Held at



11:45 am 2:00 pm

 Tuesday February 19, 2019


At 12:00 PM, Vice President Luc Pernot VE3JGL welcomed Chapter members, guests, and introduced the head table. Also a special welcome to Chapter Member Ray Perrin, VE3FN who provided a presentation on his microwave amateur radio operations.


Executive members present:

                    John Barnhardt        VE3ZOV        President  - (not able to attend)

Richard Ferch         VE3KI             Past President

                        Luc Pernot                VE3JGL         Vice President

                        Bryan Rawlings       VE3QN          Treasurer (not able to attend)

                     Norm Rashleigh      VE3LC           Secretary

                        Pat Brewer                VE3KJQ         Director

                        Gary Spence            VE2GK           Director



There were 21 members attending and no guests.


1.         Luc called for a motion to approve the November meeting minutes as posted on the Chapter web site.  Moved by George Roach, VE3BNO and seconded by Ralph Cameron, VE3BBM; Carried.


2.       In the absence of Treasurer Bryan Rawlings, Norm VE3LC gave a report of the Chapters finances presented by Bryan at the February 6th executive meeting.


Chequing Account (BMO) as of 04/02/2019                   $4804.97

Cash                                                                                      $  193.00

Pending Accounts Payable                                               $  139.11

                                                            Total                           $ 4858.86


The Chapter 70 membership list shows 64 members of which 20 have paid membership dues to the end of 2019 or later.


3.     Luc reminded folks to check into the Chapter 70 net Monday evenings at 7:30 on VE3MPC 147.150 + with 100 Hz tone required.


4.     Luc asked if there were any reports of silent keys. Ray Perrin VE3FN reported that Stan White, VE3GN of Ottawa has become a SK.



5.     Following the dinner break, Doug Leach VE3XK introduced the speaker for the evening, Chapter 70 member Ray Perrin VE3FN on the topic of his operations in the GHz bands. Doug mentioned how he had participated on several of Rays microwave expeditions helping lug equipment up to the hill-top sites to attempt contacts with similarly equipped amateurs attempting GHz band distant records. 


6.     Rays presentation was rich with photos of equipment and operating sites and included videos with audio of actual contacts.  He indicated his personal best distance achievements so far were 600 km on 10 GHz, 234 km on 24 GHz, 215 km on 47 GHz and 28 km on 78 GHz.


7.     Luc VE3JGL thanked Ray for a wonderful presentation.


8.     Pat Brewer, VE3KJQ reminded folks that founding Chapter member Gord Grant, VE3DY will be celebrating his 100th year birthday on February 22 and this marks his 85th year since he became a licenced radio amateur in 1934.   Pat has prepared a QCWA 85th anniversary certificate and plaque and showed it at the meeting.  Arrangements will be made in the near future to present these to Gord.


9.     Before adjournment of the meeting, there were several draws of door prizes arranged by Gary Spence VE2GK and a 50/50 draw.


10.  Members were reminded of the May 21st Spouses Night dinner meeting with presentation of awards. 


The meeting was adjourned at 2 pm.


Minutes prepared by:


Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC
Secretary, Chapter 70






















The meeting was adjourned at XX:XX pm.