ROBBIE’S RESTAURANT  6:45 pm – 9:30 pm,   February 15, 2011


1) At 6:45 PM, Vice President David Conn VE3KL welcomed Chapter 70 members and guests, and introduced the head table.


2) Present:      

                            Vice-President               Dave Conn, VE3KL

                            Director                         John Gilbert, VE3CXL

                            Director                         Richard Ferch, VE3KI

                            Director                         George Roach VE3BNO

                            Past President                Robert MacKenzie VA3RKM

                            Treasurer                       Dick Bonnycastle, VE3FUA

                            Guest Speaker               Glenn MacDonnell - VE3XRA

                            Volunteer                       Dave Parks, VE3AV QCWA HQ Reports

                            Volunteer                       Marcel Lemay, VE3FNG pins/certificates


(3) Message from the Vice President, Dave VE3KL:


          Dave announced that we have a new model for club management based on distributing the workload in small packages that can be readily handled by individuals.  This has already been started.  Be ready for a phone call.

     Dave thanked the efforts of the volunteers to help the club:

Dave Parks, VE3AV               QCWA reports

Marcel Lemay, VE3FNG        Anniversary Pins and Certificates

John Barnhardt, VE3ZOV       Photography    

         Dave was pleased to announce that Norm Rashleigh VE3LC has accepted to be the club secretary for a one-year period which can be extended to two years by mutual agreement between the club executive and Norm. Norm’s acceptance must be ratified by the club executive and members. Norm has great ideas about setting up a communication forum for our chapter members that would allow: notice of meetings to be posted, feedback from members, general notes from club members about events and other interesting information.  A clear job description will be prepared by the club executive for the secretary with the goal of keeping this extremely import task to its bare essentials.

         We need someone to take on the task of recruiting new members (not the secretary).


(4) Minutes of the November, 2010 Dinner Meeting:

          Dave VE3KL, asked for approval of the minutes as posted on the Chapter 70 website subject to removal of  as follows” on paragraphs 5) and 6) and removing the last sentence from paragraph 12). Moved by Dick Bonnycastle VE3FUA, seconded by George Roach VE3BNO.  Carried.


(5) Secretary’s Report

            In the absence of a secretary, Bob VA3RKM, presented the past Secretary’s report: October 1 to December 31, 2010 (see below). Bob said that a letter from a member had been received asking for a vote on changing all future meetings to lunchtime (see News and Notices below). It will be passed on to the executive for action.


“Chapter 70 Secretary’s report for the period October 1 to December 31, 2010:



            Prepared and sent a fourth quarter 2010 Journal report to headquarters.

            Prepared and sent Annual report for 2010 to headquarters.

            Sent dinner reminder e-mail to all chapter 70 members for November meeting.

            Sent Croft Taylor SK notice to chapter 70 members (Unfortunately was absent in Geneva for passing of Clay Hiltz, so did not send out notice)


            Updated membership database for new members, membership dues paid, and SK’s to Dec 31 2010, and printed copies for new executive.

            Prepared 2010 year end backups on memory stick and CD for incoming Secretary.

            Transferred chapter 70 membership and correspondence files to Past President for holding until incoming Secretary identified.


Submitted by Ken Pulfer, VE3PU”


(6) Illness and SK Report 

       Richard Ferch VE3KI, had no news to report on sick and ailing members.


(7) Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Dick Bonnycastle VE3FUA .


         Moved by Dick VE3FUA and seconded by John Barnhardt VE3ZOV that the Treasurer’s report be approved.  Carried


(8) Nominating Report

         Bob VA3RKM reported that John Gilbert VE3CXL had been appointed as a Director by the Executive Board and moved that the appointment be ratified by the members. Seconded by Dick Bonnycastle VE3FUA. Carried. 

         Doug Leach VE3XK has agreed to continue serve as Historian and as Webmaster for 2011.

         A volunteer is needed to prepare and submit a Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame award application on behalf of the Chapter.


(9) Privacy Policy

         Bob VA3RKM reported on progress towards implementing a mandatory privacy policy for the Chapter.


(10) QCWA QSO Party Results  

          George Roach VE3BNO reported that 2 members of QCWA Chapter 70 won certificates in the QCWA party.  He presented certificates to Guy Charron VE3VCF (Mixed) and Bob MacKenzie VA3RKM (CW).


(11) News and Notices:  

          Dave responded to Ed Morgan VE3GX’s call to conduct a vote on having luncheon instead of dinner meetings, saying that it would be put to the membership in due course. He reminded members to invite qualified amateurs to join the chapter and to participate in the weekly Chapter 70 net on VE3MPC.


(12) After Dinner Speaker

          The after dinner speaker Glenn MacDonnell - VE3XRA was introduced by Dave VE3KL. The talk was about Radio Astronomy and its relationship to Amateur Radio. The speaker was thanked by George Roach VE3BNO.



 (13) Door prizes and 50-50 draw

         Rich VE3KI, assisted by Dave VE3KL, conducted the selection of winning tickets for the 3 door prizes and for the 50/50 draw ($35).


Next meeting

         Before closing, Dave VE3KL, announced that the next dinner meeting will be held at Robbie's Restaurant on May 17, 2011 (World Telecommunication and Information Society Day). Our guest speaker will be Ken Pulfer VE3PU, who will talk about his experiences in the Canadian Space program. There will be special door prizes awarded at Spouse’s Night.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.