Held at



12:00 pm – 2:15 pm

 Tuesday February 18, 2012


1)     At 12:00 PM, President Richard Ferch VE3KI welcomed 25 Chapter members and guests, and introduced the head table.



                                    Richard Ferch         VE3KI                        President

                                    Dave Conn               VE3KL           Past President

                                    John Barnhardt      VE3ZOV        Director


                                    Norm Rashleigh*    VE3LC           Secretary

                                    Barry Allison*          VE3NJK        Treasurer

* Unable to attend


Guests:    Rolande Pulfer VE3JKP, Charles Pulfer, James Pulfer, Louise Rawlings, Sandra Dean, Liliana Conn, Glenn MacDonell VE3XRA (RAC Vice-President)



2)     Minutes of the November 19, 2013 dinner meeting: - Richard VE3KI asked for approval of the minutes as posted on the Chapter 70 website. Moved by Doug Leach VE3XK and seconded by George Roach VE3BNO that the minutes be adopted as posted. Carried.


3)     President’s report: Richard VE3KI announced to members that in response to the RAC request, Industry Canada has now approved five channels at 5 MHz (60 meters), with the same rules as apply to US amateurs.


The May meeting of Chapter 70 will be on Tuesday May 13, which is the second Tuesday in May rather than the normal third Tuesday. This change was made to accommodate the guest speaker’s schedule and to avoid a potential conflict with the Dayton Hamvention.


4)     Executive Nomination: Dave, VE3KL, reported that John Barnhardt has accepted a nomination from the Executive to be Vice President of the Chapter. Moved by Dave and seconded by Bryan Rawlings VE3QN that the membership ratify this appointment. Carried.       



5)     Illness and SK Report: John Barnhardt VE3ZOV reported on recent Silent Keys and sick and ailing members as follows:

Don Dashney, VE3RM/VE2SH – SK February 12, 2014 (life member, Chapter 70)

Bill Westbrook, VE3EKA – SK January 12, 2014 (not a Chapter member, but well known to many members)


John requested a few moments’ silence and reflection in honour of the Silent Keys.


6)     Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame Award presentation: Ken Pulfer VE3PU was inducted posthumously into the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame award for 2013. A plaque was presented on behalf of the Hall of Fame trustees to Ken’s widow Rolande by Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA (RAC Vice President). Glenn also presented a bouquet of flowers to Rolande. 


7)     QCWA Award Presentations: Richard Ferch VE3KI presented a QCWA Meritorious Service award to Jim Dean, VE3IQ for his many contributions to Chapter 70 over the years. Richard also presented a Certificate of Appreciation from the Board of QCWA International to George Roach, VE3BNO for his years of service as QCWA Net Manager.


8)     After Dinner Speaker:  Richard VE3KI introduced our guest speaker, George Roach VE3BNO. George gave a presentation on the first 50 years of operation of the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club’s VE2CRA repeater. Dave Conn VE3KL thanked George and presented him with a QCWA mug.



9)     Door prizes and 50-50 draw: Richard VE3KI conducted the selection of winning tickets for the door prizes and 50/50 draw.  Door prizes were won by Frances MacKenzie-Roach VE3HKG, Rolande Pulfer VE3JKP and Marcel Lemay VE3FNG. The winner of the 50/50 draw was John Barnhardt VE3ZOV.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm.