Minutes of the

Chapter 70 Dinner Meeting

held at

Robbie’s Spaghetti House

Feb 17th 2009



At 6:55 PM, President Bob MacKenzie VA3RKM welcomed a total of 37 members and guests and introduced the head table.


Vice-President Dave Conn VE3KL

Director Doug Leach VE3XK

Director Richard Ferch VE3IAY/VE3KI

Treasurer Bryan Rawlings VE3QN

Past President Dave Parks VE3AV

Secretary Ken Pulfer VE3PU

Guest speaker Dave Goodwin VE3AAQ


Director Dick Bonnycastle VE3FUA

Minutes of the November 18th dinner meeting: - Ken Pulfer VE3PU asked for approval of the minutes of the November 18, 2008 dinner meeting as posted on the Chapter 70 website. Moved by Bill Barrie VE3AAS, and seconded by Marg Heaslip VE3EQE that the minutes be adopted as posted. Carried.

Correspondence Report:  - Ken VE3PU listed notable items of correspondence during the past two months.

*   The third quarter 2008 Journal report was published, accompanied by a picture of Joan Powell and Pat Brewer staffing the QCWA booth at the OARC Carp Hamfest.

*   75 year plaques for two chapter 70 members were received from Headquarters and forwarded to Doug VE3XK.

*   The 2008 annual report was prepared and forwarded to HQ at the end of December.

*   During the absence of the secretary on vacation in January, Treasurer Bryan Rawlings VE3QN sent a sympathy note to the family of Bill Bruyn, VE3JBW SK. A nice thank-you note from Ria was received in reply.


Illness and SK Report from Richard VE3KI: -

*   Richard expressed condolences on behalf of the Chapter to Bill Barrie VE3AAS, who recently lost a grandson in an airplane crash, and asked for a minute of silence.

*   Keith Bedal VE3GFI has been a bit unwell as has his son.

*   The wife of Ying Hum VA3YH is also ill.

*   Ken Willing VE3CV who has not been well, has moved recently. We do not have a new address as yet.

*   Bill Wilson VE3NR, has moved into a retirement home

*   Mike Rowlands VE3MR is moving to the UK


Treasurer’s report: - Bryan VE3QN presented his 16th February report as follows:





Balance as at 18 November 2008                         $ 1296.08


REVENUES & EXPENSES: 19 Nov to 31 Dec 2008 …




Membership Renewals                         $ 465.00

Revenues from VE3HWW Estate                 $ 100.00       

Bank Interest                               $   0.15


                                       Subtotal          $ 565.15





Membership Pin                              $  21.50 

Charitable Donations                        $ 129.79

Guest Speaker Meals & Exp.                  $  20.00

Bank Charges                                $   6.50


                            Subtotal        $ 177.79



Balance as at 31 December 2008                         $ 1683.44









REVENUES & EXPENSES: 01 January to 16 February 2009 …




            Membership Renewals                          $180.00

            Bank Interest                                $  0.08


                                         Subtotal         $ 180.08



Business Supplies                            $ 12.88 

In Memoriam Donations                        $ 28.92

QCWA Pins and Plaques                                $330.12


                            Subtotal      $  371.92


Balance as at 16 February 2009                         $ 1491.60



Notes to the 16 February 2009 Treasurer’s Report


Membership fees accrued beyond current year


2010 membership dues accrued                     $  195.00

2011 membership dues accrued                     $   45.00





QCWA International report from Joan Powell VE3ZC: -

*   Joan informed members that the forthcoming QCWA board of directors meeting will be held at Dayton this year.

*   The ARRL will be holding its convention there as well. (The QCWA 2009 Convention on Holland America's - MS Eurodam will be sailing out of Ft Lauderdale Florida, October 24 - 31).

*   Joan reminded us that QCWA scholarships are available. Hams who are planning to attend university or college can apply if applications are signed by a QCWA member. Deadline for applications is April 30 2009. Information is available on the Chapter 70 web site.

*   She also brought to the attention of members, the daily 20 metre QCWA net on 14.347 MHz at 2000 Z, and the Monday night Chapter 70 net on repeater VE3TEL (147.03-) at 1930 local time.


News and notices: - Bob VA3RKM provided a short news report including the following items:

*   The current QCWA Journal contains interesting articles on Collins radio and on the RCAF reunion. There is also a photo of Gus Holz VE3VK

*   The QCWA Convention cruise will have a balloon supported antenna

*   Doreen Morgan VE3CGO is working on an update to the Chapter 70 History with input from Doug

*   There will be a QSO Party in April and participation is encouraged.

*   Members are reminded that forms are available for application to QCWA as well as for Chapter 70 membership. These can also be downloaded from the Chapter 70 website.

*   Inventory forms are also available and members are encouraged to use them to provide a paper record of their equipment holdings.

*   Also on the Chapter 70 website, is a list of equipment donated to Chapter 70 by families of recent SKs. This is equipment, including a Kenwood 830S, is available for purchase by members.

*   The President took a brief straw poll to see if there was interest in the possibility of replacing one of the dinner meetings by a luncheon meeting. The results were inconclusive. 


Presentations: - Doug VE3XK presented 75 year plaques to Bill Barrie VE3AAS, and Barc Dowden VE3TT, and asked each to give a brief oral summary of how they became involved in amateur radio 75 years ago in 1934. A third 75 year plaque, for Claude Bailey VE1HU, was accepted on his behalf by his daughter Joan Powell VE3ZC.

Doug also has a plaque for Gordy Grant VE3DY, which he will hold until the next dinner meeting in May when Gordy is back from Florida.

After Dinner Talk: - Following dinner, Chapter 70 vice president Dave Conn VE3KL introduced Dave Goodwin VE3AAQ, President of Radio Amateurs of Canada. President Goodwin’s talk was accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation describing the current status of RAC and outlining some of the threats and opportunities facing the organization. He explained why it is essential that more amateurs support RAC, and answered numerous questions from QCWA members present.  Dave was thanked by Bob MacKenzie VA3RKM.

Door prizes and 50-50 draw: - Doug, VE3XK, conducted the selection of winning tickets for the door prizes and for the 50-50 draw. The winner of the 50-50 draw was Frank Stratton VE3YY.

Final Remarks: - Before closing the meeting, the chair announced that the next dinner meeting is to be held on May 19th 2009.

The meeting adjourned at 9:24 pm.