of the


held at



12:15 pm – 2:00 pm

 February 16th, 2010


1.                  At 12:22 PM, President Bob MacKenzieVA3RKM welcomed 37 Chapter 70 members and guests, and introduced the head table.

2.                  Present:         

Vice-President              Dave Conn, VE3KL

Director                        Doug Leach, VE3XK

Director                        Richard Ferch, VE3KI

Director                        George Roach VE3BNO

Past President               Dave Parks VE3AV

Treasurer                      Dick Bonnycastle, VE3FUA

Secretary                      Ken Pulfer VE3PU

After lunch speaker       Jack Belrose VE2CV


2.                  Minutes of the November 17th, 2009 dinner meeting: - Bob VA3RKM, asked for approval of the November 17th minutes as posted on the Chapter 70 website.

Moved by Ken VE3PU and seconded by Alan Goodacre VE3HX, that the minutes be adopted as posted. Carried.

3.                  Secretary’s Report: - Ken VE3PU presented his correspondence report as follows:

*   Correspondence

*   Sent a fourth quarter Journal report to HQ

*   Sent Annual report to QCWA HQ with updated information on Chapter 70 membership

*   Sent obituary notices to HQ for Silent Keys Keith Bedal VE3GFI, Bill WilsonVE3NR and Fred Green VE3IO

*   Updated E-mail distribution list and sent e-mails to membership on: Silent Keys, and a luncheon reminder

*   Updated membership database for new members, membership dues paid, and SK’s.

*   Printed membership certificates for all Chapter 70 members.

4.                  Illness and SK Report: - Richard Ferch VE3KI, reported on sick and ailing members as follows:

·        Rod Newkirk VA3ZBB making progress but still does not have full use of his left arm.

·        Bill Marsh VE3FB is in Queensway Carleton hospital, but expected out shortly

·        Bill Barrie VE3AAS is in for cataract surgery, expected to be out the same day

·        Chapter 70 members VE3GFI, VE3NR, and VE3IO became SK’s since the last dinner meeting.

·        Al Hewitt VE3DA and Wade Bates VE3WIB, local amateurs who have not joined Chapter 70, are also SK’s.

Rich then asked for a moment of silence in honour of the Silent Keys

5.                  Presentations: - Doug VE3XK presented a new member pin to Ron Powers VE3FIN.  Mike Babineau VE3WMB and Murray Pierce VE3IFP were not present, so their pins will be held over for presentation at the May dinner meeting

6.                  Treasurer’s report – Treasurer Dick VE3FUA and past Treasurer Bryan VE3QN submitted a joint financial report. Bryan covered the time period up to the end of 2009, and Dick provided information on changes since January 1, 2010, as well as the current status. Moved by Dick VE3FUA, seconded by Marg Heaslip VE3EQE, that the Treasurer’s report be approved.  Carried


7.                  Report on QCWA international: - George Roach VE3BNO provided a verbal report on several items of interest related to activities of QCWA Inc.

*   QSO Party coming up in April 10 and 11th

*   The next Convention will be held in 2011 in Warwick R.I and the 2012 convention will be held probably in Reno, Nevada

*   A new and revised Chapter Manual has been produced

*   Three members of Chapter 70 were recent Fall QSO Party winners, - Croft TaylorVE3CT obtained the second highest phone score , Jack Tennant VE4AHZ the highest Canadian in CW digital and Frances MacKenzie-Roach VE3 HKG highest Canadian phone score on QSO Net.

8.                  News and notices: - Bob VA3RKM informed members of several matters, including the upcoming QSO Party in April, and arrangements for Spouses' Night in May. He also reminded members of the Monday evening QCWA Net on 147.15+, and a last chance to buy tickets for the luncheon’s  50/50 ticket draw

9.                  After Dinner Talk: - Following lunch, Dick VE3FUA introduced guest speaker Jack Belrose VE2CV.   Jack gave an interesting and entertaining talk on the subject of small Electric- Magnetic antennas. He described the controversy over the effectiveness of the so-called “crossed field” antenna composed of an electrically small dipole and a small loop. He showed the results of near and far-field radiation measurements made at the Communications Research Centre, which conclusively demonstrated the very low efficiency of the antenna.

Dave VE3KL thanked Jack on behalf of members. Following the presentation, Bob VA3RKM left the meeting and turned over the chairmanship to Vice-President Dave Conn, VE3KL.

10.              Door prizes and 50-50 draw: - Rich VE3KI and Dick VE3FUA, conducted the selection of winning tickets for door prizes and for the 50/50 draw. The winner of the 50/50 draw ($34.50) was Ying Hum VA3YH

11.              Chapter 70 Membership Certificates: Certificates of membership in Chapter 70 were handed out to all members present by Dave VE3KL and Ken VE3PU.

12.               Next meeting: - Before closing, Dave VE3KL announced that the next dinner meeting (Spouses’ Night) will be held at Robbie’s Restaurant on May 18th, 2010.

13.              The meeting was adjourned at 2:22 PM.