.                                 3231 Yorks Corners Road
Kanata, Ont., K2W 1A3                           Kenmore ON K0A 2G0



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